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The process of terminating an employee is fraught with possible pitfalls. One wrong move and you could be staring down the barrel of a lawsuit. So, before you officially terminate the employee, there are a number of things that you must do to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. You can start by creating a general checklist of the important steps you must follow before notifying an employee of his termination.

Checklist Pre-layoff Template


Checklist Pre-termination Template


As mentioned previously, there are a lot of things that you must do before you can proceed with an employee’s separation from your business. These are the following:

Understand the employee’s circumstances and prepare your message

  • Be familiar with all of the circumstances that have led to the employee’s termination. Whether the employee is being let go because of he broke company policies or he had poor work performance, understanding the reason will help you better prepare how you will discuss the topic with the employee when you notify him of his termination.
  • Prepare a script to help guide you throughout the entire simple termination meeting. During the meeting, there are bound to be a number of things that you would want to discuss with the employee, so it would make sense that you may forget some if you are not fully prepared. With a well-written script, you will be able to say everything that you need to say in the manner that they need to be said.
  • Prepare messages and scripts for both affected and unaffected employees. Know the things that you are going to say regarding the action that is going to be taken and how and when it is going to take place. This will allow you to deliver the message in the most consistent, professional, and humane manner. You may also like Training Checklist Templates

Provide the resource that will aid the transition process

You have to be prepared to provide the departing employee with aid the moment it is decided that he has to leave the company. Refer to the following as sources that are available to help him with the transition:

  • Human Resource and benefits transition information
  • Online job search engines and resume preparation applications
  • Career center resources, if applicable
  • Other company or external community sources

Prepare to address questions and any emotional reactions from the departing employee

The separation process is going to involve a lot of questions and it is going to be a very emotional experience for the employee. So, it is important to be well-prepared for it.

  • Try to anticipate all of the possible questions ahead of time and find responses to each of these questions. There is no doubt that a departing employee will ask more than one question about his service termination and you need to prepare the appropriate responses ahead of time. You may also like Behavior Checklist Templates
  • Take all of the time you  need to prepare for the team meeting. Make all of the necessary arrangements that need to be done to guarantee that the effective meeting is going to proceed without a hitch.
  • Make sure that you hold the meeting in a private area. Be sensitive to the privacy needs of the employee and be sure that the area where you are will have the meeting is somewhere that is secluded. You may also see Meeting Checklist Templates
  • Select a time early in the day for the meeting and choose a day that is not immediately prior to a weekend, holiday, or scheduled vacation for either the employee or assistant manager.

Prepare others who will be involved in the notification process

  • Do not rush the meeting and allow the employee enough time to voice his thoughts.
  • Depending on how much you know about the employee, it may be wise for you to have someone over from Human Resources or the employee’s direct supervisor participate in the meeting. This way, they can address any concerns that you or the employee may have regarding the job termination. Also, they are very useful for when you need to provide proof as to why the employee has to be terminated, especially if the reason for termination is poor performance. You may also like Camping Checklist Templates
  • Assess how the employee’s termination will affect both co-workers and customer satisfaction. If the employee is not exactly well liked by both co-workers and customers, then there should not be much of a problem. However, if the employee is going to leave a huge negative impact upon departure, then you have to do some damage control. you may also see Audit Checklist Templates
  • Get coaching from managers or from Human Resources on how you will handle the meeting. This will help you prepare everything that you need to say and do when the moment comes.

If you would like to learn more about this particular topic or other related matters, such as how to create a reference letter for a departing employee, be sure to read our other articles.

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