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What Causes Employment Termination?

When an employer fires an employee, an employment termination occurs. It is in these instances that an employer-employee relationship no longer holds water. Employment ties established cease and are severed, hence cutting further involvement of both parties with one another.

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There are a lot of valid grounds for employment termination under the law. Not does it only concern stipulations in favor of the employer towards the employee but also equally the other way around. To confirm, employment termination means that employers have looked into standard company rules and policies that reflect a good cause to terminate.

Causes for Employment Termination

The process regarding employment termination should be taken on a serious note. Termination are not only done in favor of employers since employees also have the right to quit their jobs and volunteer for a termination.

Learn more about the different causes of employment termination below:

  • Employee Resignation  The most expressed way of termination is through a resignation. Anyone employed has the right to resign under circumstances that might make him or her want to do so. Resignation could also be referred to as a voluntary termination willingly undertaken by an employee.
  • Employee Insubordination – Grave violation of company policies is one of the most common causes for employment termination. Generally, free termination letters and termination letter examples are structured for this reason despite a lot of uncommon circumstances that may arise that’s still subject for employment termination.
  • Mutual Agreement – Any agreement entered into by an employer and an employee that leads to termination can also be one valid ground for employment termination. Usually, it could arise from a contractual kind of employment whereby it is implied that once any contract has been consummated for a specific period of time, employment is automatically terminated.

Legal Ways on How to Fire an Employee

Although employment termination is most favorable to an employer’s prerogative, an employer must still observe proper and legal ways of how to fire an employee. After all, everything is all justifiable under the law.

There are simple termination letters employers can use to to fully complete the termination process legally. However, if you plan to make one from scratch, here are different legal ways on how to fire and employee:

  • Employer Right  The right of every employer to terminate an employee is protected under the law. Therefore, it is legal for an employer to invoke such right provided that it is under valid grounds. By checking out on termination letters in DOC, it becomes a common observation that the right of every employer to terminate is dominant.
  • Standard Work Quality Basis – Should employee performance be below satisfactory, employers could lay out work output standards compared to that of the employee’s. In the event that expected quality of work is not met, employers may legally fire an employee. This should be indicated as non-compliance with any employment contract.
  • Gradual Disciplinary Procedures – Employers could be sued for abrupt termination without due process for their employees. It is only rightful that disciplinary procedures are still enforced that can further deter employee’s assessment on whether one can already be subjected for dismissal.

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