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4+ Mental Health Planner Templates – PSD, AI, Word

In life, we must be healthy not just physically, but also mentally. We must always be in our right mind to do things and make decisions that can affect our future. Mental health is often overlooked by many since most people think it’s not as important as physical health. Those who have mental health issues are often mocked and frowned upon by people. It can lead to serious events if these issues are not addressed. You may also see plan samples.

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Mental Health Care Plan Template

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Mental Health Treatment Plan Template

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Mental Health and Wellness Tracker

Mental Health and Wheel of Life Planner

More On Mental Health

Mental health is the area of our well-being that includes the emotional, psychological and social aspect. It affects how we think, act and interacts with other people. Mental health also affects how we handle stress and problems that come along our way. In every stage of our life, mental health is important and plays a big part of who we are. You may also see homeschool daily planner templates.

Problems on mental health can be contributed by factors such as family history, biological factors, trauma, and abuse. Some of the telltale signs of mental health problems are lack of sleep and proper meals, pulling away from people and usual activity, having no energy, hopelessness, thoughts, and acts of self-harm, mood swings, and unexplained pains. If these signs are evident in a person or you are feeling it yourself, take some time to go to mental health doctors. Seeking help is important for people with mental health issues to address their problems. You may also see sample daily planner templates.

What these people need is lots of support and love. That way, they can never think of harming themselves again and they have someone to talk or run to whenever they have episodes of mental breakdown. We need to show our support and help them get back on their feet. We may not entirely understand how they feel, but the care we give can assure them in many ways. If he is not getting a treatment, try to find a way to give him one by seeking medical help. With the right amount of care, love, and support, we can help people with mental health problems live a healthy lifestyle and think positively at all times. You may also see daily action planner templates.

Positive mental health allows a person to realize his full potential. He can maximize his talents and help those in need. It also makes him cope easier with the problems in life by maintaining a healthy mindset. It also cultivates good relationships with others, by always seeing the good no matter how tough the situation is. Positive mental health makes the person more productive in his work since he is always motivated to do more. They are able to make good choices not just for themselves but for the people around them. You may also see daily route planner templates.

Happy Mental Health Planner

Purposes of Mental Health Planners

Mental health planners exist to make a person live a healthy life and think positively. But apart from that, mental health planners save the day for these reasons:

1. Track habits.

Mental health planners allow you to track your habits on a daily and monthly basis. These habits lean more on the positive aspect of your wellness. There should be a frequency for each habit and track how often you have been doing it. You can check it every day or at the end of the month. You’d be surprised at your own progress. You may also see simple printable daily planner templates.

2. Write short notes.

People have thoughts they have always wanted to write. This is harder for people who have mental health issues since it is difficult for them to talk about their situation to other people. Mental health planners include a note section where they can write anything they want to write. This helps them ease the burden their thoughts can give them. You may also see weekly planner samples.

3. Set goals.

Goal setting is important in any planner. It makes people feel motivated to achieve something by the end of the week. In mental health planners, goal setting plays a big role too. It serves as a diversion and motivation for people battling with mental health issues. This gives them fulfillment if the goals are achieved by the end of the time period they chose to set. Each goal should be realistic to avoid discouragement and disappointment. You may also see Health and Safety Plan Templates.

4. Maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Having a mental health planner allows someone with mental health issues to plan what they do and how they would do it. It slowly manifests in their system and enables them to lead a healthy and positive life. You may also see printable day planner templates.

Bullet Journals And Mental Health Planners

Bullet journals have been used as planners for so long. It can also be used as a makeshift mental health planner if you plan to be a little creative and get the muscles in your hands moving. A dash of creative juices can help people relax. Here are some ideas for turning a bullet journal into a mental health planner:

1. Creating a section for post-therapy notes.

If you are undergoing therapy, leave a space in your bullet journal to write about the therapy process. You can divide it into four quadrants and devote each one to the stages of therapy. You can summarize the whole session first before going into post-therapy notes and what to do in the next session. Write down what happened in full detail and never miss anything out. You may also see agenda planner templates.

2. Make a rant box.

Sometimes, an empty space is all we need to vent out our frustrations. In your journal, allow a space for rant boxes. Two boxes for each page would do. In there, write every frustrating thing you had for the day. It can be about anything as long as you can relieve the burden you have inside your heart. You may also see weekly meal planner templates.

3. A huge space for a doodle.

For those who have an inclination with hand-drawn art, leave a big space in your journal for you to doodle on. It helps you ease whatever you are feeling deep inside. Drawing can help in letting out the bad vibes by putting great ideas into illustration.

4. A page for reference.

You need a page of reference to the things you should do when everything is not going well already. You can always go back to this list whenever you need to. You may also see cute daily planner templates.


People with mental health should be taken seriously. Their condition is something we cannot predict. We should give them all the love, care, support and assurance that we could give them. Let’s be on their side on their journey to fully overcoming their illness and become better people. You may also see marketing planner templates.

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