2 New Employee Orientation Checklist Templates

Whenever an organization hires new recruits, they have to do whatever they can to make sure that the new employees feel welcome. These new hires should also be trained on how to do their jobs. They need to to be taught every duty described in their job description so that they can perform in a way that meets company expectations.

This is why general managers must come up with an orientation schedule checklist to know what they must teach these employees on how they are supposed to behave in the office as well as what they should not do. This article is going to focus on what you need to do in order to ensure that new employees are well-oriented on the ways of your company.

Checklist New Employee Orientation Template


Orientation Schedule Template


Here are the things that you have to discuss with new recruits during their orientation:


Welcome them

It is always overwhelming whenever a person joins a company for the first time, so you have to make sure that you do not overwhelm them during the welcoming part of the orientation. Give them important information such as the company’s mission statement and the direction that the company is heading toward. You also have to assist them build relationships that will help them further their career and development, so it is best that you introduce them to their new coworkers and even their office managers so that they can observe the work and ask the right questions.

Company history

Highlight all of the positive history of the company. If yours is a new business, then start by telling these people how you were able to establish yourself in the best industry. Every business has its own story to tell, which is why you have to do it in a way that is clear to the employee and to help these people know the goal of your business. You can even motivate new recruits by telling them about how your oldest employees have dedicated their time and effort, and that both them and the company have been rewarded for it. You may also see word checklist


Introduce these new employees to their leadership teams. This is essential in a company’s success because the more these new recruits are able to get along and communicate with their managers, then the better their job performance as well as their productivity. When your leadership team is able to connect and inspire new employees to do their new jobs well, then you can be sure that the company is going to be better off in the long run. By introducing them to their new leaders, you will give them a chance to know about their senior professional managers and it will help them better understand the organizational structure, culture, and how management does things in the company.


Companies are always going to have their own cultures, so it is very important that you introduce these new employees to yours. It does not matter whether your business company is one that would rather go very formal or one that wants to be as laidback as it should be, it is important for you to share this information with your professional new employees as it is crucial for them to better understand the kind of company that they are going to work for. Nobody wants to learn this on their own, so it is best that you teach them this instead. The more these new employees know about the culture of the company, then the better opportunities that they will be able to find when it comes to growth. You may also see seminar checklist


Documentation is required for every new job and orientation is the best time to tell these new hires all of the important documents that they have to prepare and submit straight to your company’s Human Resources¬†department. These documents are going to be used ¬†to make sure that these new hires become official employees of your company, so you need to stress that you need these documents. Clearly point out everything that they are going to need so that the transition plan process of becoming employees will be much smoother.


Providing information to new hires regarding basic compliance is always going to be a must for every business. So, when you talk to these people regarding what you expect out of them, the first thing that needs to be discussed is information security. Then, you can move on to health and safety precautions and procedures, the performance that the employees should be showing, and much more. Be sure to do adequate research on any applicable compliance laws that may be specific to your organization. You may also see compliance checklist


Highlight all of your company policies. Remember that every business has its own rules and regulations that all of its employees have to follow. So, when you are conducting an orientation with new recruits, you must be able to talk about all of the key basic policies to a degree that both new and old employees will easily be able to understand what they can and should do, along with what they should never do.

You should also show these new employees how company policies apply to their departments and their specific job functions. Once you have discussed all of the important business policies that new hires need to comply with, you may then tell them who they should report to if they would like to learn more. You may also see HR Checklist

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