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In the world of business, the satisfaction of employees comes from knowing primarily that they are safe, secured and when they know they have enough benefits. While all the rest are important, safety and well-being should still be the priority. It is something that just can’t be ignored, especially if you are in a high-risk job, in a high-risk workplace. Over the years, the workforce had been more demanding, across the United States. This can be attributed to the availability of technology and unlimited access to tools, however, there is no point in having a job that endangers you more than it helps you make a living. Carrying equipment, lifting, pulling and pushing it, having colleagues who are a danger to themselves and others, intruders, poor maintenance and improper sanitation, puts people at risk and even invites danger. You may also see proposal samples.

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Medical Proposal Template

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Medical Business Proposal Template

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Basic Health and Safety Program

basic health and safety program 01 788x1020

The cost of injuries and any type of damage that all of these can cause may be beyond what you expect and what you, as a business owner, bargained for. Not to mention the trust of your employee being on the rocks and faring far behind in productivity. The secret to reducing this is to determine the risks involved in all areas of business.

Businessmen should always be updated with the necessary preventive measures that seek to manage safety and health risks among employees and everyone else in an establishment. The strategies can be overwhelming, but nevertheless practical. You may also see writing proposal templates.

Employee Safety and Health Training Plan

employee safety and health training plan 1 788x1020

Environmental Health and Safety Proposal

environmental health and safety proposal 1 788x1020

Good Health and Safety

good health and safety 01 788x1114

The workplace is never out of any form of challenges, whether mental, physical or emotional. However, it is not so much of a problem when the company takes good care of you, ensuring that your well being is prioritized. Aside from that, if your task puts you in high-risk situations, safety should always be taken into account. Safety and health procedures are vital for the overall well-being of both the employers and their employees. Today, different types of violence in the workplace have been making headlines in the news all over the world.

The country is fast becoming famous for all the wrong reasons, especially with the recent incidents of gun crimes all over business and academic establishments, that it’s also becoming America’s new normal. On top of that, we are yet to solve major concerns in health care access considering that the country is known to have the best facilities and the biggest allocated budget for it. Health and safety which is already a broad issue is indeed still an ever growing concern, especially in today’s corporate community. A recent report from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), also says “homicide is the fourth leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States.” You may also see proposal templates.

In any industry, employers are held accountable to the law for making sure that they keep a workplace safe and healthy for their workforce in the first instance as well as for anyone else who may happen to be on the business premises, such as contractors, clients, customers and other visitors. No matter what the size of your company is, it is also important to remember that diseases and other health concerns are detrimental and can have a big impact to an employee’s ability to function effectively and do his/her job according to what is expected. Employers, therefore, need to take all steps necessary for addressing concerns about health and safety in the workplace, if it means to stay long in the industry, grow and retain its best people. You may also see proposal templates in a doc.

Health and Safety Hazards

Hazards in businesses are substances that are deemed to be potentially dangerous for people or behaviors and attitude that can inflict harm or physical injury to another employee. Employees are vulnerable targets of several hazards in the workplace. These hazards can take the form of infectious diseases being transmitted from one colleague to another, toxic chemicals left exposed and not properly stored, especially in industries that are always working with dangerous substances or gases as part of their job. The risk of improper handling, storage and maintenance are always inevitable, which can subject workers and everyone else present to dangerous exposure. Industries like these are therefore pressed to comply with specific safety codes and procedures, depending on what the law mandates, in cases of emergency involving a substance or toxic chemicals. You may also see design proposal templates.

1. Economic Reasons

Aside from being able to manage and reduce costs, establishments of safety and health procedures also promote and encourages efficiency in business operations. Each year, the Health and Safety Authority receives thousands of reports regarding accidents that are work-related, resulting in employees incurring absences for days at a time, which stunts a day’s productivity and messes with the goal of hitting performance targets. There is also about a million working days lost annually caused by work-related illnesses. On top of that, health-related absences are complex to measure because there is just no telling of the period of time or days in which an employee will fail to report for duty since it will depend on his or her complete recovery before he or she can be declared fit to work. These ill-health cases and accidents are often the result of a poorly laid-out directive in the occupational safety and health management in organizations.

2. Prevention of Illness and Injury

Proposals for health and safety measures in the business reduce the rate of workers being exposed to illnesses and injuries, thereby greatly reducing the number of absences incurred from having to stay at home or worse, the hospital. Having an effective process for maintaining health and safety also increases employee understanding of the potential hazards involved in the type of working environment the company has. One way to do this is through training employees since training can be a good help in educating them about compliance to proper workplace safety and health practices, procedures, including behavior to prevent and minimize illnesses and injuries. Most of the time, training also helps in highlighting the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation to avoid spreading diseases by contamination. Unless you wouldn’t mind the costs associated with covering the payments of work-related injuries and illnesses which would cause a massive downturn in your simple business. This and other reasons are why the implementation of proposals about health and safety at work is really necessary.

3. Legal Reasons

The violation of safety and health codes have some serious consequences not limited to profit or losses because of the negative way that non-compliance can reflect on your business. You could lose not only money but also workers, vendors, customers by the thousands, business partners, your valuable reputation and when worse eventually comes to worst, your entire business. Don’t bank too much on the Workers’ Compensation Insurance covering workplace injuries and illnesses because if you are dragged to court for negligence, there would be so much more to pay, including repair and clearing jobs for damages on site, management of claims, lawyers fee, investigation, litigation and training fees for hiring new members of the team who would fill the vacant posts. Let’s be real. You wouldn’t expect to have injured employees who sued you for negligence, to report back to work after what they have been put through. Accidents happen, but most of these can be avoided if you realize the importance of setting a good health and safety program proposal and its implementation to protect all aspects of your business, especially your front liners.

Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (the 2005 Act) mandates all duty holders or business infrastructures “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare of workers and members of the public and to manage and conduct all work activities in such a way as to ensure their safety, health and welfare.” This requires everyone who is assumed to be legally responsible in being proactive and firm in the management of their safety, health and welfare duties and also deal with them in an organized, systematic way that would benefit everyone involved. Knowing this act would help a business develop a proper proposal helping organizations to improve and do what is necessary to go with the safety and health performance and ensure its proper management while complying with the company’s legal requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety

occupational health and safety 01 788x1020

Park Avenue Health and Safety Plan

park avenue south construction health and safety plan 001 788x1020

UNESCO Occupational Health and Safety

unesco occupational health and safety 01 788x1114

Moral and Ethical Reasons

It is all a matter of making your employees and everybody else involved feel protected and valued. Workers feel a lot more confident and motivated knowing they can work without having to fear for their health and safety. A safe work environment also produces happier workers. After all, everyone wants to bid their families goodbye in the morning, and look forward to going home safe and sound after a day’s work. Because that’s what a proactive management, maintenance and compliance with safety and health standards in organizations create. It’s also within the employees’ rights to demand the necessary safety and health procedures that they feel their company is lacking.

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