How to Make an Action Plan


Every business has to come with some sort of marketing strategy if they want people to learn about and purchase their goods and services. However, they cannot really come up with a good marketing strategy if they do not even know how they are going to go about it. So, they need to figure out all of the steps regarding what they have to do to make sure that their marketing strategies work successfully. This is why they have to develop action plans.

How to create an action plan

Every plan or simple strategy you come up with for your small business will require a sample action plan in order to bring it to life. It is basically a guide on how you will be able to meet your objectives. So, if you are going to create one, here are the steps that you will need to do:

1. Involve your team

Your employees should be able to help you figure out the best way to go about developing the strategies that will benefit your business. They can give you valuable input on what it is you need to do in order to meet your smart goals and the best way you can implement them. They are even more likely to work well with the implementation if they knew they had a hand in the decision-making process.

2. List the actions that need to be taken

The core of your business action plan is a list of tasks that need to be done in order to achieve your objectives. This is basically everything you need to do if you want your business plans to work. So, this will include things such as buying the right kind of equipment, how you will go about finding the best people for your company, or the methods that you will be promoting your business. Each action should be described clearly so that your employees will not be confused about what needs to be done.

3. Set a timeline

For every action that you have on the action plan, you need to set up a timeline of when each will be completed. You are basically coming up with a schedule for how you want to achieve each task and when you are supposed to achieve them. Be sure that you take into account all of the different issues that may arise that could possibly cause delays in the completion of a particular task.

4. Designate resources

You have to name the different employees who will be responsible for each action. Be sure that you go through all of the people involved in creating the action plan to determine which one of them is best suited for a particular task. Once you have decided on your choices, the next thing that you have to to do is to point out the other resources that will be needed (such as money, equipment, personnel, etc.).

5. Establish a follow-up and measurement process

Be sure that you spell out how you are going to follow up on the strategic action plan to ensure that all of the actions have been carried out. These can include getting your employees to make progress reports based on each of their assigned tasks or conducting regular meetings where all you will discuss the current plan’s progress.

You also have to specify the measures that you will use in order to track down the implementations of these list of actions. These can include both milestones, such as the completion of certain tasks, and quantifiable measures such as the revenue or the market share.

6. Communicate the plan

You do not want it to be just you who knows the details of the action plan format that has already been created. You have to communicate with your employees regarding how the tasks in the action plan are going to be executed, as well as what their roles are during the implementation period. You have to clearly explain to your employees how the action plan will fit into your overall business strategy. This way, your employees will understand just how important this is and it will most likely make them perform in a way that you expect them to.

7. Keep the plan alive

Once you are set on the action plan, then you have to guarantee that you stick to the follow-up and measurement process you have outlined. Show your employees that this is something serious as it could be the difference between the success or failure of your business. It is also a way for you to recognize those employees who have met or surpassed the responsibilities that they are tasked with and reward them appropriately.

Make sure that you discuss the action plan regularly so that employees will remember what they have to do and to make sure that the action plan stays alive. If you want, you can ask employees to give you feedback regarding the implementation of these actions so that you can figure out the problems that you can fix immediately.

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