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90+ Policy Templates – PDF, DOC

In every company, there are bound to be a set of rules that just about every employee are going to have to learn to follow. These would be from the numerous  HR policies and procedures which are implemented to ensure that the workplace remains organized and functions properly. This article is going to teach you how to write company policy which should positively affect your organization.

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>Jury Duty Policy Templates

The Different Types of Company Policies

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with the different company policies that just about every company should have:

These are the different rules and regulations in regards to safety policy that just about every worker can find in their Employee Handbook. With this type of policy, employees will know what they can and should not do to ensure that they and everyone else involved are safe from any environmental or work-related harm.

>Business Code of Ethics Policy Templates

Nondiscrimination Policy is the type of policy that prevents every employee within a company from discriminating a person’s race, color, religion, gender, nationality, or just about anything that one can use to discriminate against another.

Employee Conduct Policy is the conduct of policy tells an employee how he or she should behave while in the workplace. Basically, it’s how a company tries to make sure that every employee adheres to how the company wants to promote its culture.

>Holiday Vacation Policy Templates

Employee Attendance Policy is a policy which heavily focuses on employee attendance. This would talk about how many times an employee can be late before receiving warnings or how many times an employee is allowed to miss work before eventually being terminated.

Vacation Policy would take about the employee’s vacation time. So that includes how many vacation leaves an employee is allowed and what would be considered as misuse of these vacation leaves.

>Smoking Policy Templates

\Workplace fragrance policy are the rules in which how employees are to use fragrances in the office. Basicall these are policy guidelines on what kind of perfume an employee should wear, the kind of scents that are not allowed as it will make others uncomfortable, etc.

>Disciplinary Procedure Policy Templates

While majority of these  Work Rules are hard to create, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. If there’s anythign to help you, then ther are HR Rules Templates you can find anywhere online or even right here on our site that will give you all the information you need to make them.

>Drug & Alcohol Policy Templates

Punctuality Policy would talk about the importance of punctuality of the entire workforce as well as the time you expect your employees to start and end their shifts, along with the consequences should they fail to adhere to the policy.

Remember that you can always create your company’s own sets of rules and regulations by going online and finding things like HR strategy templates as they have what  you need to help you.

>Harassment Policy Templates

Fraternization Policy is the kind of policy that will prevent those in the workplace from fraternizing with each other. This would mean preventing all employees from forming relationships would anyone that could potentially ruin the image of the company or its performance.

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy should be pretty obvious, but this is a policy where it strives to prevent all forms of violence within the workplace from occurring. This acts as a means of prevention to ensure that nobody in the workplace is harmed from potential violent acts.

>Overtime Policy Templates

Overtime Policy is created by just about every company to discuss with all employees regarding how overtime is done. It’ll touch on important matters such as whether or not an employee is allowed to do overtime or how much an employee will be paid for overtime.

Work Hours and Reporting Policy will discuss with your employees regarding just how many work hours they are required to provide the company, as well as how they will report when they arrive and when they end their shift. These are all very important so that employers can keep track on the hours that their employees are working.

>Training Policy Templates

Employee Suggestion Policy is the kind of policy you should come up with at the same time you’re making the Employee Training Plan. During the training session, you can discuss this policy with the employee regarding how they can share their suggestions and what kind of suggestions will be tolerated and considered by the company.

>Policy Templates

Remember that ever Human Resources aren’t exempted from the policies. They have policies in which they are required to follow procedures when it comes to handling  HR Payroll Form or even Hr Resumes to ensure that everything in a company runs smoothly.

>IT Policy Templates

Computer Use Policy is mainly for those professions that use computers on a daily basis. This prevents them from using the computers for anything other than business related matters and it tells the employees what they’re allowed to do with the computers and their limitation.

Internet Usage Policy is going to need this policy as just about every one of them has internet which their employees can access. This will limit what the employee can do on the internet while they’re at work to ensure that important company information is kept safe from competitors.

>Loan Policy Templates

Shipping Policy Templates would take about how employees are to handle shipping. Think of it like a Loan Agreement where the party who is providing the loan needs to adhere to certain rules if he/she wants the loaned money back. So basically, it talks about how things are shipped and what to do upon shipment of goods.

>Attendance Policy Templates

Accident Policy is an office, there are bound to be a couple of accidents that could potentially happen. So when they do, this policy will come in handy as it will tell employees what to do in the event of an accident, as well as how they should go about in reporting and submitting the details of the accident to their higher-ups.

Time off to Vote Policy comes a time where employees will need to take time off from work in order to vote. So this policy will discuss how much time an employee is allowed as well as what should happen if the employee were to abuse it.

>Policy Templates in Word and PDF

The Importance of Having Company Policies

First, the policies of a company are one of the best ways to ensure that every person has a set of rules to follow. For instance, it will tell those in Human Resources how to handle HR Interview Forms or it can tell employees how they will go about in creating HR Letters in a proper manner.

>Different Types of Free Policy Templates

Next would be that it makes sure that these employees understand what they can do and what they cannot do while they’re working for your company. So if you have a policy which points out that HR Checklist are not to be tampered with unless required (and this can also be stated in the HR Agreement), then most likely employees won’t do it.

>Types of Policy Template Format

Another is that it will tell employees the consequences should they fail to heed these consequences. There are a ton of HR Forms that should provide your employees with information regarding what should happen. If you would like to write down what these consequences are but no idea as to what they should be, then you can always make use of HR Templates & Forms that you can find here on our site to give you an idea.

