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3+ Training Development Plan Templates in PDF | DOC

A training development plan is a document containing all the various aspects of a training program in detail. In short, it provides a kind of guideline to help the trainees get an idea of what to expect from the initiative. A properly-planned activity will have higher chances of success than one that isn’t. Therefore, we suggest you make an effective development plan for your training program or even if it is an individual development plan for yourself.

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5 Steps for Preparing a Training Development Plan

Step 1: Define Your Goals

An unwavering goal or purpose is crucial for providing a definite direction to your development plan-creation. Keeping this goal in mind, you must formulate steps and procedures that will help you achieve these specific objectives in time and resource-efficient manner. It is even more crucial while preparing a self-training development plan as there will not be an external force to keep a check on your progress.

Step 2: Create a Word File

We suggest you create an MS Word file on your computer for making the plan document. The format is easy to create and you will also be able to edit it multiple times. This makes the file a feasible medium for making quick and useful adjustments to prepare the perfect development plan for your program.

Step 3: Structure of the Document

Adding a suitable structure to the document will make it organized. This will make the task of keeping track of the program’s progress easy. You will also be able to get a quick overview of all the processes with the systematic placement of the elements under specific sections.

Step 4: Detailed List of the Tasks and Time Duration

Provide a detailed list of all the tasks required to be completed to reach the ultimate goal. By dividing the goal into smaller and simpler tasks, you will provide a realistic and doable list of procedures for reaching it. Also, don’t forget to provide an appropriate time duration for each task depending on how easy or tough the task is.

Step 5: Monitoring and Evaluation

It is essential to keep a constant track of the progress being made due to a newly formulated development plan. By keeping track of this progress and a periodical evaluation, you will be able to formulate strategies on improving the planning process for better results. Therefore, make sure you complete this step to create a better development plan each time you upgrade it.

3+ Training Development Plan Templates

1. Training and Development Plan Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 26.9 KB


It is imperative to be well-versed with the different aspects of a training program to prepare a well-documented plan for its development. You can take the help of our pdf sample that provides an elaborate for the purpose. You will get a useful insight into the structure and content in such a document. Our executive development plan template is also effective in preparing such useful plans in a time-efficient manner. You can also have a look at our training certificate templates for making certificates of completion, appreciation and more for awarding your trainees.

2. Training Development Plan Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 65.3 KB


If you’re searching for a simple format for creating a training development plan, you are in luck. We have provided a useful example of a well-structured format that is ready-to-use for creating such a document with ease. Take references from the sample and create a similar one along its lines today. You can also use our professional templates for creating a productive career development plan. If you run a training program, you will find our training certificate in Word format very useful for creating various certificates for the purpose.

3. Printable Training and Development Plan

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 6.9 KB


Are you short on time for creating a training development plan for the evaluation of your employees? Don’t worry. Download our pdf sample to find an easy-to-follow sample to create a similar one in no time. Such evaluations are important to find out the potential and the required skills of an employee to devise effective training programs to improve their work performances. You can use our professional plan templates for creating such plans for training purposes. Then, use our training certificate in Pages format to create useful certificates to award the employees on completion of the program.

4. Formal Training Plan Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 188.6 KB


If you are looking for a guide to understand how a training program is planned and implemented for fulfilling organizational purposes, you can easily take help from the pdf sample provided above. All the important information has been provided in a detailed manner for ease of understanding the matter. Check out our plan templates in Word format for creating effective training program plans for your organization. You can then proceed to make important training certificates to award the trainees on completing the program.

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