9+ Outline Examples

An outline is the backbone for any document. An outline defines your format and helps to organize your document in an orderly format. An outline could be of look and feel or it could be content related. It could be more detailed or less detailed. The Outline examples in this article help you to articulate the thoughts in an easily understandable way. The importance of an outline is overlooked many times.

Speech Outline Example

speech outline examples


Are you going to deliver a powerful speech? Then hopefully these Speech Outline Examples will help you prepare the speech in the most influential manner. They make your speech-making process interesting, not scary.

Persuasive Essay Outline Example

persuasive essay outline examples


A persuasive Essay always goes inspiring and when it comes to a powerful persuasion, facts don’t necessarily matter; but the outline does. The persuasive essay outline examples help you avoid last minute anxieties caused by inadequate preparation.

Resume Outline Example

resume outline examples


When it comes to Resume, the outline not only decides but also dictates the flow. The Resume Outline Examples help your resume read well. They best engage the readers. How sweet!

Topic Outline Example

topic outline examples


Are you going to write an assignment? Topic Outline Examples assist you with the best suited outline for your assignment. They also help you deal with topic heads and subheads.

Business Plan Outline Example

business plan outline examples


A business plan addresses the business requirements and also the strategies to achieve them. These Business Plan Outline Examples help you prepare a master business plan that impresses the bankers in the first go.

APA Outline Example

apa outline examples


The guidelines from the American Psychological Association or APA outline are used for doing assignments and writing papers in social sciences. These APA Outline Examples help you edit the documents right from the first page to the last.

Research Paper Outline Example

research paper outline examples


Writing a research paper is not an easy task. You should be thorough with the scope of the paper along with proper break ups. These Research Paper Outline Examples are easy to edit. After all, they don’t need much research.

Marketing Plan Outline Example

marketing plan outline examples


Marketing plans, as any other plan, discuss the WH questions such as when to start the marketing, what are the strategies, how to go about, etc. These Marketing Plan Outline Examples help you prepare your marketing plan with interesting segments and sections.

MLA Outline Example

mla outline examples


Modern Language Association is an Academic Organization focused on language and its impact on the world. The examples in this section are filled with MLA style Outlines. The documents are extremely beneficial for literature and other foreign language students.

> Why Outline?

The outline is the relic of the past. Generally, the outline is considered as a waste of time. But in real, it saves your time greatly. Now, with the internet providing multiple pre-defined and ready-made outline templates, preparing an outline has become an easy-peasy job. Coming to the purpose of outline, it helps you present the topic to the readers in the most idealistic manner. See the below examples: You can also see Project Outline Templates.

  • Introduction – tell them what you are going to tell them.
  • The body of the text – tell them.
  • Conclusion – tell them what you told them.

> How to Write an Outline example?

One needs to do some ground work before writing an outline example. Reading a few sample examples can help you in this aspect. However, to write an outline example, follow the below steps:

  • Select the topic
  • Work on the talking points
  • Organize them in an order
  • Outline the main points
  • Crosscheck the entire document and if possible, get a peer review.

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