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A thank you note is always a meaningful act from a receiver to a sender whose generosity, warm wishes, help or opportunities- have made a positive difference in the receiver’s life. It emphasizes your sense of courtesy and the very fact that you acknowledge the opportunity or support or the gift in a big way. The thank you notes are a thoughtful affair both in the personal and business sphere. Just make sure to follow a personalized tone.

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> Thank You Note After Interview


If you are just back from an interview you must take this effort to send a thank you note to your interviewer immediately. It will show that you are enthusiastic about the job and will also help you to make a bright impression in the interviewer’s mind which will surely influence his selection process. (8+ Thank You Note After Interview)

> Interview Thank You Note


It is advised that an interviewee should send an Interview thank you note to his interviewee within not more than 24 hours of the interview. It goes for both face to face and phone-based interviews. In the note, you will express your appreciation for the interview and that you are looking forward to be member of the company. (10+Interview Thank You Note)

> Sample Thank You Notes


The sample thank you notes help one to express his courtesy and sense of appreciation in both personal and business arena- through kind words of acknowledgement and gratitude. In personal sphere, it’s sent to family and friends whilst in business, it’s meant for boss or colleague or employees or clients. (9+ Sample Thank You Notes)

> Wedding Thank You Note


It is mandatory that you must send thank you notes to everybody who attended your wedding- and not just to those who showered you with gifts. Its warm way of showing how much their gracious presence made your D-day even more special and you must state how would be utilizing each of the lovely gifts. (6+Wedding Thank You Notes)

> Funeral Thank You Notes


You have to send funeral thank you notes to all the near and dear ones who helped you in a tangible way in your time of bereavement. The thank you note should be sent to people who send floral tributes or donated cash support or looked after your family when you were too engulfed with grief & trauma. (8+ Funeral Thank You Notes)

> Sympathy Thank You Notes


The sympathy thank you notes are a way of expressing appreciation and gratitude towards people who were with you in times of your grief. You have to send the notes saying how much you value their tributes and help and how their contributions have been a huge support for you & your family. (8+ Sympathy Thank You Notes)

> Baby Shower Thank You Notes


If you had a baby shower party lately, you must send baby shower thank you notes to each guest who attended your party with warm wishes, blessings and beautiful gifts. The note must mention your humble words of appreciation- make sure to follow a personalized touch and you must send them within 15 days of the shower. (8+ Baby Shower Thank You Notes)

> Graduation Thank You Notes


If you had a graduation party on your honor lately, you must make this effort to send graduation thank you notes to all the people who congratulated you for your recent feat. Each of the notes must state how you will utilize the gifts and how the kind words have been inspiring for you. (8+ Graduation Thank You Notes)

> Thank You Note After Phone Interview


If you just had a phone interview, you must send a thank you note after phone interview to express how much you value the opportunity extended to you. The note will not only emphasize your sense of courtesy but will even play a great role in fixing your call for the face to face interview. (8+ Thank You Note After Phone Interview)

> Thank You Notes For Teachers


It is impossible to gauge the immense influence of teachers in your life and hence an occasional Thank you notes for teachers would be something really great. The note will say how the teacher’s lessons and support have been a huge invaluable guiding spirit for you and how fortunate you are to be his/her student. (8+ Thank You Notes For Teachers)

> Thank You Note For Gift


It is always courteous and nice to send thank you note for gift whenever you receive something great from your friends and family. The note should mention how delighted you are with the thoughtful gift and how it would be a fantastic addition to your life. However, make sure to send it within 2 weeks of reception. (10+ Thank You Note For Gift)

> Post Interview Thank You Note


As soon as you get back from an interview, you should send a post interview thank you note to your prospective employer- thanking about the very opportunity he gave you to express your skills, knowledge and excitement about landing up with the company. The interviewers do appreciate such notes of gratitude. (8+ Post Interview Thank You Note)

> Thank You Note To Boss

Thank You Note To Boss

If you are working under a kind and encouraging boss who always motivates you to give your best and support you at your every endeavor in office- you must make sure to show your appreciation and gratitude towards him through your Thank you note to boss. It will go a great way in building stable bonds between you two. (10+ Thank You Note To Boss)

> Birthday Thank You Notes

Birthday Thank You Notes

It would be great to send birthday thank you notes to all the people who helped to make your special day a wonderful memory to cherish- through birthday surprises, wonderful gifts, warm wishes and blessings. Your words of acknowledgement and appreciation would be something really special for your friends and family members as well. (6+ Birthday Thank You Notes)

> Bridal Shower Thank You Notes


The bridal shower party is meant to cheer up the would-be bride who is naturally nervous before taking the big leap in her life. Thus, as the pampered would-be bride it’s also your duty to send Bridal shower thank you notes with kind words of appreciation to the shower hostess and all those who made the party a fond memory for you. (6+ Bridal Shower Thank You Notes)

> Business Thank You Notes


Thank you notes are really common in business and are a crucial way to ensure a long lasting business bond. The business thank you notes are sent to interviewers, bosses, committed employees, helpful colleagues, major vendors and clients. It shows that you value the bond immensely and are looking forward to much collaboration in future. (8+ Business Thank You Notes)

> Thank You Note For Money


It is necessary that you send thank you note for money to those kind people who have made a huge difference in your life through the needed monetary grant or support. However, make sure to follow one basic rule here- do not ever mention the sum of money gifted but rather emphasize on how you would be utilizing it. (8+ Thank You Note For Money)

> Thank You Note For Scholarship


If you have received a much needed scholarship from a generous donor, you must send a thank you note for scholarship to him or her. The thank you note would include little about your academic background and stress on how the grant would help to realize your career goal through the much needed course. (8+ Thank You Note For Scholarship)

> Thank You Note For Dinner


If you have enjoyed a great dinner party lately you must thank the hostess for her warm welcome, the lip-smacking dishes -and overall the lovely time you get to spend at her place. The hostess surely put a great deal of effort to make the dinner party wonderful for you and your note of appreciation would be very valuable for her. (8+ Thank You Note For Dinner)

> Thank You Notes For Donations


If you run fundraising event or charities on donations, thank you notes for donations are a must. Nobody enjoys an unappreciated donation and your note of appreciation and gratitude would surely mean something big for the donor. Just make sure to send your thank you note strictly within no more than 48 hours of the donation. (8+ Thank You Notes For Donations)

> Bereavement Thank You Notes


It is said that people who support you in your grief and bad times are those who actually care for you. Thus, you should send bereavement thank you notes to all your relatives and friends who have contributed in a tangible way during your loss- through monetary contributions, tribute speeches, flowers and by taking care of your kids & household. (8+ Bereavement Thank You Notes)

> Christmas Thank You Notes


The Christmas celebrations are surely some of the fondest memories for anybody and it’s the Christmas parties, warm greetings and lovely gifts from the near and dear ones- that make the event so special for us. Thus, it would be wonderful to send Christmas thank you notes to all those who make your Christmas one of the most cherishing events of the year. (8+ Christmas Thank You Notes)

> Funny Thank You Notes


The funny thank you notes are especially sent to friends to appreciate their best wishes, support and gifts – that go a long way in making our lives wonderful and worth living. The funny notes usually include witty humorous lines that apparently look casual but carry a deep emotional heartfelt message of appreciation and gratitude. (8+ Funny Thank You Notes)

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