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10 Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter

Cover letters are usually necessary for job applicants who wish to have their ideal employment locally or abroad. Coupled with a resume, an effective cover letter is necessary for a company to determine if an applicant is suitable for the job.

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Writing a cover letter is an easy thing because you simply introduce yourself by providing some basic information. It may contain your name, your qualification, and your eagerness to have the job and to work with the company that you are applying. Some companies may request you to email cover letter examples, but for almost companies, they prefer receiving the same while seeing you in person.

Top Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter

A great cover letter can be done by following these top tips when writing:

  • The cover letter must be complemented with its essential elements, which are the:
  • The content of your letter must not contain too many details as it would become full and boring. It does not have to contain information about your education and whole career history since that can be done by your resume. Instead, you may include some basic information such as your:
    • personal details,
    • skills or competence, and
    • capacity to handle the required job.
  • You must compare your format against the standard, free cover letters or cover letter formats, to check whether yours needs further improvement.
  • Review your cover letter example for a couple of times before sending it. There might be some typographical errors or mistakes in spacing which you overlooked.
  • Use clean sheets of papers when writing. Be it plain or colored paper, your cover letter must be printed on a clean paper to connote some professionalism and neatness on it.

Best Ideas to Write a Cover Letter

Writing a sample cover letter is like writing a summary about you, sharing every piece about you that is worth detailing. Hence, you must bear in mind some points when you are set to do it:

  • Instead of thinking that you are to submit your application cover letter for a job application, reset your mind by thinking you are out to tell a story no one has ever known or read yet.
  • Use plain and ordinary language in writing your details so that it would be easier to understand. Verbosity rarely impresses anyone.
  • Sell yourself by putting in relevant details that can be proven by hard evidence like certificates and awards. Do not create make-believe or exaggerate stories because you might get caught during the interview.
  • You may refrain yourself from using too much formality because interviewers are surely worn out of it. Instead, just try to be the real you when writing the letter – friendly and easy to get along with.
  • You may check on some available cover letters online, like resume cover letter and cover letter samples, as your inspiration.

It does not serve you as a guarantee, however, that you will have the job that you are applying for if you follow these simple tips in writing internship cover letter. Rather, doing your best during written and oral examination could likewise do you a great favor, aside from submitting an effective cover letter and a resume.

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