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Making a business in the digital age ties up with technology. It is a big part of how the business is built from scratch. We really can’t deny how much of these technology is influencing our lives. When combined with business, it can yield to greater results. With this, tech startups have become a common trend as a business. You may also see Plan Templates.

Tech startups are a big help to people suffering from problems related to technology. These kind of small businesses provide easy solutions to the problems.

As with any kind of business, a tech startup needs a basic business plan to begin with. It serves as the blueprint of the business. It lays out all the terms and conditions of the business, as well as its background and goals for the future. Each part of the business plan aims to convince the investors to take a risk on the business.

Tech Startup Business Plan Template

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Tech Startup Business Plan Sample

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Writing The Tech Startup Business Plan

The writing part of the tech startup business plan is an essential process a business owner should take note of. Everything should be specific and detailed. Here are the steps in writing the business plan:

1. Start with the cover page

The cover page of the business plan should contain the title, name and address of the presenter. The title should be as catchy as possible. The next part after the cover page is the executive summary, which is a little sneak peek on the business that you are presenting.

2. Give background and overview of the business

Explain more about the business when you write the background. You need to include how the business came as it is and what you can offer the market. The overview of the business should only be short as well. You can also read sample business plan templates.

3. State the products and its goals in the market

The products is stated in the third part of the business plan. You must also include the goals of the business in its target market. For example, your business aims to gain more profit in a span of three years. Financial projections are included in this part of the business plan. State how you are going to achieve each goal. Do not forget  to include the marketing and promotions that you need to do for the business.

4. Attach additional documents

Additional documents such as tax returns and government permits can be added to the business plan. You must also edit and proofread the whole business plan before sending it to potential investors. You may also see restaurant business plans.

Startup Business Plan

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Building A Tech Startup Business

Being in a startup business involves a lot of risks. The stakes are higher when it comes to tech startups. One has to really be careful in each step when building this kind of business. Here are the steps in building the tech startup business:

1. See where you fit in

Building a tech startup business is no easy job. You need to have some technical and non-technical skills to use when going into this kind of business. All you have to do is see where you can fit in with the skills you have. Non-technical skills include promoting content in social media platforms, designing mockups, writing advertisements, writing product descriptions, blog writing, researching for public relations material and web copywriting. Technical skills include coding and mastering computer language. If you have either or both kind of skills, list what you can do to get you started with the business.

2. Contact potential customers

Your tech startup helps solve problems related to technology. When you contact potential customers, find out their problem and provide a solution to it. Consider their capacity to pay for the services you give as well. You may also see sample simple business plans.

3. Validate the business idea

As much as business ideas are concerned, it needs to be validated so more inputs can be added. Tell the people you love and your friends about it and see how they react. Their reactions can shape the idea in the best or worst way possible. Pay attention to their inputs. Find some that you can use to revamp the idea. You may also see editable daycare business plans.

Another way to validate the business idea is to find competing products. There is always competition and you should know where your idea stands. This creates a bigger room for improvement and changing some parts of the business ideas that you thought could work out. You need to create a better version of what’s been already released in the market to gain more customers. You can also read sample catering business plans.

4. Look for a technical co-founder

If you don’t have the technical skills in building a tech startup business, it’s time to develop them. This is a long process. You need to post job openings that lists down the qualifications that you are looking for. But keep in mind that in looking for a technical co-founder, he must be hardworking, trainable and possess a good attitude. Startups can get frustrating sometimes especially in the digital age.

5. Build the product

Think about the product that you want to build for your business. From scratch, conceptualize every aspect of the product from its look, services it can offer, and its technicalities. Having a product to offer in mind can give your business the right direction it needs. Since it is a technology startup, it’s always advisable to have some technical background yourself. You can also like small business plan templates.

6. Sell the product beforehand

Before launching the product, you can sell it to potential buyers and investors. Show them the product proposal and how it aims to solve solutions to long standing problems. It is basically accepting pre-orders of your product from the customers. Pitch ideas to potential investors and if needed, ask for some money to push the project.

7. Getting the talent you need

A startup business needs a group of people for it to push operations through. You need to get people to work for you and help you with building the startup. Hire the best talent available and train them with the processes that you have set. Getting the best talent in town is one of the determining factors of a product’s success. You may also see sample small business plans.

8. Marketing effort

Any business would not survive without marketing effort. There are several ways available on how to promote your business. Most of it is done on social media, where people spend most of their time scrolling their news feeds. Marketing has always been one of the best agents in the success of a business. Since tech startups rely on technology, might as well take advantage of what online marketing can offer.


Startups are businesses that are huge yet risky. Knowing what to do and doing it carefully are the keys that can ensure success to the business. Tech startups are really helpful in solving technology-related problems that ordinary people can’t solve. You may also see personal business plan templates.

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