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Write a Termination Letter to Fire an Employee

In business, there are a number of letters you could potentially write for your work. One such example would be termination letters for employees. In those cases, it would be necessary for there to be employment termination causes so as to justify making and sending such letters in the first place.

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As a matter of fact, there are a number of offenses that would warrant a receiving a termination notice. The termination letter’s task is to communicate the fact to the recipient, as well as provide reasons and whatever assistance the recipient may be entitled to, meaning these letters actually do more than advertised.


Components of a Termination Letter

As you might have seen in sample termination letters, there are some particular components that you would do well to be aware of so as to use them best.

  • Personal information, for both sender and recipient, so as to make clear who the parties are in this situation.
  • Reasons for dismissal, so as to provide the recipient with concrete reasons he is being terminated.
  • Record of warnings/disciplinary action, which provides evidence that other measures were taken before the dismissal.
  • Severance package, so as to detail what payment and other bonuses the recipient is still entitled to.

Steps to Writing a Termination Letter

If you were to use free termination letters as an example, you still have to be aware of the steps you need to take in order to make them.

  • After writing both yours and the recipient’s names, along with the date, you can proceed to the body.
  • Start your letter by stating clearly that the recipient’s employment is being terminated, and the reasons.
  • Be sure to include a record of any disciplinary measures taken prior to termination.
  • State what payments and benefits the recipient is still entitled to, so as to give them fair warning.
  • Thank the recipient for their service.


Tips for Writing a Termination Letter

If you want these termination letters to be as effective as possible, then there are a number of guidelines that you should conform to. These tips can go some way to helping you make the most of your simple termination letters and make them more effective at breaking this kind of news to your recipient.

  • Remember to be polite in your termination letter formats. Even if there is more than enough reason to terminate the recipient’s employment, it is important to stay polite and professional so as not to burn bridges unnecessarily.
  • Also be positive. If at all possible, be sure to make overtures to the recipient, and offer any help that you can, such as references for later jobs.
  • Make sure to include all the necessary information. This allows you to be prepared for when you make this decision so as to have everything you need to support your decision.
  • Consult with an attorney beforehand. This allows you to make sure that your pushing through with the termination is airtight and that there is no grounds for the employee to take you to court.

With these tips, you can hopefully find even more success should you have a need to write termination letters in the future.

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