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8+ Opportunity Assessment Templates – PDF, DOC

If you’re a person that’s in charge of handling a company, then you should know just how important it is to come up with products that consumers would want. Not only that, but you would also have to think of whether there’s sufficient finances or any other factors that would justify the product’s creation. You may also see Project Assessment Template.

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So this would meant that you’ll have to understand the situation of your business better as well as it areas of opportunities. The best method that will allow you to do so is if you’re able to do a proper assessment and this article is going to teach you what you need to know.

Restoration Opportunity Assessment Methodology

Simple Opportunity Assessment

Improvement Opportunity Assessment

How to Conduct a Product Opportunity Assessment

All product managers are tasked with finding market problems that are urgent, high in demand with the target market, and one where people are more than willing to pay for the remedy. Then once these problems are found, it’s then that the solutions to these problem are going to be developed. The more significant the investment needed to develop a proper solution, then there’s a greater emphasis into the product’s opportunity assessment. You may also see Business Assessment Templates.

So if you want to make sure that your company invests only in those opportunities that are sure to have benefits, it would be best that to start working through the sequence of assessment techniques until you come up with a decision that’s good for everyone in the company. The bigger the area of opportunity, then the technique that will be used will have to be just as thorough. You may also see Free Needs Assessment Templates.

Here are the different ways in which you may be able to conduct a product opportunity assessment:


This one of the quickest ways in which you should be able to conduct a product opportunity assessment as all you’ll have to do is your idea according to a weighted scoring formula which is built into an easy-access-sheet. This method allows you to rank all the different ideas you have against each other in the fastest way possible.

Scoring opportunities allows a team to quickly focus on those ideas that are worth pursuing, ensuring that you’re only using strategies that will benefit everyone in the company and that you’re able to filter out those ideas that may not exactly be of much help. This way, you can help guarantee that the idea you’ve come to use will have a positive revenue impact on your company. You may also see Training Assessment Form.

Opportunity Assessment

These are for those ideas that have past through the initial screening or for those that suggests much larger ideas which may involve implementing new features or entirely new product altogether.

This is where you’re basically required to perform a S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to help you determine whether it’s a good idea to develop a new product or improve on the ones that you currently have.  Think about what products will go well with your consumers, what weaknesses it may possess that your competitors could take advantage of, the opportunities you can take with it to ensure that your company can gain profit, and the different competitors you will be facing.

Remember that you’ll have to share all of this information with your team so that all of you can come to a collective decision as to whether there’s a perfect opportunity to develop a new product or improve on the existing ones.


This is a method wherein you create a prototype for the product that you want to sell to your consumers, a test product if you will. So what this method basically does is test out a product in its early stages wherein you will be able to learn well ahead of time as to whether or not it’s a good idea to push through with it. So let’s say that you think this particular product that you’ve come up with might work, you then test it out and see that consumers like the idea but have a few problems with it. Based on what you’ve learned through the prototype, you can fix these weaknesses so that you can develop an all new product that your consumers would want to buy. You may also see Nursing Assessment Template.

Prototyping can help answer questions that you’ll need to know in regards to whether or not you should take the opportunity. These questions are as follows:

  • Is there a big enough market segment?
  • Does the area of opportunity offer enough revenue potential?
  • Does the area of opportunity line up with the goals as well as the strengths/strategies of your company?

Remember, assessing whether the opportunities of developing a product or the improvement of current ones is always something that a company has to do. So in the event that you have to do so, follow the steps above and you should be able to help guarantee in your company’s product’s success. You may also see Technology Assessment Templates.

Market Opportunity Assessment Plan

Sample Market Opportunity Assessment Plan

Market Opportunity Framework Assessment

Tips for Assessing Market Opportunities in the Quickest and Efficient Manner

Every business owner or entrepreneur make it a habit to plan their next best moves as it’s the only way for them to keep moving up in the business world. They need to think about things such as the best market they should go for, what they should be selling to the public, or how they’re going to keep expanding their businesses.

This would mean that they’ll have to assess every opportunity that they can possibly seize and determine as to whether or not they should take them based on how beneficial they are. So here are a couple of tips that you can use to help you understand what market opportunities you should take:

Break the Market Opportunity Into Different Segments

You’ll want to limit your focus in specific segments as this will allow you develop more realistic assumptions about the specific needs regarding the products/services that you offer, as well as address-ability, the different competition you’ll go up against, and the the size of the revenue opportunity. Basically, each segment will contain more details which will help you better understand as to whether or not you should take a specific market opportunity. Neglecting to do so will lead to inaccurate assumptions and that will just lead to you producing negative results. So do your market analysis and break what you’ve found out into different segments.

