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How to Make a Development Action Plan

Whether you have smart goals that you want to achieve in your personal life or ones that will help you in your career, you have to think about the ways that will help you achieve them. You can’t just approach it haphazardly as that will just lead to a lot of problems.

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This would mean that you have to come up with a plan that will help ensure that you know what you should do, how you should do it, and when you should do it in order to achieve your goals. And, this article is going to help you create an action plan to help you attain whatever goals you have set for yourself.

How to make  a development action plan for yourself

You have goals that you want to achieve, but the problem is that you need to be able to develop yourself first in order to achieve them. So, you need to come with a business action plan that will help you develop yourself so that you will be able to meet whatever goals you’ve set out. Here are the necessary steps that have to follow in order for you to do just that:

1. Know what your goals are

You won’t be able to know what you need to develop if you’re not even sure what your goals are. You have to really think about what it is you are trying to achieve and what will make you happy if you are able to do it. Is it work-related or something that’s for your personal life? Is it goals that you have put aside in the past but you think that you’re ready to accomplish now? You may also like free action plan templates.

Basically, you’re trying to define what is important to you. Just make sure that you fully understand what it is that you want to achieve so that you will know what it is about yourself you are going to have to develop. You may also like training action plans.

2. Understand what you need to develop

When you’ve figured out your goals, the next thing you are going to do is to figure out what it is about you that you are going to need in order to meet them. Do you have any particular skills that will help you reach that goal? Is there anything that you lack that would have helped you out? You may also like project action plans.

Focus on knowing your own strengths first. The thing about this is that by knowing what your own strengths are, you will be able to see what it is you need to keep consistent. Just make sure that whatever strengths that you have chosen to put down in your development plans are ones that can actually help you accomplish your goals. It won’t really help that you’ve listed down the skills you need to become a master chef, but then your main goal is to become someone who is proficient in the theatrical arts.

3. Set a deadline for your development

When you find out what it is you need to develop, then the next thing that you have to do is to set up a deadline for when you have to achieve the goals that you want. Your personal development is the key to attaining your goals, but you may be pressed for time as to when you have to achieve them.

So, you have to come up with a personal schedule that you know you can do when it comes to developing whatever you need. Just make sure that the schedule you have made is one that you can realistically follow as there have been many instances when a person thinks that he can develop what he or she needs in a short amount of time, only to burn out and see that it should have taken much longer than initially thought.

4. Ask for help

If you think that you need help in your own personal development, then you should find people that will help you out.

You just have to be sure that the person that you are going to ask help from is someone who has all of the skills, knowledge, and experience to actually be able to support you. You can always ask for experts to help you out such as a financial adviser to help you with your income and expenses management or a personal coach to help you with your weightlifting. However, you shouldn’t forget that you can also ask your friends or family for help as well. These people understand you and might know just what it is that you lack to help you reach your goals.

5. Measure your progress

When you’ve put everything into action, you’ll need to see if your sample action plan is actually able to help you in your development. You need to know that you’re constantly improving and not just remaining stagnant. If you know that you’re gaining good results in your development, then write it down. If you know that you have a couple of key strengths that are helping you out, then also write those down as this will help you keep track of what it is you need to keep doing to help you with your development.

However, if you see that there a couple of things in your plan that aren’t necessarily working out well, then you’ll need to know what they are so that you can change them immediately. So, if you think that you’re doing something wrong that’s preventing your own development, then change them as soon as you realize them. You may also like risk action plans.

How to make a development action plan for employees

If you’re a manager, then you have to make sure that all of your employees are working to meet company standards. So, if you spot those employees who have been underperforming in the workplace, then here are the steps you should follow to create a strategic action plan that will help you solve this particular problem:

1. Identify the problems that your employees are facing

If you want to help them develop their skills, then you’ll need to know the problems they have that could be possibly preventing them from doing so. This way, you’ll be able to figure out all of the necessary actions that you have to take to make sure that these problems are fixed so that your employees will be able to develop into the people that you and your company need them to be. You may also like strategic action plans.

2. Share your concerns

If you have been able to identify those employees with performance and development issues and have been able to specify what their problems are, then you should set up a one-on-one meeting with them as soon as possible. You need to share with your employees your view about their performance and give them accurate details of the problems they are facing that are holding them back from growing in the company. Remember that during the entire meeting, you have to be respectful and you also shouldn’t say anything to the employee that will allow him or her to file discrimination charges against you. You may also like sales action plans.

3. Set timely and realistic goals

Now that you have understood what problems your employees are facing in terms of development, the next thing will be for you to come up with goals that will allow them to guarantee their development in your company. You have to clearly define what it is your employees will have to do in order to meet the expectations of the company and you have to show them how you are going to monitor and measure their progress so they’ll know that you’re taking this seriously. You should avoid any generalization or wording that could interpret goals in a different way. You don’t want your employees to be confused in terms of what is expected out of them, so just get straight to the point as to what it is you want them to do. You may also like corrective action plans.

Also, it’s best that you give them a timeline of what they have to develop and when they should be developed. There are certain skills that employees will need in order to do a job properly, so you have to guarantee yourself that these employees are able to learn these skills in a manner in which they will be able to do so with an appropriate deadline. You may also like marketing action plans.

4. Include a list of materials the employee will need

You can offer support to your employees by giving them whatever tools they need for self-development. You also want your employees to list down everything that they are using as you’ll need to keep track if these tools is actually beneficial to the employee’s development. You just have to make sure that the employees are aware of the tools that they have and that you are able to help them learn how they are supposed to use them in the appropriate manner.

5. Identify the metrics that will be used to measure their development

This is tricky as there are different methods that you can use depending on how you are helping your employees with their development. Just be sure that you make use of the right metric that will allow you to accurately measure the progress of how your employee is developing. You may also like action plans.

6. State the consequences should an employee fail to meet the development goals

There will always be those employees who may not have the drive to develop themselves, even if it’s required by the company that they do. If they aren’t able to meet the expectations of the company, then that would mean that you will need to take the appropriate disciplinary action. So, let’s say that an employee has failed to meet two of their development goals out of the five, you may then place him or her on a probationary status until he or she is able to develop what’s needed to do his or her job properly. If the employee continues to become a problem and has yet to develop what’s needed even after being under a probation, then you may then proceed with the termination process. If you think that the employee’s talents and skills are much suited for another position, then you always have the option to reassign the employee.

7. Observe the employee and give appropriate feedback

Now that you have been able to tell your employees what they need to do in order to develop themselves, it’s time to see if they’re putting everything into action. You need to keep track of their development progress with the metrics that you have set out in the course of your action plan format and see if these employees are actually improving, or if nothing has changed.

Once you have carefully observed your employees, you must then hold meetings where you discuss their progress with them. If they’re doing rather well, then you may congratulate the employee and, if appropriate, offer them a promotion or any other reward for all their hard work. However, if the employee shows signs of deterioration in terms of development and performance, then you’ll have to think about the best course of action to take to ensure that the employee improves, or you may even decide that it’s best that you get rid of the employee altogether. You may also like business action plans.

8. Go through your action plan and identify the problems

First, you need to know that if the problem is because of the simple action plan or if it’s due to the employee. If it’s the employee, then all you have to do is understand what action you should take to help him or her out. If it’s because of the plan, then you need to identify its problems and alter it to ensure that the employees who follow it are able to develop into what they’re expected to become. Just be sure that you find these problems and fix them as soon as possible.

If you would like to learn more about this particular topic or anything related to it, then all you have to do is go through our other available articles so that you may be able to utilize whatever information that you are able to gather to help you out. You may also like personal action plans.

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