How to Create a Medical Action Plan [10+ Best Examples]


A medical action plan is a document that contains information on how doctors, caregivers and loved ones can proceed if a patient’s health deteriorates. A patient may suffer from chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes or Alzheimer’s that may flare up into attacks without warning. Having a medical action plan in place can help to secure the health and safety of the patient. Here’s all the information you need to be able to create high-quality medical action plans on your own.

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5 Steps to Create a Medical Action Plan

Step 1: Add All Basic Information

This the first thing that any caregiver should look at when tending to the patient. Include the patient’s name, date of birth, phone number, address and comprehensive list of ailments. You should also include any relevant dietary issues or allergies to make your information comprehensive.

Step 2: List All Emergency Contacts

This part helps the caregiver identify whom to call in case of a medical emergency. List the phone numbers (mobile and landline) of both a primary and secondary contact. Include the contact details of the patient’s regular doctor as well as the closest hospital/clinic. remember, this information could save a life.

Step 3: List the Steps to be Followed for All Symptoms

This section is critical, as it will tell the caregiver whether symptoms can be taken care of at home or whether they require a doctor’s attention. Clearly state what is to be done in case of symptoms ranging from mild to moderate to severe – severe symptoms, for instance, may need the caregiver to call an ambulance.

Step 4: Include a Daily Care Plan

Most patients with chronic illnesses require some daily medications, diets and/or exercise routines. Clearly state all details, including relevant timings and where medicines are stored. Mention the appropriate quantities of all foods and medicines and add recipes if needed.

Step 5: Add a List of All Medications with their Prescriptions

This is essential in case the patient has run out of a particular medicine and the caregiver needs to go to the pharmacy to stock up. Include all necessary prescriptions – if you have misplaced any, contact the doctor or clinic to send you a fresh copy. 

10+ Medical Action Plan Templates

1. Mental Health Treatment Plan Template

mental health treatment plan template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


This 6-page template uses a sleek, professional format for a highly editable and convenient way to organize your patient’s mental health treatment plan. The file can be downloaded in A4 or Letter size and is compatible with both Pages and MS Word. You can download the mental health care plan template immediately after paying a small fee online and also circulate it via email or other platforms.

2. Basic Patient Care Plan Template

basic patient care plan template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


This sleek 4-page patient care plan template can be downloaded and edited conveniently on any device that supports MS Word or Pages. It uses a pleasant pale-pink and grey color palette and features business standard fonts for convenient reading and typing. All text is fully editable and header changes will automatically reflect throughout the document.

3. Printable Medical Action Plans

printable medical action plans Download

This set of simple printable daily planner uses a simple format on a white background for you to fill in details like health trackers, medical appointments, daily care plans and emergency contacts. It also features a colorful page where you can track the daily weather by coloring in the appropriate icon.

4. Editable Medical Action Plan Journal

editable medical action plan journal Download

This set of action plan templates uses a quirky font with pink and green designs and lets you log your medications, appointments, family history, care schedules and other details. You can also track your daily moods and make sure that your mental health is in good shape.

5. Simple Medical Action Plan

simple medical action plan Download

This set of sample action plans uses a clean format on a white background and is ideal for those looking after a patient with special medical needs. You can log details such as symptom trackers, care details, emergency contacts and prescriptions. You can also add details of any significant medical incidents that caregivers should take note of.

6. Sample Medical Action Plan Template

sample medical action plan template Download

This set of plan templates uses a stylish minimalist design and cursive font. It lets you log your medical history, past surgeries, doctor’s appointments and emergency contacts. You can also log all immunization schedules, blood pressure trackers and daily habits.

7. Modern Wellness Action Plan Sample

modern wellness action plan Download

This set of action plan templates uses a quirky multi-colored design and lets you log your daily and monthly trackers, vaccination/surgery records, medical contacts, blood sugar patterns and more. It also features a yearly tracker so that you can evaluate your health over a longer period of time.

8. Generic Medical Action Plan Templates

generic medical action plan templates Download

This set of sample daily action planner templates uses colors like turquoise and coffee to create hourly symptom trackers, family medical history, test results, medication inventory and emergency contacts. You can also add communication logs for the conversations you have had with physicians, nurses and other caregivers.

9. Downloadable Health Action Plan Formats

downloadable health action plan formats Download

This simply designed healthcare plan template includes space to track doctor appointments, daily symptoms, test results and important information like power of attorney and living wills. You can also specify any allergic conditions and daily emotion records.

10. Medical Action Plan for Montessori

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 322 KB


This action plan template uses a simple questionnaire format for a Montessori school that obtains information from parents about any allergies or medical conditions that their children may have. You can make copies of these and share them with your child’s school teachers as well as sitters and other caregivers.

11. College Health Action Plan Samples

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 239 KB


This action plan template uses a clean and simple format to enable students to fill in details about the conditions they have, the medications they keep and the emergency contacts to reach if needed. It is useful to have on hand in case the student falls sick and someone else needs to provide him or her with medical attention.

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