How to Create a Sales and Marketing Plan [10+ Templates to Download]


When it comes to running a business, it is important that you know how to market it well as well as ensuring that it’s always able to make successful sales. That’s why it’s best for you to be able to come up with a sales and marketing plan and this article will teach you how to come up with one.

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Steps for Creating a Sales and Marketing Plan

Step 1: Know the Business Objectives

The first step into making an effective sales and marketing plan is by knowing the objectives of your business. Knowing what these objectives are will help guide the direction in which you need to take both marketing and sales. Be sure that everything in this section can easily be understood by readers.

Step 2: Define the Target Market

In order to successfully market your business to improve sales, you will need to realize who your target market is supposed to be. This is where you will need to do a target market analysis to gain information such as demographic profiles, purchasing behavior, wants and needs, etc.

Step 3: Understand Your Strategic Position

It is important for you to know where your business stands in the industry as well as with your intended target market. This should give you information on what it is that the business needs to improve upon and what position it should have in order to reach success.

Step 4: Identify Both the Marketing and Sales Objectives

This is where you will need to determine what objectives you and your employees should be able to reach in order to successfully market the business and improves its sales. Make use of all the date that you have managed to gather to determine what these objectives are.

Step 5: Come Up With the Sales and Marketing Strategies

Now that you know what to aim for, it’s time to come up with both the sales and marketing strategies. Consider the best possible methods when it comes to both. Once you have an idea as to what these strategies are, make sure that you describe each of them in full detail so that readers will know exactly what it is that they have to do.

Step 6: Implement These Strategies

Once everyone knows exactly what needs to be done, the next is to make sure that these strategies are put into play. Point out the names of those who you have deemed to be in charge of certain marketing and/or sales responsibilities and share what those responsibilities are.

1. Sales Business Plan Template

sales business plan 1 Download

A business plan cannot be considered complete unless it manages to point out how the business should go about in terms of sales. That is why you should make use of this template so that you won’t have any problems regarding what needs to be done to ensure that the business continuously sees successful sales figures.

2. Simple Sales Business Plan Template

simple sales business plan2 Download

Remember that a business cannot do well unless it knows exactly how it should go about in maintaining or improving sales. Should you wish to make a document which can help guarantee its success, then this template should be able to help you make a simple yet effective one.

3. Sample 90 Day Sales Action Plan

90 day sales action plan3 Download

There will be instances wherein you will want your business to reach a sales goal within a specified amount of time. With this template, it will allow you to create a 90-day plan which will share all the details such as what the sales goal is, the actions that need to be done to reach it, who is involved and more.

4. Marketing Plan for Small Business

marketing plan for small business 21 Download

Even small businesses need to learn how to market themselves if they ever want to see success within the industry. Should you be in charge of a small business, then this template is definitely what you’ll need. With it, you can make a document which can clearly point out how everyone should go about in marketing the brand.

5. Sales and Marketing Plan Template

sales and marketing plan1 Download

If you are going to start running a business or even if you are already running one, you will find a lot of use out of this template. Downloading and using it means that you can come up with a document which outlines all of the details regarding the marketing and sales strategies of your business.

6. Sample Sales Plan Template

sample sales plan mockup Download

There are some businesses who may find difficulties when it comes to figuring out ways to increase their sales. In the event that you figured out the best methods to do so, then you should use this sales plan template to outline all of the details such as what actions need to be done and when sales goals need to be reached.

7. Restaurant Strategic Marketing Plan Template

432 strategic marketing plan 01 Download

A restaurant can only truly attain success if it is able to market itself to its intended target audience. If you know how to do so, then you should definitely use this template. With it, you will be able to come up with a strategic marketing plan which guarantees that people will become interested and attracted to your restaurant.

8. Sales and Marketing Action Plan

free sales and marketing action plan template 440x570 12 Download

When you have realized both the sales and marketing goals of the business, you still need to determine what actions need to be taken in order to meet them. After you’ve thought them out, use this template to create a document where you can point out what these actions are and how they should be done.

9. Personal Sales Plan Template

free personal sales plan template 440x570 11 Download

There are times wherein you may want to set a personal sales goal for yourself. When that happens, you’ll want to make use of this template. With it, you will be able to come up with a personal sales plan where you can detail what you have to do to meet sales goals and set a reasonable amount of time as to when these goals need to be met.

10. Monthly Sales Plan Template

monthly sales plan template1 Download

The majority of businesses usually set a monthly sales goal that everyone needs to aim for to keep the business running. To ensure that employees know what these goals are and how they can reach them, then using this template will help you come up with the document to point all of that out.

11. Sample Sales and Marketing Plan

sample sales and marketing plan for farmers 1 Download

If you are going to make a sales and marketing plan document, then this is the template for you. Know that you can make it in formats such as Word, Excel, PDF and more. Also, you can use programs such as Apple Pages, or even Publisher to access and customize it in whatever manner you wish.

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