Tips for Writing a Letter in Business Format


Letters have always been considered one of the most fundamental tools for communication in the business world. Oftentimes, you write a business letter in the hopes of conveying your message or ask an inquiry from another party. With the steady growth of commerce and industry, business letters have become increasingly important and useful to business people.

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Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or a marketer, you may have experienced writing a number of business letters to customers, clients, investors, or suppliers. But if you are still a newbie in the world of business, you may find how to write a business letter challenging. One of the most common challenges you may encounter is to write the letter in standard business format. Of course, if you are writing a business letter you must know the right format. Also, you may find yourself sitting in front of your laptop and searching the Internet for the various format and types of business letters that you can use. There may a lot of question running in your mind, such as:

  • The number of paragraphs that you should write
  • What to include in the business letter
  • How to personalize it
  • The correct way of addressing the recipient
  • How to close or end your business letter effectively

They are just some of the questions that need to be answered. Luckily, these article is designed to provide readers with not only how to write a business letter, but everything that you need to know about it.

Purpose of Business Letters

We already know that a business letter is a powerful communication tool used in business. One of your purpose for writing is to get the recipients or readers to respond to your letter. In order for you to achieve your goals, a perfect way to start it write it with a clear purpose, as well as making sure that your business letter is free from spelling and grammatical errors, shows a level of professionalism, and pertinence.


A business letter can be extremely useful when you have a new product to introduce to your customers. Instead of investing a fortune on television and radio advertisement, writing sales letters to your prospective customers is a great way to save money. A free brochure and order form are usually sent along with the sales letter.

Build Strong Customer Relationship

A business letter is not only sent to introduce a new product or services to your target market, but it is also used to thank customers and business associates. Two of the main purposes for writing a business thank you letter is to show your gratitude and build a solid relationship. Although you may be tempted to write a long thank you letter, just keep it short and sincere.

Provide Customers with Sales Incentives

Since one of the purposes for writing a business letter is to build a relationship with your customers, you can use it a perfect tool to provide sales incentives for your customers, such as rebate and coupon vouchers.

Writing a Business Letter in Proper Format

Whether you are writing to answer an inquiry from a customer, to apply for a job to an employer or to apply a scholarship to a university, it is extremely that your business letter of intent is well-written. How well you write your business letter can say a lot about you as a business person even before you have the chance to make any personal interaction. That is why it is extremely important to create a first great and lasting impression.

Oftentimes, the use of standard business format can help you a lot in showing the reader your level of professionalism and can easily get your message to the reader easily and quickly. Hence, a well-written business letter can have a positive impact on your business as it does not only help shape the reputation of your company but also increase productivity and boost your clientele.

So how do you write a letter in standard business format?

1. Letterhead

Using a personalized company letterhead is a powerful tool that can help make your business establishment exude with professionalism.

2. Date

The date in which the letter was written is often found three to six lines underneath your letter. The dateline should be written in this format: month (spelled out in words), day, and year.

3. Name and Address of the Recipient

Provide the full name and address of the person whom the letter is for. Also, include the correct title, such as Mr., Ms./Mrs. If you do not know how to address a female recipient, it is recommended to use Ms./Miss.

4. Salutation

This section is often used to indicate respect to the recipient of your letter. If you have the full name of the recipient, your salutation line should be “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name”. In case you do not have the name, the safest salutation to use is “To Whom It May Concern”. Always remember to use a colon after the person’s name.

5. Body

While your main purpose is to make the reader respond to your letter, it is important to keep your writing short and direct to the point. Keep in mind that no one wants to waste their time reading a business letter with a couple of pages. Just remember to keep your first paragraph friendly while you state your purpose for writing. Use the succeeding paragraphs to support your purpose.

6. Closing

Oftentimes, the closing part of your business letter is also known as the call to action. You can use this section to inform the reader what he or she needs to do. You can end your letter by saying “thank you,” “Sincerely,” “warm regards,” or anything similar.

7. Signature Block

Make sure to sign the letter with your name using a black or blue pen.

Different Types of Sample Business Letters That You Can Download and Use as Reference

Sample Business Letter

sample business letter 1

Formal Business Proposal

formal business proposal letter page 004

Formal Business Invitation Letter

formal invitation business letter page 001

Business Customer Thank You Letter

business customer thank you letter page 003

Business Partnership Proposal Letter

business partnership proposal letter page 001

Template of Standard Business Cover Letter PDF Format

template of standard business cover letter pdf format page 001

Marketing Business Letter Template Free Download Doc

marketing business letter template free download doc 11

Business Letter Template PDF Free Template

business letter template pdf free template page 002

Block Style Business Letter Free PDF Template

block style business letter template ms word download 1

Business Development Introduction Letter

business development introduction letter page 001

Final Thoughts

A proper format, along with flawless grammar, is the secret to writing the best business letters that can help connect any gaps between the company and the stakeholders or customers. You may also want to check out our business complaint letters and proposal letter templates. They are all available for free downloads and are highly editable to match your personal purpose.


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