How to Make a Purchase Order [10+ Templates to Download]


There are transactions wherein a buyer will want to know all of the details regarding the order he/she has placed with the seller. That is why a purchase order needs to be made and this article will give you all of the information that you need to learn how to create one.

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5 Steps for Making a Purchase Order

Step 1: Start With the Order Number

It is essential for just about every order document to have its own unique order number. This is because its what will help the seller keep track of which customer order what specific products and/or services. Again, make sure that no two order documents have the same order number to avoid unnecessary confusion and problems.

Step 2: Indicate the Date

Again, this is something that will help the vendor keep track of the order made by a specific buyer. When you’re writing down the date within the purchase order document, be sure that you include the month, day, and year so that both parties will know when the order was created.

Step 3: Input Information on Both the Buyer and the Seller

It’s here where the basic information of both the buyer and the seller must be placed. Aside from their names, it is important that the document also contains their addresses and contact details. When providing the buyer’s address, make sure that it’s the correct delivery address to ensure that whatever is purchased heads to the right person.

Step 4: Provide Details on What Will be Purchased

To ensure that the delivery order that’s to be done consists of all the right products, the purchase order will need a list of all the items that have been purchased. This should include details such as descriptions on what was bought, the quantity in which they should be provided, the individual prices of each and so on.

Step 5: Put in the Payment Details

Once you’re done listing down the specifics on what is being purchased, next is to provide the total amount that needs to be paid. When calculating the total amount, do not forget to include other figures that will affect it. This includes any discounts and taxes that have to be factored in.

10+ Purchase Order Templates

1. Simple Purchase Order Template

simple purchase order


If you want to make a simple purchase order, then this is the kind of template that you’ll need. It may be one of the more basic templates that you can use, but there is no doubt that it will be able to help you come up with the document you need.

2. Return of Purchase Order Template

return of purchase order and demand for advance paymentDownload

There are instances wherein the seller will not push through with the order unless the buyer pays in advance. Should that be the case, then this template can help you come up with the right document. It will allow you to properly and politely point out that advance payment must be provided before the order can be carried out.

3. Purchase Order Example

purchase order word excel 2 Download

Take note that this purchase order template is meant for those that want to get straight to the point in knowing what the buyer wishes to order. Know that this can be opened up with programs such as Microsoft Word or even Apple Pages, and can be modified to whatever information the user wishes it to have.

4. Vehicle Purchase Order Template

free vehicle purchase order template 440x570 1Download

Sometimes there are buyers who will want to purchase a vehicle from a specific vendor. The vendor must then provide a document to the buyer with points out the details of the vehicle he/she wishes to buy. This template will allow you to create the purchase order which will contain all of those details.

5. Standard Purchase Order Template

free standard purchase order template 440x570 1Download

Considering the fact that there are many different types of purchase order documents, there are some which most use often. This template would be one of the more standard ones that the majority use. Get this template to ensure that both buyers and sellers will know all of the details regarding the exchange between them.

6. Retail Purchase Order Template

free retail purchase order template 440x570 1Download

Retail businesses often have many frequent buyers. Since there are so many of them, this particular type of business will need a document which will help keep track of all customer purchases. This template will help you make a purchase order document which ensures that retail buyers get what they need.

7. International Purchase Order Example

free international purchase order template 440x570 1Download

It is entirely possible that there will be buyers who wish to purchase certain goods from vendors that are not within their local area. Should that be the case, then this template will help create a purchase order which will help deal with just about any kind of international purchase.

8. Construction Purchase Order

free construction purchase order template 440x570 1Download

Those who are in the construction business will know that materials will often be purchased in order to complete a construction project. To ensure that the seller provides what is needed, then a construction purchase order document should be used. This template will help you make one that ensures all construction-related purchases are properly done.

9. Blank Purchase Order Template

free blank purchase order template 440x570 1Download

There will be those buyers that simply wish to fill out a document to point out what it is that they want. To make sure that they are able to do so, you can use this blank purchase order template to help you create the kind of document that they would want to use.

10. Simple Purchase Order Confirmation Template

free simple purchase order confirmation template 440Download

Remember that the use of a purchase order is to help the seller confirm whatever it is that the buyer wishes to be provided with. Make use of this template so that you can come up with the purchase order document that both your business and customers need. Use this whenever you need to confirm a buyer’s order.

11. Purchase Order Checklist Template

purchase order checklist template 1

There will be instances wherein the seller may need to look into the details surrounding the purchase order to see if there’s anything that could prevent the exchange from happening. This purchase order checklist template will help you see if whether or not everything has been done to guarantee that the purchase pushes through.

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