>Policy Templates in PDF

Next is that it will tell them the procedures that all employees are required to follow upon conducting certain activities. Let’s say that managers which to hire a candidate for a position. These managers are going to have to take a good look at the Hiring Policy to ensure that they’re following the right procedures. If you want to know what kind of procedures should be written in certain policies, then you can always make use of  Procedure Templates to help you.

>Leave Policy Templates

Lastly, it will give you and your company a sense of security knowing that employees will have to follow rules that will prevent them from doing anythign that will harm your business. So if you want to make a policy based on how employee’s must record their shifts or when they can file their leaves, then all you have to do is go through Employee Record Templates and Leave Letter Templates that will give you an idea as to what you should put into your company policies.

>Policy Template Samples

More Details on the Different Company Policies

Human Resource Policies is what every company has to make to ensure that those in charge of hiring, training, assessing, and rewarding are following a set of rules and guidelines that will make sure all employees gained or trained are ones with high value.

Grievance Policy  will address how an employee may submit any complaints, concerns, or problems that he or she is experiencing at work. This is a good way for employers to make sure that these grievances are only work-related and it will allow them to handle these situations in a much easier fashion.

>Business Policy Templates

Business Policy are the rules which mostly apply to those who are the top level of the company. This talks about how significant issues which have a huge effect on the company are to be handled and how important decisions that will change the landscape of the entire company are made.

Marketing Policy will talk about how a company’s marketing is to be done. This would mean only using the materials that are of the quality that they’re expected to be in, as well as how to promote these products to the masses.

>Company Policy Templates

Remember that when you’re Writing a Company Policy, you have to treat it as if it were an HR Questionnaire where you have to list down all the important things that have to be covered. So make sure that you don’t miss out on any important details that you want to provide in every single company policy that you make.

>Policy Word Templates

If your company decides that it has to Make an Email Policy, then the first thing that comes to mind is what an employee can and cannot send through company emails. This would cover things like that and others such as the employee’s not being allowed to send obscene images, only being able to use the email for personal matters from time-to-time, etc.

Employee Evaluation Policy is for managers and supervisors as they’re the ones who are in charge of actually handling employee evaluations. This policy will tell them how they will go about in evaluating employees, telling them what they are supposed to do and what they shouldn’t do while evaluating.

>Security Policy Templates

Remember that you have to take into account the Policy Gap Analysis. What this means is that you have to remember that each employee has their own individual responsibilities wherein you have to make sure that the policies do not impede with any of them. So let’s say that you’re making Email Policy Rules, you have to make sure that all employees are able to use their employees in an equal manner no matter what position they are in.

>Travel Policy Templates

There’s a Policy Memo regarding just how much time off an employee is allowed to have. What this talks about is the amount of days that employee is allowed to take time off and what will be considered as time off abuse should the employee continue to go past the allowed number.

>Return Policy Templates

This is the policy that will talk about how employees are to use company vehicles. If you’re going to make this, then be sure it contains information regarding how the vehicles should be used, how much employees will be reimbursed for mileage, etc.

Theft Policy No company will tolerate stealing in the workplace, so this policy will come in very handy to ensure that all employees know that any kind of theft that will take place and is proven in the office will be subject to immediate termination.

>Environmental Policy Templates

How to Create Company Policies

Now that You know how the different types of policies and their importance, the next thing you’re going to have to learn is how to make them. So here are the steps you should follow:

Identify the Need of the Policy

You don’t just create a policy out of nowhere, there has to be a reason for it. So let’s say that you’ve received a ton of Environment Complaint Letters stating that your company has to fix how it handles projects that damage the environment. This would mean you’re going to have to create a policy which tells employees regarding the matter, as well as providing them with rules and regulations to prevent more complaints.

If you want to learn how to make environmental complaint letters, then you can always check out our Environmental WordPress Templates.

>Social Media Policy Templates

Point Out the Goal of the Policy

Once you’re done knowing the need for the policy, the next thing you’re going to have to do is share with your employees about the policy’s goal. So let’s say that you’re Writing a Corporate Social Media Policy to ensure that employees are able to use social media in a way that will make your company have a strong image. Or that you’re making Corporate Email Usage Policy so that employees will only be able to send well-made emails for business related matters. You’re going to have to clearly point out those reasons within the policy.

>HR Policy Templates

>Privacy Policy Templates

Gather Enough Information That Will Help You Create Your Policies

Let’s say that you want to state that all employees will need to follow HR Guidelines and that you want to have it all properly writtend down in the Employee Handbook & Manual. You won’t exactly be able to do that if you don’t have enough information to help you out. While you can always make use of policy templates that you can find on the internet, it’s best that you just use them as a reference for creating your own policies as there may be certain things that you want to cover that are not on the templates you’re using.

Develop and Write the Policy

Let’s say that you want to create a policy regarding the Quality Control Plan and how employees will create Quality Reports on the different products available in your company. You have all the information you need and you’ve already assessed the goals that the policy should achieve, the next step would be writing the policy in a way that every employee will understand its purpose. Speak directly to the people who will be reading, enforcing, and living by the policy. Just remember that not every policy is able to cover all contingencies, just make sure it covers the important ones.

Whether you’re making an Employee Email Policy regarding how employees are to send emails or a Privacy in the Workplace Policy reminding employees about the rules of privacy within the workplace, you have to make sure that you go through them to ensure that you don’t miss out on including important information, as well as ensuring that there are no grammar or spelling errors. You want your policies to be as professional as possible and you want to be sure that it covers everything that it needs to, so take a little bit of your time to go over it once or twice.

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