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4 Ways To Inspire Clients To Appreciate Your Good Design!

Is it that you’re super confident about the top-notch quality of your design but somehow your clients are unable to gather your particular Perception? Now, in such a situation it’s your task to make them understand the worth of your design.

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> Involve Them

Involve your client in the process of design making and all through work to educate, inform & inspire him (subtly) regarding the art work. When your client is involved since start, he can relate to the logic behind the design and is likely to stay committed to it.

> Nullify Arbitrary Coherence

Have you ever faced a situation where your client has brushed off your fantastic design citing it as too expensive? Well, such a condition, most of the times, generates from a perception (of the client) developed from browsing through other such related works (say that of your competitors).

This is called arbitrary coherence where a person makes a decision which influences similar decisions made in future.

Your work here is to nullify arbitrary coherence on the client’s part. Do not give him the chance to set your competitor’s work as the anchor- rather you should be focused on creating the anchor yourself.

The trick here is to create a somewhat different experience with your work and presentation so that the client does not feel like comparing your design- with that of the competitors. You have to be “unique” in your presentation so that there is no chance of comparison.

> Make Intangible Tangible

You have to make your design presentation simple & easy- you cannot expect clients to buy when they are confused. Some suggestions:

  • Articulate the value proposition in simple jargon-free language
  • Explain the valuable experiences the client would feel by working along you
  • Highlight the uniqueness of your approach
  • Make sure they are able to connect with your approach and thoughts

> Apply Logic and Explain Reasoning

Your design must follow a clear-cut logic. A logic-less work loses out on functionality and cannot earn the appreciation of clients. Your clients are looking to capitalize on your design and hence meaningful works are most important.

At times, clients cannot appreciate good designs simply because they cannot understand the logic behind it- no matter how meaningful the design is. Thus, it’s your task to make them understand the reasoning behind your art. So, don’t just focus on fonts or colors while discussing the design- zero on reasons behind the design choices.

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