How to Come Up With a Restaurant Marketing Plan

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A business needs to have some sort of marketing plan before it decides to open its doors to the public. This is especially true for business owners who own restaurants as this particular industry is full of tough competition. If you happen to be one of these restaurant owners, you need to figure out what you have to do in order to attract as many customers as you possibly can.

This article will share some valuable insights that can help you come up with a restaurant marketing plan that will enable you to achieve success. you may also see plan templates.

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How to create a restaurant marketing plan

If you are serious about your restaurant, then you need to devise a well-written and detailed marketing plan outline. Whether you are about to open your doors or if you have already been serving customers for a long time, there are a ton of benefits to gain from having a sound marketing plan sample. So, here are the steps that you have to follow to create one that best suits your restaurant:

1. Start with a brainstorm session

Gather the main stakeholders of your restaurant (managers, head chefs, owners, etc.) and have a meeting with them in about how the brand should be promoted. You may even consider having one or two loyal customers join in on the meeting if you think that it is appropriate and if they are willing. This meeting will allow you to figure out what your business needs and how you are going to go about meeting those needs. You may also like a simple marketing plan.

Here are some questions that you can ask:

  • What is the main theme of our restaurant?
  • Who are our ideal customers?
  • What are the main problems that our restaurant is facing?
  • What are the restaurant’s greatest strengths?
  • What areas do you think we should improve on?
  • How can we save on marketing costs?

Make sure that the brainstorming process is one where everyone is allowed to voice their opinions and share whatever ideas that they have. Take down notes on what people come up with and do not restrict anyone’s input. You can also decide to appoint an official note-taker. You may also like a sample marketing plan.

2. Research sample restaurant marketing plans

The best way to come up with a marketing plan that your business can definitely benefit from is by going online and looking up the marketing strategies of other restaurants. This way, you will be able to gather some ideas that you can use for your own restaurant.

3. Perform SWOT and ‘Four P’s’ Analyses

A SWOT analysis stands for (S)trengths, (W)eaknesses, (O)pportunities, and (T)hreats. All four of these are things that you have to look into as they are what is going to determine the success of your business. Think of both the strengths and weaknesses as the internal components of your company and the opportunities and threats as external environmental factors.

By learning just what kind of strengths that your restaurant possesses, you will be able to capitalize on how you will be able to utilize them and ensure that they remain consistent considering that they are the reasons why customers keep coming back to your establishment for more.

By learning your restaurant’s weaknesses, you will be able to see all of the problems that your customers and possibly even your employees are facing on a daily basis. For example, there may have been a ton of complaints regarding the customer service of your restaurant. By knowing this particular weakness, you will then be able to formulate the necessary solution (in this case, employee training) to solve the problem.

When looking into the different opportunities, try to capitalize on those that your business will benefit from. For example, you can offer a different sample menu for vegans and that way, you will attract more customers. If you are looking into the threats, then that could mean either your competition or problems within your restaurant that you will have to fix immediately. Make sure that you look into these problems right away and act accordingly. You may also like restaurant business plan in a word.

All the notes that you have taken down in the first step will definitely be helpful during the personal SWOT analysis and identifying the four P’s of your restaurant, so utilize them wisely. You may also like a printable marketing plan.

When you are able to figure all of this information out, then you can formulate the right strategies that your business will benefit from. And, once you have been able to develop all of these strategies, then you have to think of how you are going to implement them. You will have to outline everything that needs to be done and assign different staff members a set of tasks that they will need to perform to ensure that your marketing plan is carried out successfully.

Once all is said and done, then all you will have to do is wait for the results. Although you will not see any changes overnight (it may even take months), they will be there. If you think that your plan is not working anymore, then do the entire process all over again and see what works and what does not, and then formulate a new plan. You may also like restaurant business plan templates.

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