Make Sure the Prospects in the Segment Want the Same Thing

Before you want to dive further into an assessment, you need to verify that the prospects within a given segment which contains similar needs and that will value your product in a similar way. Otherwise, it will not improve your evaluation on the market opportunity you want to take. In fact, there’s a very high chance that it will hinder it instead. You may also see Assessment Templates in Word.

Focus on the Larger Segments

If you want to know as to whether you should take a specific market opportunity or not, then it’s best that you focus more on the larger segments during the assessment. These would be the ones that would have the greatest impact on an overall market opportunity assessment and the only ones that you will likely want to target when you’re conducting your marketing assessment. So when it comes to the larger segments, it may be that customer demand is more important than everything else so your focus would be what it is your customers want first. Once you know what that is and if you think your company is able to give them what they want, then you can assess the other segments and determine whether you should take the opportunity.

Use Your Time in Validating Assumptions That Will Have the Most Significant Outcome

When you develop an idea that you think that’s good, you’ll also be coming up with different assumptions that could affect your idea. You want to test the assumptions that will completely change the outlook of your assessment template, ones that could help guarantee your idea’s success. You do not want to spend time that will have little to no impact on your business, so just focus on the ones that you think are worth testing out.

Define the Relevant Timeframe for the Market Opportunity

A blank slate certainly suggests opportunity, but keep in mind that may also mean a longer and more costly research phase if you want to take advantage of it. This is why you want to know the timeframe as to when you can pursue the market opportunity so that you won’t be wasting your business’s precious time and resources. Because if you don’t do this, then most likely you’ll be using up a lot of money as well as wasting effort on an opportunity that may no longer be relevant in the market. You may also see Self Assessment Template.

Identify Requirements or Preconditions

If you’re going to take advantage of an opportunity that you see in a specific market, the first thing that you’ll need to do is whether or not you’re able to meet with the conditions in which it will allow you to do so. For example, you will want to quickly look and see whether the opportunity is dependent upon a law being passed or if there’s a specific milestone that you’ll need to be able to meet. If you think that you’re able to meet with these requirements or preconditions and that you have the necessary resources, then you can opt to take the opportunity. If not? Then it’s best that you don’t pursue it any further until you’re able to meet all of them. You may also see Threat Assessment Template.

Identify If There are Any Product Development Requirements

It’s not enough to just look at the requirements of the opportunity that you can take, it’s also important that you look at the ones in the event that you have to develop a new product for your business. If you think that you aren’t able to meet them? Then it’s best that you don’t pursue with the product’s development until you able to meet the requirements.

Be Careful When Estimating Segments With Limited Customers

Segments with only a couple of deals will sometimes not be fully representative. Consequently,assessing them can lead to unfair assumptions in terms of the needs and value of the different products and services. This is why it’s important that you take all of the necessary steps carefully as well as conducting a few extra ones to really validate the needs and potential value for the different areas of opportunity that you can take. You may also see Sample Impact Assessment Templates.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment Report

Procurement Opportunity Assessment

Remember that All the Segments Criteria Need to be Visible

What this means is that the segments that you will be assessing should be something that you and the people you work with must be able to clearly see. So if all of you are able to understand the needs of the customers, then that means it’s a segment in which you can all see clearly in terms of whether or not it can help determine the opportunity’s value. You may also see IT Assessment Templates.

Be Sure to Come Up With a Strategy

If you know that there’s a specific area of opportunity that you can take advantage of after the assessment, you don’t just take it without knowing what it is you should do. This is why it’s very important that you come up with a marketing strategy that will provide you and everyone else with all the steps required to efficiently take hold of the opportunity. Doing so is something that’s vital as you want to make sure that you’re able to take full advantage of the opportunity so that you can reap all of the benefits, as well as knowing and possibly avoiding any problems that may hinder your plans.

In the event that you would like to learn more in regards to conducting an opportunity assessment or if you would like to learn about any other similar topics, then all you have to do is go through our site and find the articles that contain the information you need. Once you’ve done that, you may use what you have been able to find to help you and your business out. You may also see Network Assessment Templates.

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