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3+ Retirement Farewell Letters – PDF, DOC, Pages, Google Docs, Outlook

There will come a point in a person’s career where he or she will no longer be able to continue working. When that happens, that particular employee will need to notify the employer, as well as the people that he or she has worked with all throughout the time spent in the company.

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This would mean that one would need to learn how to create a retirement farewell letter as that is the best way to convey whatever information one wishes to present about his or her retirement. This article is going to teach you how to create a proper retirement farewell letter. You may also see early retirement letters.

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Sample Retirement/Farewell Letter

Tips for Writing Retirement Farewell Letters to Co-Workers

If you’re the type of person that has managed to form strong bonds with the people that you’ve worked with in the office place, then you definitely shouldn’t have any problems when it comes to sharing your goodbyes with these people when you finally retire. While you may know what you want to say, you’ll still need to do it in a way that will get the people you’ve sent the letters to interested enough to care. You may also see retirement resignation letter templates.

So here are a few tips that should be able to help you out with that:

1. Remember that you need to be sincere throughout your entire farewell letter. You want to show just how sincere you are when you’re letting your co-workers know just how much they mean to you. These people are the ones who have gained your trust and your friendship so the least you can do is to show just how genuine your feelings for them. If you weren’t exactly close with just about any of them, then you can at least try to keep the tone of the letter professional and polite. You may also like confirmation of retirement letter to employee.

Professional Retirement Farewell Letters to Co-Workers

2. The letter should mention a couple of your closest co-worker friends by name. If there are a few very special people that have helped you all throughout your time in the company, then you’ll want to name them specifically into the letter. This will let them know that you highly appreciate everything that they have done for you and that you want to continue your good relationship with them.  There’s even the option where some people decide to write a personal letter to each person that they’re most comfortable with to make them feel extra special.

3. You can point out whatever plans you’ve decided to make once you retire. However, you’ll need to remember that this is not the kind of letter where you go on and on about what you’re going to do when you leave. You want these people to know what you will be up to, but you don’t want to overwhelm with too much details. So just get straight to the point and tell them what it is you plan on doing once you retire and be sure that you keep it brief. You may also check out samples of retirement letter templates.

4. Remember that you need to keep the letter brief, but then you also have to keep the friendly tone of the letter. You do not want a retirement farewell letter where your readers will go on page after page of long texts; something like that will just end up feeling like a chore and nobody would particularly enjoy going through. If you’re going to be friendly, then you can do that all in a span of one page. Any more than that, then the letter will just feel like a slog to go through. You might be interested in simple retirement letter to employer.

5. In the event that you’re not exactly ready to hang up your boots up when it comes to working with the company, then you should definitely tell your co-workers that in the letter. Just make sure to point out that you won’t exactly retain the same role that you’ve had up to the point of your retirement, but you’ll definitely still be able to keep in touch with these people. You may also see resignation retirement letter templates.

6. Share your personal contact details with these people before you leave. If you want to maintain a good relationship with the people that you’ve worked with, then you’ll need to  provide them any means in which they will be able to communicate with you. So in the event that you want to remain in touch with these people, then you’ll need to provide everything from your phone number, home number, and any email address that you’re willing to share. You may also like retirement letter for teachers.

Personal Retirement Farewell Letter to Co-Workers

Tips for Writing Farewell Letters to Your Employer

Since you’re planning to retire, the first person that should know about it will have to be your employer. This is the person who gave you the opportunity to start working for the company in the first place so the least you can do is notify him or her about your retirement and share your goodbyes. You may also check out acceptance of retirement letter templates.

Here are a couple of tips you can follow to help you do just that.

1. Share with your employer about the date in which you plan to retire. If you’re going to stop working, then it should be obvious that your employer would want to be the first one to know about this.

The reason is because he or she will need to know when you retire so that the transition process can start as soon as possible. Also, knowing this piece of information is also a way for your employer to know if that’s the best time for you to retire as there may be difficulties in terms of finding your replacement. Be sure to pick an appropriate time to official retire as that date will help determine whether you’ll have a smooth or problematic retirement process. You may also see retirement letter to colleagues.

2. Show your gratitude for what you have been able to gain throughout your time in the company. Remember that your employer is the reason why you even have your job in the first place so you want to show just how appreciative you are about that fact. Also, you want to thank the employer for the experience that you’ve managed to gain, the friends you were able to make, and the opportunities that you were able to take throughout your entire run with the company. You may also like retirement letter to coworkers.

3. Share the achievements you have been able to gain throughout your tenure. By telling your employer what you have been able to achieve, you’re basically showing just how valuable you have been to the company. This should help your employer approve your request to retire. Try not to go into too much detail when you point these out because you’ll want to do that in your official retirement letter. Just try to keep it brief yet informative enough so that your employer will appreciate what you’re sharing. You may also check out retirement letter to employer.

4. Try to keep the tone as professional as possible. Remember that this is a letter that you’re sending to your boss, so you would want it to maintain a friendly and respectful tone all throughout. Try to look at all the positives as that can help you when making the farewell letter. If you haven’t exactly been happy with your employer, then you should prevent yourself from saying anything negative that could ruin your relationship with him or her. Any bad blood that you might cause may just hurt your chances of retiring sooner, so try to keep calm and focus on nothing but showing gratitude to your employer. You might be interested in retirement announcement letter templates.

5. Point out that you’re willing to help with the transition process. Since you’re the person that has stayed in a particular position for as long s you have, then even you should know the ins and outs in terms of what needs to be done to make it valuable to the company. And knowing that you possess that information, you can state in the letter that you’re willing to use it to help with the transition process. While you want to do this to help your employer, you’re also doing it to speed up the transition process; a win-win situation for both sides. Tell your employer that you’re willing to help find the replacement so that you can retire faster. You may also see congratulations on retirement letter.

Once you’re done with everything, be sure to proofread your letter. You do not want to send a farewell retirement letter that was clearly unpolished as that will just end up with you showing your incompetency. So what you’ll want to do is go through your letters at least twice to make sure that you’re able to spot all mistakes related to grammar, spelling, and information about your retirement. You may also like retirement notification letter templates.

The moment you spot even one, you’ll need to fix it immediately to ensure that your letter won’t have any errors. Once you’re done doing that, all you have to do is make the necessary copies and send them to both your co-workers and your employer.

If you would like to learn more on how to create a retirement farewell letter or any other similar document, then you’ll want to go through our site. We have all the articles that contain the information which can help you and your business with whatever it is you may need. Just be sure you know how to utilize them properly. You may also check out retirement appreciation letter templates.

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