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9+ Holiday Vacation Policy Templates – PDF, Word

Both big and small businesses have had their equal share of challenges when it comes to managing vacation leave requests from their workforce. There is a risk of being understaffed because employees want to take the same days off from work, especially during the holidays to be with their families. That is something that any company should anticipate. It is important to set the necessary provisions to make sure that expectations are met on both sides of the fence.

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This article will help tackle some of the most helpful vacation templates for managing your company holiday vacation policies. It is a must for every organization, private and public, to get these types of policies in place so that they can avoid profit losses and employee dissatisfaction, that is, if you want to keep your place in the industry.

Vacation Policy Template

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Policy for Vacation Leaves and Holidays

A company’s employee handbook should always clearly state how people should earn their time off and vacation leave credits. Whatever the basis of the number of days they can take off from work in a year or a month should be explained upon hire date or contract agreement even if the employee doesn’t ask the right questions regarding their eligibility for this type of benefit. See sample templates below.

Vacation Leave Holiday

It is not really unusual to have a holiday time off policy for special reasons. Many employers, especially in the retail and customer service industry, require their team to be present during the year’s biggest holidays since they need “all hands on deck”, and it’s business as usual, unless you want to ignore the fact that these dates are usually the most profitable ones. Do you want to lose the chance of gaining what could be the company’s biggest profit for a day in a year and be understaffed for Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Didn’t think so.

Most of the time, employees realize too late that they have more vacation time rightfully earned but didn’t take advantage of. The rules for these carry-over vacation leaves for the following year should be defined as clearly as possible, making sure that the employee understands it. There are companies that allow a strictly “no carry over” policy, but then there are also others that would allow a limited amount of unused accumulated leave credits. If you can afford the latter, good for you.

If not, then it’s no big deal if it was clearly stated in the company policy. Companies should remember that it is more important to encourage the employees to use their earned holiday vacation leaves—all of it, and not one day wasted. In applying these policies to your workforce, everything should be fair and consistent for both sides and it is always best to put agreements between employees and employers in writing, for obvious reasons. The template available can help you. You may also like travel policy templates.

Time Off, Holiday and Vacation Policy

Aside from paid vacations and holidays, sometimes, businesses allow employees to take what could be considered as “personal time off” to attend to personal errands or transactions. These may include or involve medical attention for an ailing member of the family, court attendance for a jury role, military reserve training, and, in the worst cases, a death in the family. Make sure to balance offering this benefit with how much time off from work the company can manage or afford to lose from them, in your program and whatever’s on the competition’s table. Compare, analyze, then decide. See template below. You may also like quality policy templates.

Vacations and Leave Policy

Just how much vacation time can a business set aside for its front liners? When it comes to holidays, there are major ones to take into account when deciding what type of vacation policy to set because there are quite a number of them in a calendar year. We have the New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day and Fourth of July, to name a few. Most companies, if not all, recognize these holidays.

The headcount should already be anticipated ahead of those dates and you can only do that if you have developed the appropriate policy for your employees. In addition, most companies allow a certain number of days for vacation and holiday, based on the employee’s tenure. Length of service plays a crucial part in providing paid vacation leave benefits and the number of days increases when the employee’s tenure in the company also rises up. You can check the template below as a sample. You may also like policy templates.

Holiday Policy and Program

A report from the Center of Economic and Policy Research analyzing vacation policies in more than 20 developed countries states that these countries have certain laws that had employers offering between 10 and 30 paid vacations in one year—every country, that is, except for the United States. It’s safe to assume that Americans have very little time off from work, paid or otherwise and this has been the culture for a long time. Allowing time off from work can add pressure to the team. It may even cause a shortage of expected headcount on certain days and will, therefore, be challenging for the management team. You may also like company policy templates.

Depriving employees of a vacation policy, on the other hand, would create employee dissatisfaction. That would be a major blow to your productivity waiting to happen like a ticking time bomb. Organizations have proved to be on the lowdown with employee burnout. Studies say that 37 percent of working dads would consider the option of a new job on a lesser paycheck if they can have a better work-life balance. You may also like business policy templates.

Vacation Policy and Pointers

According to a study released in 2013, there is an average  3.2 paid time off days unused in 2013. It left 429 million unused days for U.S. workers, which is a staggering number. Based on the same study, most companies recognize the importance of a holiday vacation for the improvement of workforce production and the boosting of employee morale in the workplace.

It is healthy for both the company and the worker, but almost 34 percent of survey respondents said that their employer neither encouraged or discouraged taking advantage of paid vacations. An almost conflicting 17 percent of managers also considered employees who use all the holiday leave credits they earned to have less commitment to work. You may also like policy memo templates.

Employees are allowed to unplug and recharge for them to have a chance at a fresh, clean slate at work, once in a while. For some self-imposed or management-imposed subconscious reasons, people have seemed to succumbed to not using the time off from work which they are entitled to in the past few years. That’s not healthy, and it begs for companies to take more effort in making their employees understand the vacation policy they set. All the more reason to revisit that paperwork and communicate it to the team during important meetings. You may also see leave policy templates.

Vacation Policy Advisory

Those who didn’t take vacations for five consecutive years were found to be 30 percent more prone to heart attack than those who go on a week-long holiday off from work each year in a study of 13,000 middle-aged men, at risk for heart diseases. It’s pretty simple. When a worker takes time off from work, he or she comes back energized and more inclined to do his or her tasks. With the proper guidelines set for these vacations, employers can almost be sure of a win-win situation. After all, employee satisfaction generates all-time high results for a business. You may also like privacy policy templates.

Learn the proper procedures. Set a deadline for vacation leave requests. The challenge can also lie in employees queuing in frustration over last-minute requests that were disallowed. Stand your ground and be consistent when it comes to deadlines. Deadlines are deadlines, so you should let them know that any requests beyond the date set would be rendered invalid. You may also like punctuality policy templates.

Holiday Vacation Policy Guide

The date and time of approval process should also be clear. Leave requests, by whom, the reason behind and how it will be approved should be included. When it comes to major holidays, employers often require the requests to be submitted earlier in the year, so that they can accommodate as many as they can and plan according to the expected headcount. These requests are often set on a “first come, first served” basis because as much as you want to, you can’t simply allow them all to take a holiday on the same dates at once. You may also see workplace policy templates.

Vacation Schedule Policy


It’s also about avoiding errors. While there are many jobs that do not involve handling money directly like the one in banks, every job still has enough potential risks for employee errors. Having one employee out for a week or so would allow the management to check problems before they escalate. A risk, after all, is still a risk. You may also like loan policy templates.

In another study, a corporate balance sheet states an added argument for companies to make sure that vacation owed to employees are used. When employers earn or accrue vacation time then decide not to take them, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture on the company’s record.

It could amount to be a liability, especially when there are a number of employees concerned. Encouraging employees to use the days they earned for vacation puts the company in a better financial position. With the right policy in place, your company’s ship should be smooth sailing, all hands on deck to boot. You may also like IT policy templates.

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