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According to the International Chamber of Shipping, almost 90% of global trade is handled by the international shipping industry. Indeed, shipping plays a major role in the world economy, so much so that the modern world simply would be unimaginable to exist without it. The scale to which the international export and import of goods being transported also cannot be achieved any other way except through shipping. As maritime trade continues to grow, bringing benefits for global consumers, the demand for competitive freight costs is just as massive. For many years, shipping didn’t only strengthen our mode of transportation between oceans, it also became a stronghold of the world economy as a whole. And, because transporting goods is most effective when done by sea through cargo ships and because of growing economic liberalization, experts forecast a continued growth with the shipping industry, which in turn, will also strengthen the trade industry itself. You may also see the security policy templates.

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Merchant ships internationally are bordering around 50,000, transporting a cargo of every type of goods that can be sold. In over 150 countries, the world fleet is registered and maintained by over a million shipmen, representing almost every nationality in the world. Over the course of history, men have been known to cross vast oceans to travel, explore, discover civilizations and believe it or not, trade exclusive treasures from whence they come, forging business bonds before they even came up with the right rules of exchanging goods with each other. Trade may have existed for as long as a man has known how to build ships. And man built ships be it for battle, for survival for travel and exploration, since their existence. From Noah’s Ark to Magellan’s discoveries, ships and even fleets were not alien to men’s early existence. You may also see the policy templates.

However, it hasn’t been until a few decades ago when vessels at sea carried goods instead of people and developed an industry that since then, have become the backbone of a world economy. We see tankers, bulk carriers, and container or cargo ships today, without really realizing that they serve as the most vital means of transportation, carrying goods worth billions of tonnes along major trade routes, operating faster than the rest of us can keep up with. You may also see the company policy templates.


The use of the container to accommodate goods being transported in isn’t really a new idea. Carriers weren’t exactly unheard of. In England, combined rail- and horse-drawn transport already existed as early as 1792. In the United States, the government used some regular small-sized containers which proved to be an efficient and smooth way for unloading and distributing supplies in camps, to the soldiers during World War II. The old tankers left over from the war then became the first shipping container vessels since the ships could carry a little less than sixty twenty-foot shipping cargo. Compared to those blessed tankers of the war, their modern day equivalents can hold up to 18,000 twenty foot containers which are really a massive improvement. You may also like the return policy templates.

It wasn’t until 1955 however, that a certain trucking businessman from North Carolina purchased a steamship company, planning to transport a truckload of trailers containing cargo. He then discovered the simpler and faster way of having one container lifted from a vehicle directly loaded on a ship without taking out its contents. This idea was based on the theory that was known later on as the system of “intermodalism” in which a container having the same cargo can easily be transported with lesser difficulty through different means in its journey. This is because containers could easily be loaded an unloaded between vehicles, and vessels including ships, thereby allowing a simpler way for the whole logistics process. The idea went on to become a revolutionary method in the transportation of cargo and international trade for the next fifty years. You may also like the privacy policy templates.

The past few years have shown shipping to be a growth industry, with the rest of us bearing witnessing to the gross tonnage increase of the world fleet, by the hundreds of thousands, even millions of tonnage every year thus far. Since the economic downturn of 2008, shipping has proven to be a growth industry witnessing the increase in gross tonnage of the world fleet by millions of tonnage every year. The interdependence of world economies became even more obvious since the global economic downturn in late 2008, affecting any mode of transportation, land sea, or air, in international trade, which was, of course, an expected result given the scale by which the economy had gone on the lowdown. You may also see the HR policy templates.

With an increasingly global economy, the demands for higher volumes of cargo in shipment being carried in the least amount of time possible also continues to grow. The need for massive vessels that are able to carry amounts of goods in numbers that are just as massive, into shipping containers, is at an all-time high, benefiting many areas in world economy on a grand scale, from import to export of every type of merchandise you can name, with raw materials to boot. What we need is just a helpful policy from companies that would help carry out shipments of consumers who especially likes to shop online. Add that to the trade policies set by the government, then we’re all set if the companies and the government find a common ground which will compromise neither the businessmen nor the customers. You may also see the printable business policy templates.

Even seafarers will tell you that container shipping is the most effective mode of shipping freight across routes in the ocean, for obvious reasons. With its obvious importance to maritime operations, the rise of the said method had seen the marine sector into heights the likes of which has never seen before, in maritime history. Cargo vessels are indeed the largest vehicles ever made, providing a very efficient means of cargo transport, especially if you are working for a global company, packaging goods that would be shipped to the other ends of the world, almost every day, by the hundreds. It is also the friendliest form of the transport of goods, to the environment, especially that there are about 20 million shipping containers traveling through the seas with about 55,000 merchant vessels holding cargo across the globe. By far, then there are three largest fleets in the world; Germans, reeks and the Japanese, and you’re looking at ships valued at over $200 million US Dollars for building costs. That makes them as some of the most expensive transport vehicles in the world. You may also like the company policy templates.

All over the world, there are about 1.5 million working in the global shipping industry, with Filipinos making up 250,000 out of the 1.5 million employed as seafarers since they are noted to be the most popular nationality in the industry. Unfortunately, roughly 2,000 workers live every year, with two ships being lost at sea on average, for reasons not limited to weather conditions at sea. There are still pirates in the ocean, holding seamen and their ships hostages, and most of them literally get away with murder, being unknown and seafarers being far from their government’s jurisdiction to ask for punishment. Even so, being a seafarer remains a challenging, exciting and stable enough career for many a man around the world, who finds the ocean both a “playground” and a mystery. You may also see the HR policy templates.

The United States also depends on the shipping industry for the delivery of about two-thirds supply of its oil. America, like the rest, isn’t an oil-rich country, for all its splendor. Over 350 commercial ports in the country are operating with the $1.73 trillion dollars worth of products (a figure estimated in 2011), entering the country every year, with around five percent of the 17 million containers being inspected. The worldwide average for the inspection of shipping contents is between 2-10%. The shipping containers undergo a search and inspection so that the government authorities can make sure no contraband is being transported, or that a certain company followed the shipping policies or not. Then again, shipping containers are still a very popular way to transport goods that are illegal, around the world, since the percentage of goods being checked properly for shipment, is still very low. You may also like the quality policy templates.

Strategies and policies are important for companies who transport their goods around the world or across states and borders. Without a shipping strategy and a clear set of rules for shipping and handling, one could end up losing profits in business. And, even then you still can’t ensure good enough returns if you are choosing the wrong shipping partner. Modern day customers are very partial. When it comes to their satisfaction, shipment means a lot. Delays are unacceptable as far as they are concerned, that is why it is important for them to understand the rules of shipping and handling in your business. Shipping regulations are developed globally, and rightfully so.

National Shipping Policy

The Role of Trading Policies

UN Trade and Development

The fact that shipping is inherently international, it is important that the whole industry be accountable to the law, especially for safety, construction and quality standards of the employees or the crew in maritime operations. There is no alternative to following the rules but massive trouble awaits which could lead to distortion of commercial goods and abuses of customs regulations around the world if we are being honest about possible implications. You may also see the policy templates in pdf.

To imagine a world without ships is impossible because without the transportation and other services they continue to provide, we would never know the heights we are enjoying today in the trading of goods with other countries around the world. You may also see the overtime policy templates.

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