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3+ Printable House Rent Receipt Templates – PDF, DOC

If you’re a landlord of a particular home that’s up for rent, then naturally you’d want to have certain rules in regards to how a tenant will go about in paying you rent. You’d want to set up how you want the tenant to pay the rent, how much rent has to be paid, the date in which the payment must be in your hands, etc. You may also like rent receipt samples.

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So when a tenant finally does pay you the rent, he/she would expect that you give the details of all the things mentioned above. This would mean that you’re going to have to come up with a rent receipt which will do just that and this article is going to teach you how you can come up with one.

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House Rent Receipt Template

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Why You Should Create a House Rent Receipt

This type of receipt tends to benefit both the landlord and tenant in multiple ways. While there are some who decide not to create this, that would be considered a very costly mistake as you’ll never know when you might have to prove that a tenant has paid rent. You may also like receipt templates.

So here are a couple of examples that should tell you why you need to create house rent receipt:

1. It’s Useful During Situations Where Rent Payment Needs to be Proved

So let’s say that the matter of rent payment has been brought up to court. This is the best kind of situation, whether you’re the landlord or the tenant, where having the sample rent receipts can come in very handy. If the tenant says that he/she has already given money for the late rent payments and charges you with unfair eviction, all you have to do is pull out the rent receipt to show the date of the tenant’s last payment. If it shows that you have a record of all previous payments and that the tenant has made no effort to meet with the succeeding payments, then you’ll be highly favored.

However, a tenant can use this to his/her benefit as well. If the landlord charges the tenant for not paying rent on more than one occasion, all the tenant has to do is pull out all the receipts that he/she as for the specific dates where the tenant claims that he/she has not yet paid for. You may also like receipt templates in PDF.

So remember to always keep your printable rent receipts as you might just need them.

2. It Allows Landlords to Easily Keep Track of Who has Paid and How Much Was Paid

Whether you’re renting out an apartment, room, or a home, you’ll need to be able to keep proper track of the rental payments that your tenants need to meet. While you can always stick with a rent schedule to help you see who’s paying and how much has been paid, it’s always best that you keep whatever receipts you’ve written down to help you keep track of your tenants rent payments.

By having the receipt, you’ll be able to see all of the details regarding the rent payment, allowing you to easily figure out which of your tenants have been able to pay on time and which of them still has a balance that has yet to be paid. You may also see simple receipt templates.

3. It Helps In Seeing If a Tenant Should be Evicted for Late Payments

You’ve already made a rent agreement with the tenant regarding when he/she should pay the rent. If the tenant either forgets or refuses to pay the rent and still continues to live in your property, then you have the right to evict him or her. However, you can’t just suddenly evict the tenant without a proper warning. The first thing that you’re going to have to do is send that tenant a notice of eviction. This document should contain a reasonable amount of time for the tenant to respond or come up with the payment before he/she is rightfully evicted from the premises of your property.

If the tenant can prove that he/she has already made these payments, then that person will have no problem in taking out the receipts for the dates wherein you have accused him or her of not making rent payments. So long as the tenant is able to provide physical proof regarding the matter, then you cannot evict the tenant. However, if he/she has no evidence, then you’ll need to give the tenant ample time before you can rightly remove him/her from the property. You may also like paid receipt templates.

Example of House Rent Receipt

Steps for Creating a House Rent Receipt

Now that you’ve learned about the importance as to why you need to create a house rent receipt, the next thing you’re going to have to do is to learn how to make one. It won’t be considered a house receipt if it doesn’t have all of the necessary information that will turn the document into one. Remember that it needs to have all of the important details or else it will be invalid for use in court in the event that it’s needed. You may also like printable receipt templates.

So here are the things that you’ll need a place in whatever house rent receipt you decide to make:

1. The Amount and Method of Payment

This is something that every rent receipt should have as this is what will tell you just how much a tenant has been able to pay for rent. During the time where you and the tenant of the home have discussed the simple rent agreement, the two of you should have come into an agreement in regards to just how much rent has to be paid during every rental period. If there isn’t an exact figure, then the receipt will be considered invalid and cannot be used as evidence for rent payment. So if you’re the landlord, you have to be sure that you write down the exact number of every payment that a tenant makes.

Also, you should also put in the how the tenant was able to pay the rent. You have to check with the laws of your country as there are some that require you to provide a physical copy to a tenant that has decided to pay you in cash. Failing to do so will just end up with you going up against legal problems that could be your very downfall. So you have to remember to state the method of payment within the house rent receipt.

If the tenant paid in cash? Then put the word “cash” in the method of payment section on the receipt. If it’s a check? Then place the check number along with the total. Just remember not to miss out on any important details.

2. The Date of Payment

The date of when the tenant has been able to pay the rent is just as important as the amount that’s listed on the receipt. You must remember that it’s vital for you to put in the date of every payment that a tenant makes the receipt. The reason for this is because it’s going to be very useful in the event that either you or the tenant has to prove that the payment was indeed received on that particular date. You may also see free receipt templates.

It’s also useful for when you and the tenant need to keep track of the payments. The landlord benefits by seeing if the tenant has been able to pay before or after the scheduled rent payment. It’s also a very handy piece of information that will tell the landlord if the tenant has made any delinquent payments.

For the tenant, the date of the receipt can help tell him or her if last month’s rent was paid or not. Also, it’s useful for knowing when the next payment is going to be.

3. The Location of the Property Being Rented Out and The Tenant’s Name

There’s a section in the house rent receipt wherein you’re going to have to write down the complete address of the location of the rented home. This would mean that you’re going to have to include details such as the home’s street address, house number, the name of the village or subdivision, and much more. Don’t skip out on any of the details as they’re going to be needed in the event that the location of the property being rented out has to be proven. You may also see word receipts.

Now that you’ve written down the address of the property, the next thing that you’re going to have to write is the name of the tenant that’s renting out. Make sure that you have the tenant’s complete name written to ensure that there will be no confusion. Also, remember that these pieces of information shouldn’t have any spelling or informational errors in them. Go through the receipt and fix whatever mistakes you find immediately. You may also like sample simple receipt templates.

4. Signatures of Both the Landlord and Tenant

The house receipt will act as an agreement between both you and the tenant in regards to how the transaction has been finalized. However, the transaction receipt will not be considered as official if both parties do not place their signatures into it. Not only will placing your signature in the document validate the rental receipt,  but it can also be used as evidence to show that both parties have agreed to the rental payment. If you’re the landlord, it’s also a good idea that you have your name written on the receipt along with your signature. This shows that you have the authority to collect rent from your tenant.

If you would like to learn more on how to create a rent receipt or any other kind of receipt, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that you need, and gather whatever information you’re able to find that you think can help you out. You may also see blank receipt templates.

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