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5+ Overtime Permit Form Templates – PDF, Word

We all have the desire to be great in our lives. From the skills we learned, talents we possess, the knowledge we know, we tend to want to develop it more and not stop there. So what do we do? We practice disciplining themselves by being persistent, consistent in training or studying to be better. Another way that we could also be better is if we put in more hours in training to be more than just an average. This type of behavior also happens in the office. You may also like employee referral forms.

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Employees of a company all around the globe generally work for 8 to 10 hours a day from Mondays to Saturdays. Some employees would follow the general 8-10 hour work schedule and some don’t. The people that choose to not follow either like to have undertime always or have overtime to work more hours for whatever reason they have in extending their labor services. To know one of those reasons, read the whole article to find out and also know what are the benefits of working overtime. We will also show templates of an overtime permit form and what is it all about. Take note of the following if ever you’re planning to work more hours than usual.

School HR Overtime Permit Form

Overtime Pre-Approval Permit Form

What is it Actually and Why it is Needed?

Overtime can be basically understood from the word itself. You’re literally overextending your time in the workplace. The number of work hours you want to spend during your regular hours will be solely up to you depending on the number of overtime hours that are permitted in the company’s rules and policies. But there is always a reason for everything, like how there is a reason why employees decide not to go home and relax yet. In this section, we will be giving you out some of the reasons why employees extend their working hours and deny regular sleep once in a while. These are the following reasons:

1. This is really your Passion. One of the many reasons why some employees work overtime is because they actually love their job. Regardless if the job pays well or not, some people who get the jobs they really love often would want to stay more and work longer hours. Passion is sometimes chosen over having the luxury to rest. When one has the passion and is determined to reach a goal, working hard is already their “sleep”. One concrete example is how Kobe Bryant would be in the shootaround for 4 to 6 hours before the game.

2. To get things done. Some tasks in the office can sometimes never be completed within a range of 8 hours especially if it involves hitting a specific quota. That is why some employees request for an overtime because of a task not yet done. One of the many reasons for this is because the employee might have slacked off first in the morning or was actually really having a hard time to finish. You may also like new hire processing forms.

3. Impress the boss. Having the boss or manager notice you being one of the last ones in the office can give a little boost to one’s self-esteem. This can give the boss a reason to actually ask the employee why he or she is still there and would be impressed by the work ethic and the employee’s strive to be better at the workplace. But it would be a bad idea if one is only staying there and pretending to do something just so the boss could see you. It will affect you in the future especially if he gives you a promotion. Promotions might mean better pay but so does the work. You may also like employment application forms.

4. Save Money. What we mean by this is that often, when one does overtime, he/she usually gets extra allowance that will be added to his/her monthly income in the company. Employees do this to also help pay the bills in the house especially if they already have a family. House bills are just the beginning. Once you have a family, you have the responsibility to feed and also attend to their needs. Milk. diapers, water, clothes etc. are the things to consider and spend for if you already have a family. If you don’t, extra income could be deposited to the savings or for some personal reasons like traveling for a vacation, wanting to buy new clothes, new shoes or a gift for someone.

5. So many meetings. Some companies have so many office meetings in a day. This action affects the work progress of each and every employee who also required to go to that particular meeting. Since it would be disrespectful to be absent intentionally in a small or big meeting, the employee often conforms with his co-employees. Meetings can also be requested on the spot and that is a hassle for an employee who is still in the middle of completing a task. You may also like employment verification forms.

Request Paid Overtime Form

Simple Overtime Request

Parts of the Request for Overtime Permit

Although there are many variations into how a request for overtime permit form would look like, they all have a general idea; to ask if it would be okay to render some more labor after the regular hours. The permit form would generally be composed of the following:

  • Name
  • Job Title/Position
  • Date
  • Department.
  • Reason. You will state why you are requesting to have overtime in the office.
  • Hours. This is where you state how many hours are you going to extend after the regular working hours.
  • Supervisor’s signature.  After you finish filing, your supervisor would check if your reason is valid enough to allow you to work more hours in the company within the day or the dates you filed for overtime.

It is therefore crucial that the employee should be particular in writing the reason for his/her request of an overtime to let the supervisor further understand the concern and if it is really important to grant the request of overtime. You may also like excel forms.

Permit to Render Overtime

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Overtime

Almost every decision we make has a positive and negative effect on ourselves or to the people around our circle. This is also the same if people work extended hours. This section will exactly present the advantages and disadvantages of working overtime in the office. Take note if you’re planning to get your first job or has no knowledge of the factors of overtime yet.

1. Advantages

  • More Money. With an employee rendering much more than his/her expected regular working hours, he/she is given an added bonus. The amount would depend on the company’s work rules and regulations when working overtime.
  • Being Recognized. Managers and high ranking officers would praise your efforts to work longer hours in the company and this can create a good impression.
  • Productivity Up. If you get to work more hours, the more things you are likely to accomplish. You could also actually finish tasks that were not yet supposed to be done yet. You may also like employee application forms.

2. Disadvantages

  • Tiring. No matter how a person is passionate about his/her work, he/she will get tired. Sometimes, some employees are so absorbed in their craft in the workplace that they forget to rest from time to time and this could lead to health issues. You may also like job description forms.
  • Health Problems. This is not only limited to physical health but also mental. Stress can often make the mind go crazy and people would lose their focus. Back pains would also be common especially if you have to sit for hours. Eyesight could also change especially if you’re always in front of the screen of your computer or laptop.
  • Lesser performance. This usually occurs the day after one had completed his/her overtime. It is common with companies who start their work early in the morning. That is why some don’t request for overtime just to have the right amount of sleep to keep them pumped up for the next day. You may also like employee complaint forms.

Overtime Approval Form

Be Real

While working during your overtime, be real. Don’t just request for an overtime so that you would just showboat that you’re working extra hours. Be real and do work until you’re already satisfied for the day. Requesting unnecessary overtime just to look good in front of people will eventually backfire. This happens when one is already caught not doing anything or would be cognitively questioned on his/her performance after the regular working hours. In working overtime, make sure also that if it is necessary to do this on this particular day or not. In that way, you won’t have to waste your time and effort on something that can easily be done by an hour or two. You may also like employee write up forms.

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