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How to Create a Presentation [10+ Templates]

Speeches, lectures, seminars, and demonstrations are not complete without a matching visual aid. And in the digital age, the best visual aid comes in the form of slideshow presentations. In this article, we will teach you the basics of creating good presentation designs and we will also show editable examples of presentation templates.

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7 Steps on How to Make a Presentation

For an effective and engaging speech or lecture, memorizing and understanding your talk’s content is essential alongside the use of good presentation designs. Below, we have compiled an easy-to-follow guide for making your own slideshow visual aids.

Read and internalize all these steps first before attempting to start your own slideshow designs. Do not forget to keep on practicing until you grow more confident in making PowerPoint or Keynote presentation files.

Step 1: Determine what kind of speech or talk you are giving.

The first step in making a slideshow presentation is to determine what kind of speech, lecture, seminar or talk you are giving. This is important because the content and design of your presentation should match the purpose and topic of your talk.

Step 2: Choose and download a presentation design template.

For a quicker and easier presentation-making process, it is best to use a pre-made presentation template. Numerous examples are shared below so pick a design and download the template design that best matches your presentation topic and content.

Step 3: Open Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote and start editing.

Next, open either MS PowerPoint or Apple Keynote and start editing your downloaded template from there. For example, if you have downloaded the best PowerPoint presentation template, you should use Microsoft PowerPoint in editing it. When editing, make sure to replace all placeholders will your own text and images.

Step 4: Add animations and slide transition effects.

After customizing your chosen slideshow presentation template, it is now time to format each slide. This means you need to add the right slide timing, transition effects, and audio effects. A tip: If you want a formal business presentation, avoid adding distracting audio effects.

Step 5: Conduct a test run of the entire presentation.

After making all these customizations, it is now time to conduct a slideshow presentation test run. This is where you try to deliver your speech, lecture, or talk alongside the completed visual aid. You can do this on your own or with a trusted observer who will help point out any issues with the slideshow presentation and with your speaking skills.

Step 6: Save the final presentation design.

If warranted, make changes to the presentation design and to your speaking method. Depending on the presentation software that you have used, follow its recommended storage methods. You may save the MS PowerPoint file directly on your computer or you may need to export it to flash drive.

Step 7: Get ready for your presentation.

Presenting in public can be stressful. But nothing can beat someone who has diligently prepared for such a task. Keep on practicing along with your completed visual aid until that fateful day comes.

And that’s it! Use the short presentation-making guide shared above as a way to prepare yourself for an upcoming talk, lecture, or speech in the best way that you can. Don’t forget to check out all the free and premium presentation templates below.

10+ Presentation Templates

Shared below are multiple examples of presentation templates in PowerPoint and Keynote file formats. Choose the template design that best suits your business and personal needs.

1. Makeup Artist Presentation Template


The Makeup Artist Presentation Template is a  modern presentation template that anyone in the beauty and wellness industry may use to introduce business ideas, project proposals, and new product lineups. By replacing all image placeholders with your own company’s original photographs, this PowerPoint presentation design will become more unique.

2. SEO Presentation Design Template


The SEO Presentation Template (shown above) is a multipurpose business presentation template that can be used by any company or organization. Choose this template when you are in need of a pre-formatted slideshow template that you can easily redesign to match your company’s product and/or service pitches.

3. Cool Powerpoint Presentation Template


The Cool Powerpoint Presentation Template (embedded above) owes its name to the relaxing blue, grey, and white color palette used all throughout the presentation design. This template design can easily be edited to match whatever color combinations you wish to use. Do not forget to first check a color chart to determine if your chosen slide colors complement each other or not.

4. Creative Powerpoint Presentation Example


The Creative Powerpoint Presentation Template (featured above) is perfect for those who wish to employ a lot of negative space throughout their slideshow presentation. With this presentation template design, you are free to use single photos as a slide or combine them with little blocks of quotes and text.

5. Family Tree Presentation Template


Are you a teacher who needs to explain heredity and genetics? If yes, then the Family Tree Presentation Template (shown above) may be up your alley as it features a simple genogram that high school students can easily understand.

6. Gantt Chart Presentation Sample


Creating actual Gantt charts can be complicated enough. So if you just need to incorporate an existing Gantt chart design to your lecture or talk, then try using the Gantt Chart Presentation Template (embedded above). This free PowerPoint presentation template comes with all the trappings of a Gantt chart without the associated chart-making stress.

7. Army Presentation Example


The Army Presentation Example Template shared above is a good slideshow template for talks and proposals involving the security, military, and heavy equipment industries. This professional PowerPoint presentation template comes with free images, icons, artwork, and illustrations so you may now replace them. But if you want to truly transform this template into your own, just make sure that you use high-resolution images.

8. Medical Presentation Template


As its name implies, the Medical Presentation Template (featured above) is best used for presentations in the medical and allied health field. Doctors, nurse clinicians, veterinarians, and health policy-makers will find this pre-made educational presentation template easy to edit and personalize.

9. Music Presentation Example


The Music Presentation Example Template is a free powerpoint presentation template that anyone may download and customize to match whatever kind of talk, speech, or demonstration they are about to give. With its current built-in design, it is best used as a music event or project proposal template.

10. Wedding Presentation Template


The subtle pinks and greys used in the Wedding Presentation Template (shown above) is perfect for those who want an elegant yet fun wedding reception presentation slideshow. Also, you do not need to worry if your wedding color isn’t pink. This presentation template can be quickly edited to match your preferred color motif.

11. Personal Powerpoint Presentation Template


Need a memorable presentation design for yourself or your brand? Then you may like the free Personal Powerpoint Presentation Template embedded above. As with all the other templates shared in this article, this template is fully editable and is also available in other file download formats.

Whether you are looking for PowerPoint, Keynote, or pitch deck presentation template designs, this comprehensive has got you covered on that front. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our website for more free business and graphic design templates.

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