How to Create a Marketing Plan [10+ Templates to Download]

One of the basic procedures involved in making business operations successful in designing and establishing a marketing plan with realistic and effective strategies. Every business has a target market which means they have particular types of buyers in mind when designing a product or service. Before they are implemented, marketing campaigns need to be checked, evaluated, and flagged when necessary, and this is only possible with a sound marketing plan in place.

5 Steps to Create a Marketing Plan

Step 1: Prepare a Mission Statement

Successful branding means being able to communicate your brand identity and mission to your target audience and make them remember it. A mission statement on your marketing plan needs to clearly define the nature of the business, product, services offered, and the type of markets they aim to serve.

Step 2: List and Describe Target or Niche Markets.

Make a list and describe potential end-user or customers. After completing a list, identify different market segments. Segments can include certain kinds of people in a company based on roles or position. For instance, chief executive officer, marketing head, and other department heads would serve as a separate market segment.

Step 3: Develop A Market Research or Analysis

A market analysis is the cornerstone of a marketing plan, that’s why it’s necessary to conduct research to have a good understanding of your market and to properly identify the services or product the market requires. Additionally, you’d have to get an inventory for the current product and services you offer. Check market prices and staff expertise when it comes to providing these services.

Step 4: Define Marketing Strategies and Promotion

There are many strategies that work well with various target markets which means you may need several to have a successful marketing campaign. The secret to effective marketing is studying and understanding what makes a user want to choose your product or service over the competition and what type of promotional efforts make them respond easily.

Step 5: Establish Quantifiable Marketing Goals

Marketing goals often involve setting figures for how many clients you want to win over, people you’d like to touch base with and how much you want to generate in a realistic time-frame. Keep your goals practical to establish them and go over the resources as well as skills and manpower you can commit to implement and tie in your goals to the marketing plan.

10+ Marketing Plan Templates

1. Content Marketing Plan Template


Improve your content by designing winning strategies and completing an effective content marketing plan. By downloading this template, you’ll have an easier time outlining promotional strategies to market your content better. It is editable and comes in three different file formats.

2. Law Firm Marketing Plan Example


Put together a great promotional strategy for your law firm by making sure you have a well-written marketing plan. Use this template in mapping out your next marketing campaign to win more clients and strengthen your base. Download anytime, anywhere in MS Word, Pages and Google Docs, then print the number of copies you need.

3. Sales and Marketing Plan Template


Keep up with sales and marketing strategies and ditch the outdated plan that didn’t work too well for your business. Get to work quickly by taking advantage of this pre-made sales and marketing plan template. Download to map out the tactics and you can use for your own marketing needs.

4. Strategic Marketing Plan Template


Is your current advertising efforts not getting you enough results? Build marketing strategies for your firm by coming up with a plan that actually works. You can do that with the use of this accounting marketing plan template. This comes in free and easy to customize formats.

5. Healthcare Marketing Plan Design


Are you not getting enough visibility for your healthcare business? Download this marketing plan sample to have a professionally-crafted marketing plan that works with your strategies. This printable document can also serve as your guide instead of starting your plan from scratch.

6. SEO Marketing Plan Example


Take the time to learn the latest SEO trends and industry updates, and keep up with industry news. Find out what works best for the audience you serve to keep your SEO marketing plan intact. Better yet, just get this template and print in MS Word or Apple Pages, whichever one works best for you.

7. Strategic Marketing Plan Template


Create effective promotional strategies for your company with a professionally outlined strategic marketing plan. This marketing template is easy to customize and allows you to structure your marketing strategies better, especially the ones that you have wanted to refer to your business current marketing situation.

8. Sales and Marketing Action Plan


Study the required budget for your chosen strategies and plan as you go along. Download this free marketing template with it’s editable and well-organized document layout. This way, you’ll be able to cover all marketing and promotional data that your plan requires.

9. Free Marketing Plan Chart Template


Tired of getting left behind by the marketing ploys of your competitors? This template allows you to organize an effective marketing plan that uses current industry trends as a basis for promotional efforts. Download now and you’ll find that this template is easy to use.

10. Sample Cafe Marketing Plan Download

It’s a good idea to target your market based on the size of your business. For instance, to make a restaurant or cafe grow and thrive in the market’s tight competition, you must be prepared to promote its products through a well-designed marketing plan. Fortunately, it’s easier to do that by using the template above.

11. Sample Marketing Plan Download

Your unique position in the industry must be touted or backed in your marketing programs and documentation. Download this marketing plan template to effectively outline your strategies and nail your marketing campaign.