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How to Promote Your Keynote Speaker

Promoting events is easy enough when you have famous musicians or actors headlining concerts and film festivals agenda. You just need to put the word out on social media and fans will come to your event in droves. But what if you are organizing a business convention? How can you market your event then? The answer is to promote your sample keynote speaker. You may also see keynote presentation templates.

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Of course, the first thing you need to do is to get a speaker who is well-known in your industry. Once you have checked that off your to-do list, here are the other important tasks you need to complete to ensure the success of your event. You may also see professional keynote templates.

Create a tantalizing title

If you really want to catch the attention of people, then you have to start out strong by providing a catchy title for your session. Think of a creative title and then a subtitle that will explain the benefits of attending the event. You have to come up with a title that will not only capture the interest of those who read it but one that can also tell the reader the main purpose of the discussion. You may also see free keynote template.

Promote your keynote speaker with the help of your website

Modern technology has made it so much easier for everyone to promote whatever small business they have. In this case, it will definitely help you out in promoting your keynote speaker so that everyone would be interested enough to attend the discussion. You have to make great use of your association’s website to promote your keynote speaker to the potential audience. Here are some tips that should help you make the most out of your association’s promotion tools:

  • Post a detailed description of the session and information regarding the professional speaker on your website.
  • Post photos of your speaker in action as he or she engages with audiences from his or her previous speaking engagements. You may also see keynote poster template
  • Ask your keynote speaker to provide you with audio or video templates from previous presentations and post them on your site.
  • Provide links that will direct visitors to your sample keynote speaker’s website and social media websites for cross-promotional purposes. You may also see keynote slide templates

Once the session is finished, it is highly advisable that you post videos or audio clips that will reinforce the program’s key points as well as educate the members who were not able to attend. If your website has an option for people to buy online books or audio recordings, then you should feature your professional speaker’s materials prior to the keynote presentation. If you have a chat room, then you should promote a chat session allowing members to ask him or her questions. This will give the professional speaker the opportunity to learn all about the concerns of the members and allow him or her to address them appropriately for the discussion. You may also see keynote templates

Another inexpensive way for you to promote your professional speaker is through the use of email. You can use email to remind your members to register for the discussions should they wish to participate in it. Send them the links to where they can get more information regarding the speaker and the entirety of the discussion, and you should also send them the links to where they can fill up the registration form. You can even use emails to send questionnaires to your members. The responses of these questionnaires must then be sent straight to the professional speaker so that he or she can reveal the findings during the presentation. Free keynote templates

Post articles are written by or about the speaker

There is a high chance that the professional speaker has already written about the topic that he or she will be discussing your event plan. If this is the case, ask the speaker for permission to post some of his or her articles on your website. If this is not possible, interview the speaker and publish that interview instead. Whether you post the speaker’s articles or publish an interview with him or her, this will aid in building up the keynote speaker’s credibility while offering value-added information to your members. If the speaker is also a published author, then use his or her book as a promotional tool to get everyone excited about the event. You have the option to give away copies of the book to your attendee’s list, too. You may also see Keynote Timeline Templates

Prepare a media promotion package

Gather everything that you are going to need to promote your speaker to the media template. Ask the speaker to provide you with photos from previous sessions that he or she took part in. The speaker should also provide you with a short biography template and a brief write-up of the program and its key points, what the attendees are going to learn should they decide to participate in the session, and why the speaker is the most qualified person to talk about the topic. Invite media professionals to attend the event and be sure to give them a copy of the program as well as any promotional materials. Contact local print and broadcast media as well to conduct interviews with your speaker and other key members of your association. You may also see business keynote templates

Organize post-event activities

Professional speakers know that a program is not just a one-time event template. What happens after the event can be just as important. Send emails to attendees with links that will direct them to additional information and resources regarding the program. Additionally, look for any posts or comments from your members which state how much they were able to learn during the event and use social media posts to show how successful your program was by re-posting them on your site. Be sure to use the public momentum generated by the success of the event to drum up interest in any future sessions. You may also see business plan keynote templates.

If you would like to read more information about organizing various events or how to make a creative speech outline, for example, check out the other articles featured on our website.

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