How to Create a Project Plan [8+ Templates to Download]

It can be very difficult to start and complete a project if the people that are involved have no idea in terms of what they have to do and when they need to do it. That is the reason as to why it is very important to know how to make a project plan template and this article will give you all the information you will need in order to create one.

Steps for Creating a Project Plan

Step 1: Identify the Stakeholders

Every project plan document must contain a list of the stakeholders that are responsible for starting up the project in the first place. This can be anyone from a sponsor to the client that issued the project. Make sure that this person’s complete name is placed into the plan.

Step 2: Determine the Project Goals

Before the project even begins, it is important that everyone knows exactly what goal or goals they need to be able to reach. So let’s say that the contractor has been assigned a construction project. One of the goals can be something like being able to finish building certain facilities within a specific period of time.

Step 3: Define the Scope of the Project

This is where project plan basics are pointed out and discussed. Make sure that this section of the plan covers everything from objectives, constraints, assumptions, cost estimates, etc. All of the stakeholders, both direct and indirect, should have come to a complete understanding when it comes to everything that’s written in this section.

Step 3: Define the Roles and Responsibilities

You must first hold a team meeting so that you can share with everyone about the significance of their roles and what responsibilities each of them will have. Once everything has been finalized, you may then proceed to write down their complete names, positions, and duties into the project plan.

Step 4: Create the Project Schedule

Once you have managed to figure out who should be doing what, then the next thing that you will need to do is to come up with a schedule. Make it clear as to how many hours they will need to put into the job, when they should come in and leave, and the date in which they are expected to reach certain objectives.

Step 5: Manage the Risks

No matter what kind of project is being conducted, there will always be some form of risk that everyone will need to watch out for. This is the section of the plan where you will need to provide details on risk management to ensure that everyone knows how to avoid or deal with project-related issues.

Step 6: Know the Budget

There will be projects wherein certain actions will require one to spend an either estimated or specific amount of money. So this is the section of the plan where you will need to provide information on how much will be spent, what that money will be spent on, possible unexpected expenses, and so on.

8+ Project Plan Templates

1. Project Transition Plan Template


There are projects wherein one must define the objectives and goals in order to transition to the next phase of the project. Should you be in charge of a project that needs to do so, then it’s best that you download this template. It will help you come up with a document which will allow smooth project transition.

2. Project Quality Management Plan


No matter what kind of project you end up managing, it is very important that just about every aspect of it is of high quality. To guarantee that they are, then use this template to allow you to make a document which can help in managing the project’s quality.

3. Project Management Plan Template


Remember that project management is never an easy task. This is especially if you are in charge of a largescale project wherein you are forced to keep track of its many different aspects. To make things easier for yourself, it’s best that you make use of this template so that you can make a document to help you with managing a project.

4. Project Management Communication Plan


Those who are working together on a project should know how difficult it is to communicate if they have no idea in regards to how they should go about in doing so. With this template, you can use it to make a document which provides details on the communication plans, ensuring that everyone will know who to talk to and how to do so should they ever need anything.

5. Project Deployment Plan Design


Although you may already know how things need to be done, you must still point out the order they need to happen in. Once you have managed to figure that out, then you can download this template to make a document where you can provide an outline on all the steps that need to be followed in order.

6. Project Action Plan Template


It is important that you are able to define all of the different actions that need to be done to guarantee that a project is completed. To make a document that is able to do just that, you will want to make use of this project action plan template. With it, everyone will know what actions need to take place and that they are done in a way to meet goals and expectations.

7. Operational Plan for the Project Report


When you’ve implemented the strategies needed to complete a project, you may be required to report on the project’s current status after they have been implemented. With this template, you will be able to provide all the details regarding what strategies were used and how effective they were.

8. Project Communication Plan Sample


Know that communication is key in guaranteeing that a project is completed on time and in a manner that meets or exceeds expectations. To ensure that everyone involved in the project understands how they should communicate with one another, use this template to create the document which can help do so.

9. Sample Project Plan Download

In the event that you want to come up with a simple project plan, then use this template. Know that you can open it with programs such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. Also, take note that even the simplest of project plans can be used effectively to ensure that a project is done properly and on time.