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Payroll Templates -53+ Word, PDF Documents Download

Payroll budget Templates are the files that a firm requires in order to prepare income for their employees. Remember before paying your staff, you need to consider their work hours, leaves, vacations, allowances, benefits and deductions. Since it is difficult to do this manually, you need to use these files.

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Simple Payroll Budget Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Numbers
  • Pages

Size: US, A4


Payroll Money Voucher Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Restaurant Payroll Budget Template Sample

File Format

Size: US, A4


Payroll budget template, payroll calendar template, payroll check template, payroll deduction form template and payroll register template are some of the files that you will find useful. You can edit and customize the files freely.

Payroll Budget Template

Download the free sample of Payroll Budget Template. It is availed in Excel,  Word, and PDF formats. So, you can easily download, edit and customize it. The file is ideal for organizations and profitable projects. With its help, you can keep track of your expenditure and income at no cost. (7+ Payroll Budget Templates

>Payroll Calendar Template

The Payroll Calendar Template is availed on both free and premium terms. It contains easy to edit monetary pay dates for an entire year. You can simply customize it for your company since it includes holidays. It is available in Excel docs for easy editing. The blank files are prepared completely and are ready to be printed. (10+ Payroll Calendar Templates

What is Payroll Tax?

Taxes are amounts of money imposed by governments only on their citizens. Payroll taxes are imposed on either employees or their employers by the federal and state governments. Often, this amount is calculated as a percentage of the amount of money that an employer pays to their laborers.

There exist two kinds of payroll taxes; the amounts that employers pay with respect to their workers’ personal wages and deductible amounts from employees’ salaries & wages. When the taxes are deducted from laborer’s pay, employers withhold the given amounts. This is also referred to as PAYE or PAYG as Pay as you Earn/Go respectively. This amount includes advance payments of employees’ social security contributions, insurance premiums, and income taxes.

When charged on the employer, it is the tax based on their candidate employment. This amount can either be fixed or it can be directly proportioned to employee’s pay. Even so, whether the employer or employee pays payroll tax, its burden often falls on the employee.

Payroll Deduction Form Template

You can download and use the Payroll Deduction Form Template free of cost. It is designed both for personal and commercial projects. It is easy to use, edit and customize. It comes in PDF and DOC versions. It entails different forms of authorized deductions that will simplify your work. (9+ Sample Payroll Deduction Form Templates

Payroll Register Template

It is easy to download the Payroll Register Template because it comes in PDF format. It is designed for easy editing and customization using Microsoft Word & Excel Programs. You can also print the sample at no extra cost. With this file, we are sure you will love keeping track of your employee’s payrolls. (7+ Payroll Register Templates

 Payroll Timesheet Template

Download the simple Payroll Timesheet Template that comes free of cost. You can edit and customize it on MS-Excel, Google Sheets, and Open Office. The easy to use file is suitable for both the starting and advanced businesses. It will help you keep the professional records of your employee’s income details periodically. (12+ Payroll Timesheet Templates

Uses of Payroll

You can use payrolls to prepare compensation packages for your employees perfectly. Note that payrolls look into bonuses, salaries and additional benefits rather than the staple salary.

Payrolls also help in updating tax information. Often, companies use software products and templates that automatically alert them of tax updates. You can also do the same.

You can also use payrolls to prepare payslips. With commercial payroll templates, you can generate faultless pay slips for all your employees in time. Remember, the templates include certain mandatory amounts including least statutory figures.

Companies use payrolls to withhold taxes. The automatic tax filing by the company at a small fee saves time and increases the comfort of employees.

Finally, you want to use payrolls to keep track of vacation time, overtime and all other benefits that your employees should benefit from.

Importance of Payroll System

A reliable payroll system positively influences the morale of your employees. Since the system guarantees accurate, consistent and timely pay, it offers assurance to your employers. They are certain of their financial security and thus, they will offer their best services.

Payrolls also help in protecting the reputation of the organization. Payrolls should abide by the state & federal laws and policies. Using it makes you efficient and respectable both to your staff and the public.

Payroll systems save time and resources. Calculating payrolls manually involve immense paperwork that consumes a lot of time. Using reliable system is easier and you can always adjust based on the legislative policies. Systems tend to be more accurate than the man. So, you can use your resources more efficiently.

Also, you do not need the expertise to use these systems. You simply need to read through and work on your payrolls as long as you understand IT. Thus, the systems suit the small and developing enterprises.

Payroll Worksheet Template

The Payroll Timesheet Template that is freely available for download as a PDF file is all our company needs. It is ready for printing and easy to edit and customize using MS- Word & Excel. This manual file supplements your online systems. It will enable you to easily calculate and print employee’s pay stubs. (5+ Payroll Worksheet Templates

How to Process Payroll

>Processing Monthly Payroll Templates for your employees goes through two major stages. The initial stage entails collecting their wage data while the final stage deals with computing their wage deductions. This way, you will be able to get their net pay.

For a start, you must ask your employees to fill out a W-4 form. This file enables you to compute federal taxation. You can also use it to document and calculate different allowances for each of your workers. Remember, their filing statuses and allowances directly affect their taxes.

Then, you should collect the payroll data that relates to a given timespan. For example, you should find relevant information that affects your employees’ monthly payroll templates.  Note that payrolls could be prepared on a weekly, bi-weekly or fortnight basis also. You should update this data always. For more efficiency, you might want to make use of payroll software products. They will enable you to make flawless templates. In fact, you can let your employees fill in their work hours daily.
Later, you can calculate each of your employees’ gross income. Remember, this figure varies for every laborer because some might earn a salary, others earn wages. The work hours of the employees may also vary. Therefore, you should ensure your template’s calculator computes this figure.

In your next and final stage, you will need to determine the exact amounts for their income taxation. This depends on paycheck withholdings for each worker. You should rely on IRS publications to calculate lawful withholdings and thus file your tax returns.

Other deductions which you may have to make from their gross pay include social securities, medical insurance, charitable contributions and retirement benefits contributions.  After making all the deductions, you will have the final amount to pay to each of your employees monthly.

How to Use Payroll Template

There are also different payroll templates that you can use as per requirement. Although, we are sure that you will prefer using MS-Excel templates because they come with formulas and automatic calculators that simplify your work. If you have Excel program in your computer, you can use payroll templates.

You need to download the payroll calculator template from a trusted website. You can then save the file in its compressed form and then extract it. This opens the calculator template automatically in excel. Then, you can save a copy of your template for use in designing your firm’s payrolls. Remember, after saving the copy, you will have established a reliable workbook.

Using the open workbook, you can prepare your payrolls. You simply need to enter employees’ information, their pay rates, taxations, and deductions. Once you are done, click on the payroll calculator. You will be asked to fill in their work hours, and their incomes will be calculated and you can print out personal pay stubs for each employee.


Finally, both small and large companies should attempt to use payroll templates. These templates vary in terms of their significance. For instance, you can use payroll worksheet template, payroll timesheet template, payroll summary template, payroll stub template and payroll report template. Although they may vary in their purpose, they work together to increase your efficiency.

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