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What Is a Letter of Appointment?

Appointment letter writing is commonly used to formally set up and invite specific people for a formal gathering or meeting. The ones usually responsible for creating such letters are secretaries of the specific heads requesting for an appointment, or used by individuals who wish to request for an appointment, mostly with doctors or consultants.

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Appointment letters are also important because, they are used as a formal document to request for someone’s attendance or their time. Appointment letters may contain all the details needed to discuss why the individual is requesting for an appointment in the first place. As an alternative, you can also use a meeting appointment letter if you wish to request for a meeting with specific individuals.


An Appointment Letter and Joining Letter’s Difference

For those of you who don’t know what a joining letter is, a joining letter is made after the a candidate accepts the company’s terms, conditions, and salary given to him or her. The candidate then creates a joining letter to formally accept what the company has stated in their job offer.

An appointment letter on the other hand, is a letter made to request for a specific individual’s time. When used for business or formal purposes, appointment letters are used to specifically document an individual accepting a specific job position being offered by the company.

There are several free appointment letter templates available that can give you more information in creating the perfect document you need.

Contents of an Appointment Letter

To create the perfect appointment letter to be used for business purposes, you can use appointment letter templates as guides. However, you must also have all the essential details needed to create one. Below are some required contents of an appointment letter:

  • Name of the specific individual to take on the new job position or role
  • The specific job position the individual will take
  • Placing the effective date of the new position being appointed to the individual
  • Name of the person authorizing the appointment


Tips in Creating the Perfect Appointment Letter

In creating either an appointment letter for consultation or for appointing someone with a new task or job position, you will need accurate details and the proper process, and maybe even sample appointment letters to serve as reference or guides.

Below are some tips in creating your own appointment letter:

  • Prepare ahead of time for any attachments you may need to include with your document, whether they are appointment letters in DOC or PDF. Examples of attachments are images or additional documents needed in a consultation or appointment.
  • Be sure to have all the information you need before you create such letters. This is to avoid wasting time when creating that particular document.
  • When creating your appointment letter, be sure to place the objectives or goals of the appointment. For appointments meant to assign a specific task or job position to someone, you can include the merits earned by the individual as to why he or she was assigned that certain position.

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