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7+ Wall Planner Templates

It’s 2018. Oh, wait. We’re already almost halfway through this year. 5 months and counting, to be exact. But how far ahead are you with achieving the goals you have set for this year, covering the past few months? Were you able to go to the gatherings you have promised yourself and others to attend? Did you meet the deadlines you’ve set for yourself in doing your personal and professional tasks? You may also see free daily planner templates.

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Have you gone to that concert, attended every sample meeting scheduled by both colleagues and friends? Some of us are past the new year’s resolutions that always find their way to the back burner. What we really want and need is a more realistic method for checking and keeping track of our plans, goals and the progress we’re making in reaching and trying to make them happen. You know you’re done with lists and a diary is much too personal sometimes, to write down what needs to be done on a particular date.

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Student Wall Planner Template

Course Leader’s Wall Planner

Business Cycle Wall Planner

You may have noticed that people are finding the use of printed planners helpful in accomplishing what they set out to do at a time and date they should be able to. The question is, do they really work? Are they really that helpful, or just another one of those weak attempts at trying to be organized but miserably failing, all the same? You’ll never know until you try. Or, you may try and do it halfheartedly, in which case you can’t expect it to work, or you do it right and enjoy its benefits. It’s really worth considering. You may also see weekly meal planner templates.

Planners are Better than Your New Year’s Resolution List

Back to the new year’s resolution. You may have been so used to making one of those if you think it helps you become more organized, but starting your year, or carrying on with a paper planner as a more traditional way of being on top of your activities, their sample schedules and everything else that needs to be accomplished has to be done by having a topnotch visual design or layout and a space big enough for making notes, and bullet points for activities, in a place where it can easily be seen by you and everybody else concerned, because most of the time, planners make a good way to show the schedule of activities in an organization or institution.

However, they won’t do much difference in your life, your studies or your small business if you’re not using them. Establishing the habit of checking it regularly and making changes to the notes or updating it, is important and worth the time and effort you’ve put in creating your planner, or wall planner to be more specific.

Stay Organized

Being organized is not a rare skill, but it’s hard to develop if you already have a job and you’re just starting to appreciate the value of getting rid of clutter from many aspects of your life. It helps to stay organized and to start young at it. But if you already have a job and just trying to get the hang out of “adulting,” then having a wall planner is a good way to start.

You may also notice a more colorful, sophisticated version of this at your workplace for the activities that each office or department had planned. Although for some people it hardly goes noticed, it’s still critical for staying on track with their schedules and goals for the next quarter, month or so. It wouldn’t hurt to try that at home, and it wouldn’t hurt to encourage our team to maintain and use it, at work. You may also see agenda planner templates.

Your workload is set to increase and as a result, your responsibilities begin piling up. You’re only human. You have limits, therefore, it would be very difficult to make sure that you’ll get everything covered for a time period and it’s important to keep track of your commitments whether you’re a student, an employee or even when you just plain want to have your life put in order. You may also see printable day planner templates.

Balance Your Life

For sure, you would want to balance many things that come with living, working or studying, from assignments to projects, to paperwork and commitments with friends, family, and life itself. All these will sooner or later take its toll and you’ll be exhausted faster than you’ll realize. You would need to breathe and catching your breathe would take some planning. You may also see weekly planner samples.

Planning, in turn, would take some real organizing and conviction. The best way to do it has that period-long plan on the wall, where it’s easy enough to check and refer to so that you know where you are and whether or not you have missed out on anything. If the goal is not missing out on much at all, then a wall planner, then that’s even better. All you need is a nice layout and a design you would look forward to seeing and updating every day for the whole year or for a few months, depending on what you have set that planner for. You may also see simple printable daily planner templates.

2017 Wall Planner Chart

Rate Card Wall Planner

Tips for Making Your Wall Planner Work

1. Take 5-10 minutes of your precious time daily

Having a regular daily planning session check your tasks for the next day so that your mind works better for what needs to be done. You won’t be forgetting about your schedule, appointments, etc when you look at the wall and see if you were able to do today’s task. While you’re crossing out today’s date, considering the day is done, you’ll be able to see your commitments for tomorrow.

2. Update your planner weekly

You’ve got to do your planning session every week as well. When the week starts, or when you’re preparing for Monday during a Sunday evening, take a look at your plans for the upcoming week. This is a great chance for you to cross or change anything as needed and plan for broader tasks that you can’t put on a specific date just yet, for example, board meetings, presentation at work, conference, catch up with friends, do the laundry. You can also transcribe any information you have put in any of your devices, during the week.

3. A Wall planner has monthly sections. Use them.

Your wall planner, for the most part, works as a calendar and has that huge monthly spread. At least, many are designed like that. You can choose designs depending on what you’re comfortable with when you make your own or just decide to buy ready-made printed ones at a store. The monthly section is where you should write do anything date or occasion that won’t change, like birthdays, anniversaries, dates for paying your dues and bills, etc. You may also see daily route planner templates.

4. You can’t have more than one wall planner.

Except if you have to work and another one for your personal tasks. Still, it’s better to consolidate all your commitments and plans in one place because it’s easier that way. You won’t have to check multiple calendars or planners for just about everything because that would defeat the purpose of trying to stay organized. Instead, you can color-code your way into separating business tasks from personal ones. For example, tasks that are work-related can be highlighted or marked with a red pen to encourage a sense of urgency. You may also see daily action planner templates.

5. Do it with concrete steps

Write legibly and in complete sentences, with verbs to clarify what you need to do. For example, it’s better for you to write down “Call the sales exec to check the meeting schedule” quickly rather than just having “Sales exec” down.

6. Always check your planner

Check your planner regularly and leave it on the wall of your room, and make a copy of the living room if you it’s not too much work for you. A wall planner is on the wall. You don’t just leave it on the shelf somewhere behind company records stored and forgotten. Take a good look at it every time you leave and come home. You may also see homeschool daily planner templates.

7. Don’t stress about filling it up

If the look of a big empty space on paper doesn’t make you feel pressured about having to fill it up, then you’re one of the lucky few. It means you’re not like most people who get so stressed looking at an empty space that they begin to lose interest in their planner. Make your planner a reflective part of your life at a certain time. There would be days, weeks that you’ll find yourself doing so many things but handling it well. Other times will feel a lot emptier by comparison but that’s okay because you would have room to breathe and be prepared for what might be a jam-packed schedule soon enough again. You may also see cute daily planner templates.

AMR Wall Planner Sample

You’ll have to decide whether you’re more comfortable writing down everything as a mode of clearing your head or if you prefer to stick with only what’s relevant to include in your schedule. Some people want designs that also serves as a calendar with enough space for note-taking. The good thing is, whichever you prefer, would still be able to help you have a more organized lifestyle. You may also see marketing planner templates.

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