5+ Strategic Planning Templates

If you’re a businessman or are planning to start up your own business, developing a good business strategy is one of the fundamentals required to succeed. A strategic plan is nothing more than a roadmap that will guide your business on to the path of success. In fact, a strategic plan is a pivotal factor that will ultimately contribute to the success or failure of your business. If you download these useful strategic planning templates, you can be sure that you’ll be on the right track.

strategic planning templates

Create Various Strategic Plans

These Free multipurpose planning templates will allow you to create strategic planning models, strategic planning examples, and will also help you explain the strategic planning process to all interested parties. And as every business is unique, so will their overall strategy. These top free or paid, flexible templates are fully capable to adapting to your personal needs and preferences, acting as the best strategic planning tool.

Achieve all your Strategic Planning Goals

Use these premium strategic planning templates to create a strategic plan outline for your business within the shortest possible time, make use of in-built strategic planning models to increase your efficiency and create a good basis for your decisions with supporting arguments and documents. Use these templates to combine your vision, mission, goals and objectives into a quantifiable document that will lead to proper action.

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Strategic Business Plan Template

If you own a business, then you understand the value of strategic planning more than anyone else does. And that is why you must make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to creating a strategic plan. You can opt for a Strategic Business Plan Template for maximum benefits.

IT Strategic Plan Template

This IT Strategic Plan Template, as the name suggests, is best-suited for the Information technology industry. This particular template comes with a little background about what IT strategic planning is, so, it is also for people who wish to enrich their knowledge base.

Sample Strategic Plan Template PDF

strategic planning for dummies
Planning your strategies when you are running a non-profit organisation is of utmost importance as the mission involved should be accomplished in an effective manner. Also, if you are someone who has been entrusted with the job of developing a strategic plan for a non-profit then you can not only minimise efforts but also save on a lot of time by using a Strategic Plan Template for non-profits.

Strategic Planning Template for Word, PDF

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With a proper strategic plan, all the aspects of a school can be brought on track so that it runs smoothly. With a properly laid out strategic plan, you will be able to outline a direction for your school to move forward along. So, opt for a Strategic Plan Template for Schools and see your school shine.

Free Strategic Plan Template


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> Why do You Need Templates for Strategic Planning?

Whether you are a big business or a start-up, you cannot make yourself prosper without the right strategies in place. Experts believe, a business’s fate depends to a considerable extent on how effective the strategies employed by it to carry out its functions are. And if you don’t know what makes strategies effective then here it is- planning. You need to plan your strategies right to make sure they are not run- of-the mill. Although, many people prefer to create their own plans, you can save a lot of time and labour by using a template. They show you the best way to create a strategic plan. Most of these Strategic-Planning-Templates are available for free download over the internet. So, if you like freebies like most other people do, you can get as many of them as you like. Yes, there are paid options as well, but the fact that they don’t offer extra good quality, gives you a good reason to stick to the free options. All of these templates offer great print quality and save your time which probably went into reprinting them earlier.