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3+ Performance Work Plan Templates in PDF

A Performance Work Plan helps to identify and know the failures to help meet the specific goals. It makes room for expectations for performance, establishes the definition of success, lays down regular meeting sessions with the employee to discuss their progress rate and the development. The performance work plan helps to improve the quality of the work done, to help meet the targets and reach the goals. It also explains the results of failing to fulfill all of those. If you need to make the performance plan, you may use the plan templates.

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6 Steps to Make a Performance Work Plan

Step 1: Purpose

A performance work plan is made or designed when there is a serious dedication towards the development of the employee and also to help the employee improve and increase the rate of progress. If this is the purpose of the plan, only then is the idea to implement the plan is successful and appropriate. Make sure you want to achieve all of these. If yes, you can go on towards implementing the plan.

Step 2: Make the Draft

After it has been decided for the plan to get implemented, you need to ask the manager to create a draft or a plan of the same. The HR needs to review it once it is done. The plan should include the excepted levels of performance and how the employee needs to make improvements to reach those levels. It will also include how the employees and the employer needs to have regular meetings to reach the goals. It will also include the options that can be chosen if there is any failure in meeting the objectives.

Step 3: Review

Then the HR needs to go for reviewing the plan. HR should review the plan in a manner that detects any bias if present against any employee. Whether the performance issue is clearly stated, the employees are provided with the proper requirements and tools to help improve and do quality work. Therefore this step is solely dedicated to decide and know where the plan is actually useful and can be used and not just a mere plan to terminate an employee.

Step 4: Implement the Plan

After it has been approved by the HR, reviewed, the next step is to meet with the employees and let them know about the plan. There should always be room for the employees’ confusion, reviews, and ideas. Employee feedback is an essential part of this step of implementation. After the discussions, the manager might make the required modifications based on the feedback of the employes.

Step 5: Monitor the Plan Progress

The manager should always make efforts in checking and making sure that the meetings with the employees are scheduled at the proper time and are never missed by anyone. If someone fails to show up, then it becomes the failure on the part of the manager. The progress and growth towards the goals should be maintained and recorded and the reasons behind the failure of achieving those should also be discussed and solved.

Step 6: Plan Conclusion

After all the steps have been carried, the plan can only be said to have been successful is the employee has been successfully able to respond and act based on the plan and can meet the goals. If an employee fails to make the required improvements or even performs worse, then reassignment or the termination should be considered based on certain circumstances.

3+ Performance Work Plan Templates

1. Performance Work Plan Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 107.6 KB


Suppose you need to make a work plan for State Auditor Performance Audit, then here is a sample that you can choose and take ideas from. It has a tabular representation of the description of the work, the status of the work, action steps, the due dates, and the notes. You will be able to make the work plan in a well-designed manner. To make it, you can immediately download the given sample and make the plan. We also have plan templates in Word for you. You can check those out.

2. Simple Performance Work Plan Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 64.7 KB


If you need to make a performance plan for the agriculture department, then here is a file format that you can refer to. It lays down the details like the employee’s name, rating period, organization, duty location, social security number, etc. The entire plan is made in a division of 4 parts. You will be able to make the work plan very easily once you take references from this file. You may also check the plan templates in PDF for other purposes.

3. Performance Management Work Plan Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 175.6 KB


A performance management work plan is not a difficult job if you have a sample to rely on. This is a format that will help you to make the plan. It has sections for the employee’s name, the supervisor’s name, date of the conference. There is also a part dedicated to the description of the job goal and its contribution to the overall mission. You can conveniently make the performance development plan. And the most interesting part is, you will have a section to describe the key areas of responsibility, action plans, and goals. Isn’t it the one that you needed? So get this sample file downloaded and take the references from it to make the plan in a jiffy. We also have plan templates in Google Docs designed for you.

4. Performance Work Plan Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 124.0 KB


If you need to make a performance action plan for improving the oral health outcomes, have a look at this document. There is a section for the targets, the activities. The targets are given based on each year. If you wish to make this work plan, you need to get a hold of this sample and then design the plan accordingly. You can also go and check other work plan templates for other purposes.

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