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6+ Telecommuting Policy Templates – PDF, Word

There are always times where we would just want to be at home. We want to be home because of a number of reasons; the bedroom is there, water and food are served, television and probably your favorite books are there for you to read during past time. But, as we get older, we are given the responsibility to work so that we would maintain those necessities at home. This is where we would begin our day waking up, eating and taking a shower until we finally go the office to officially start our labor. As we are busy doing our jobs, some people would still think of their home and later on would ¬†think “If ever there is a chance I could do this at home, I would be so glad.” You may also see HR policy templates.

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If you’re that kind of person, there are companies that can give you that kind of work through one of their policies and that is their Telecommuting Policy. To know and learn more about the telecommuting policy, continue to read this article as we will guide you little by little and show you some templates of the said policy to have a clearer vision on what the policy, who has the power that could let you work at home or anywhere outside of the office, really looks like. We will also mention its advantages and disadvantages. You may also see company policy templates.

Telecommuting Policy Template

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School Telecommuting Policy

Telecommuting Agreement Policy

What is Telecommuting?

To better understand the telecommuting policy itself, we must first understand what is telecommuting. Telecommuting is a work arrangement between an employer and his or her employee where the employer would grant that his employee would work outside of the office or from home only. It is basically a working at home concept. How does one do this? The answer to that question is through technology. As everything is becoming digitalized right now, so is work. Those who are working at home, they would not have a hard time submitting outputs or doing their company’s services because wifi, email, and telephone are already present in the respective homes of the employees. What seemed like an impossible thing to do before for a company, are finally real now in the modern technological world. You may also see security policy templates.

Telecommuting Requirements

Telecommuting Policy and its Parts

Since we already know what is telecommuting, let us now dive deeper if this term begins to be a policy to a company and what comprises of such a policy. You may also see writing a company policy.

1. Introduction

In everything we say or write, there has to be an introduction. Introductions are a statement of something important or would give an insight into what really is the matter at hand. Every policy starts with an introduction so that the employees would know what the company takes concern of regarding the policy and its purpose. With you knowing already what is telecommuting, you won’t have a hard time writing this part. You may also see policy templates.

2. Scope

This is where in the policy it would state who are accounted for this Policy. It is then important that whoever drafts this policy would be specific in naming who are the people that are required to follow the policy. In being specific, it will avoid misunderstandings and smoother transactions would be manifested. You may also see IT policy templates.

3. Definitions

To understand a certain policy, you must also make the terms understandable. That is why in this section of the telecommuting policy, it should define terms that are not so familiar to everyone that is going to be repeated over and over again in the policy as one will read on. For this type of policy- define the words telecommuting, off-site work, home-based work and the like. You may also see business policy templates.

4. Policy Procedures

Since this policy is like an agreement between the company and the employee, the employee should know the necessary steps to ensure that he will have to take his/her office to his/her house and work there and still get paid. With this kind of agreement, it is expected that one should write request for a form in the Human Resource Department as they would also guide the employee.

5. Eligibility Requirements

If one is already part of the company’s scope, he or she is eligible. With that, he or she should further complete and obey the requirements that are to be passed or followed in order to successfully bringing the office to home. You may also see social media policy.

Telecommuting Policy Form

Writing a Telecommuting Policy

Advantages and Drawbacks in Telecommuting

No matter how good one thing seems to be, there will always be drawbacks to it. The Telecommuting agreement or policy is not an exception. Below we will first state the obvious advantages in telecommuting as well as its drawbacks. You may also see overtime policy templates.

Advantages are:

  • Long commutes do not exist. This means that employees would not have to travel so far just to work hard and get things done. Traffic can really spoil someone’s good mood in the morning and this could affect his/her work and how he/she performs. You may also like attendance policy templates.
  • Cost does not exist as well. Unless if you want to buy something to serve as a snack while you’re working at home, you won’t have to spend any other things unlike how you spend for transportation, coffee (if your company does not serve one), lunch and the like. Being at home won’t cost you a dime. You may also see a conflict of interest policy templates.
  • Work and Life Balance. If one is home and is working there, it would not be so hard for him or her to go back to his/her personal needs and wants in life. One would spend more time with his/her family because of the fact is that he is just at home and he would not be too tired in spending time with them since one did not face heavy traffic because one was at home the whole day. You may also see general safety policy templates.

Drawbacks are:

  • Less personal communication with co-workers. This is a setback that can definitely affect the social skills of one individual with his co-employees. Personal communication is important because this is needed if ever a group needs to come up with a plan that could benefit the company. You may also see re-hire policy templates.
  • Availability of the benefit. Telecommuting cannot be given to everyone in a company. If you’re one of the lucky people who was granted with such, others might tend to be jealous of you and would create a grapevine communication between you and the company. Hearsay can lead to a damaged reputation of a person or of a company. You may also see guidelines for policy templates.

Telecommuting of a University

What to Remember

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of telecommuting, it is important for one to evaluate himself or herself if he or she would want to work in a telecommuting company. People are different and that is a known fact. That fact alone can lead us to understand that some people would want to work in the office and others would prefer just to be at home as they can be more productive. It is all about assessing the self and be aware of the place one would really perform well at. You may also see free policy templates.

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