15+ Perfect Prezi Templates for Outstanding Presentations


In the age of wide digital presence, we have to take the support of the various web tools on almost every platform of our life. Whether we are in college or in office, we are required to give regular presentations to validate and display our work. Prezi is one such presentation tool that helps to transform our regular looking presentations into an impressive and engaging feature for the viewers. Instead of moving from slide to slide like a power point presentation, Prezi templates capture content is a spatial context, this helps to make the presentation more connective and involving. Let us take a look at few examples of this template.

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Prezi Templates for Education

Education Ideas Prezi Template – $6

This education-themed Prezi template comes with a graduation hat and a light bulb. Perfect for use during induction and other official school or college purpose, the template with impressive shift and graphics can help you bring a fun twist to the standard and regular information.

education ideas prezi template

Education Concept Prezi Template – $5

This creative education centered Prezi template comes with an interesting concept that shows various school-related objects on a 3D graph paper background. The subtle use of colour and minimal use of graphic makes the design a solid choice of template.

education concept prezi template

Prezi Templates for Teachers

Touch Screen Teacher Prezi Template – $6

This touch screen teacher Prezi template supports a futuristic touchscreen concept. The screen is made of blue hexagon-shaped buttons related to school and education. All the design elements in the template are separate, you can create you own unique layout witha a distinct background image and arrangement. You can also zoom in when necessary. This is definitely a perfect template for school themed Prezi presentation.

touch screen teacher prezi template1

Crazy Teachers Prezi Template – $7

If you are looking for an edgy and crazy way to begin your class assignment, then this crazy teachers Prezi template is by far the perfect option to do so. The template comes with interesting graphics and typography to give your ongoing session the much-needed upgrade.

crazy teachers prezi template

Prezi Templates for Students

Spreadsheet Student Prezi Template – $5

The spreadsheet Prezi template comes with an excel spreadsheet concept. The template is best suited to make a presentation about calculating, finance and business. You can easily present business reports, graphs, charts and any numbers or statistics using this template.

spreadsheet student prezi template

Online Learning Student Prezi Template – $6

This 3D Prezi template features an online learning and education concept. The template comes with laptop, graduation hat, book and letters flying on a world map background. The template is ideal if you wish to talk about school homework and assignments that can be finished online. The template is suitable for teachers, video lecture, students, lecturers or tutors.

online learning student prezi template

HR Prezi Templates

Recruitment Hr Prezi Template – $16

Are you in recruitment and wish to find the perfect candidate for the job, if yes, then this HR Prezi template is your answer. Supported by a number of icons and elements, this interactive template is certainly a must have for all HR managers.

recruitment hr prezi template

Onboarding HR Prezi Template – $16

This onboarding HR Prezi template is great to welcome new colleagues or employees. The template is equally professional and attractive in appearance. The interesting slides make the template best fit for employee introduction.

onboarding hr prezi template

Prezi Templates for Business

Business Meeting Prezi Template – $6

This unique Prezi template comes with a company boardroom and ideas on whiteboards. The template carries a neutral layout which will complement with a number of businesses.

business meeting prezi template

Businessman Planning Prezi Template – $6

This business planning Prezi template will help you sketch out the most creative ideas, plans and pitches for the office or a startup. The template comes with various sketches and icons including graphs, pie chart, business character, money, light bulb, gears, calendar and much more.This business decision making Prezi template is perfect to express your thoughts and opinions. The template is a colourful choice for creating an appealing presentation with just the perfect icons and arrangements.

businessman planning prezi template

 Free Business Flourish Prezi Template

The simple free Prezi template comes aligned with the most creative concept of growing or expanding a business. The template is ideal to talk about startups, starting a new company, business growth or expansion. The template is easy to customise with the ability to rearrange the elements.

business flourish prezi template

Sales Prezi Template


Sales Report Prezi Template – $7

Show your business to your potential clients with this elegant professional Prezi template that will allow you to exhibit your report in the most comprehensive manner. You can alter the colours, modify shapes, texts and charts with just a few click of the button. The template is recommended for business, sales, statistics report.

sales report prezi template

Working Desktop Sales Series – $16

This flat design general template includes all the elements that you might find on a business desk. You just need to insert the content and zoom in on the assets. The sales temlpate is one of the most impressive layouts to opt for the meeting.

working desktop sales series

Quarter Diagram Prezi Template – $5

This 3D pie chart infused template will help you create a pictorial and graphical presentation. You can easily present your business or company data with a creative and infographic addition that comes with the template.

quarter diagram prezi template

Diagram Maker Prezi Template – $5

This Prezi template is great for creating mind maps, diagrams, infographics, network plans or presenting any other visual data. You can easily modify the shapes and create the needed combinations of different colours. You can also easily present complicated business reports, simple statistics, social media stats or personal mind maps using this diagram maker template.

diagram maker prezi template

Infographics Process Diagram Prezi Template – $5

This infographics process diagram Prezi template comes with a cool effect that is evident while moving from one slide to another. The template is equally creative and easy on the eye.

infographics process diagram prezi template

Take a look through the above-mentioned templates and download the one that best fits your requirement.

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