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What Is a Rejection Letter?

A rejection letter informs a job applicant that he or she is not qualified for the job. Companies send professional rejection letters to those applicants who were not able to make it. Applicants who fail in the job application could send a respond job rejection letter stating gratitude for giving the chance to apply even if the result is not really good.

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A follow up job rejection letter on the other hand is another form of  of rejection letter yet similar to a job rejection letter, which states disappointment of the rejection but still thankful for the given opportunity by the company.

Essential Elements in Rejection Letter

If you happen to be part of the recruitment team of the company who just rejected a job applicant and you are tasked to send a job rejection letter, then this article will be very helpful for you. Our rejection letters in DOC are very convenient for you, yet you do have the choice of rejection letters in PDF too.

Below are the elements you should include in the job rejection letter:

  • There must be company letter head that must be placed on the upper part of the document
  • Remember to keep the rejection letter short. It must not exceed three paragraphs. Also, take note to keep it simple as possible.
  • Next thing to include is to express your gratitude to the applicant for sparing time in applying in your company. Thank the applicant for his or her interest in joining the company.
  • Go directly to what you are trying to say. Directly address that he or she was not accepted by the company for some reasons.
  • Include a clause that sounds supportive and positive to encourage the rejected applicant.
  • Lastly, close the letter and add your details and signature.

Tips in Writing Rejection Letters

It is inevitable and normal to fail and to not be able to get it for some rational reasons. Not getting the job is one of the things that one must learn to accept positively. That is why rejection letters must not sound inhumane and robotic. In order to attain such document, refer to our rejection letter template or simply refer to these writing tips:

  • Be sincere.
  • Provide the reason/s why they were rejected. However, do not do it in a very discouraging tone.
  • Provide a satisfying–but not harsh–explanation. A rejection letter is never easy on the recipient’s side, so consider the rejected candidate’s feelings.
  • Do not neglect to include feedback, but also do not give too many details.
  • Create a positive outlook. You may state that the doors of your company are open should they decide to apply again after acquiring the experiences and/or skills required for the job. However, do not give any false promises.
  • Aside from that, identify the candidate’s strengths and potentials to convey encouragement.
  • Last but not the least, have a conclusion that ends in a friendly, warm and forthcoming tone.

No one has ever wished to fail to get the job, but a letter that observes these tips will surely not cause a heavy feeling to the rejected candidate.

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