15 Appraisal Letter Format

For those of you who are in Human Resources, then you know just how important it is to make sure that employees are doing their jobs as well as meeting the expectations of the company. You will have to assess how these employees work to see their level of performance.

Once you have the results of your assessment, you’re going to have to inform these employees of the results. This is done by handing them an appraisal letter that contains all of the information that should tell them whether they’re doing a good job, or if they’re in dire need of improvement.

Administrative Staff Performance Appraisal Template

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Appraisal Letter Template

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Appraisal Letter Sample for Salary Increase

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Appraisal Letter for Good Employee Performance

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Appraisal Letter for Promotion in PDF

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Free Appraisal Letter for Performance Recognition

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Employee Appraisal Letter from HR for Performance

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Example Appraisal Letter for Promotion

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What is a self-appraisal letter?

While managers are required to evaluate an employee’s performance, there will also come a time where they will require an employee to do a self-appraisal and submit a letter containing the results. A self-appraisal letter is basically all of the information regarding what a specific employee thinks about his or her standing in the company. It should show a list of accomplishments the employee has done for the company as well as proof of how they were achieved. It’s also important that this type of letter makes mention of the employee’s weaknesses, but it should also contain statements regarding how the employee action plans to overcome them. This letter is an opportunity for an employee to show the employer what he or she is capable of and what makes him or her a valuable asset to the company.

Steps for making a great self-appraisal

Free Appraisal Letter for Employee Performance

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Employee Promotion Appraisal Letter Template

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Performance Appraisal Letter from Company HR

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Appraisal Acceptance and Engagement Letter

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Appraisal Letter for Employee Promotion

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HR Appraisal Letter Template from Director

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Performance Appraisal and Promotion Letter

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Reasons why you should make appraisal letters

Employee performance reviews or appraisals are always going to be necessary for every company. So in the event that you plan on creating your own performance appraisal letter, then you can go through our available articles to ensure that you make one that will help you present all the information in a professional manner.