How to Create a Consultant Proposal [5+ Templates to Download]


In the event that a consultant wishes to take on a particular job, then it is important to send the prospective client with a document which contains the conditions under which they will do so. What’s needed in this situation would be a consultant proposal document and this article will teach you how to make one.

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Steps for Creating a Consultant Proposal

Step 1: Start By Addressing the Client

The way you should start your proposal should be in the same way that you would when making a letter: by properly introducing who you are, that you want to be able to work for the client, and that you are the best candidate for the job. When addressing the client, be sure to use “Mr.” or “Mrs.” followed by their last name.

Step 2: Describe the Job  You Wish to Take On.

Since we are talking about a job that consists of consultation services, you will need to point out exactly what it is that you have to do. That way, the client will be able to see that you already know what it is that he/she expects out of someone competent enough to take on the job. Be specific about the job, but don’t go into too much detail.

Step 3: Describe Your Qualifications

It is here where you will need to try and sell yourself to the person or business that you wish to be hired to. Try to share the job experiences that you’ve managed to gain, the training that you have received, or just about anything that can help show that you’re the best person for the job.

Step 4: Describe the Work  You’re Proposing

Once you have a good understanding of what the client’s problem is, then you will need to show exactly how you intend to solve it. Try to describe the results the client expects to see out of your consultation services. You will need to be very specific when pointing out how to do it and the amount of time you will need.

Step 5: Describe What You Are Not Obligated to Do

Since you are the consultant in the situation, you have to make it clear as to what it is that you are not obligated to provide. This prevents you from doing any additional work without proper compensation. Isolate the problem you will be addressing and indicate very clearly that related issues will not be included in the proposal.

Step 6: Propose a Price for Your Consultation

It is that point where you will need to come up with a price proposal in regards to the service you will be providing. Take note that you might not be the only one that’s trying to get the attention of the client. So what you will need to do is to come up with a reasonable price that’s fair for the client and one that you can still benefit from.

Step 7: Provide a Summary

Once everything is done, the last thing you will need to do is to provide a summary of the whole proposal. Make sure to include everything from the details of the job, how you’re the most qualified person for it, the results the client should expect, etc. Also, do not forget to include your signature and the date in which the proposal was made at the bottom of the document.

5+ Consultant Proposal Templates

1. Consultant Services Proposal Template

consulting services proposal2 Download

As the consultant, you will most likely be coming up with proposals regarding what it is that you can do for clients. With this consulting services proposal template, you should be able to come up with a document that provides what it is that you’re willing to do and how you expect to be compensated for it.

2. Consultant Proposal Sample Template

consultant proposal3 Download

In the event that you are required to come up with a consultant proposal for a job, then all you have to do is to acquire this template. Once you have it, you simply need to open it and then make whatever changes you want until it has all of the information it needs to land you the job.

3. HR Consulting Proposal Template

hr consulting proposal2 Download

There are some people who specialize in providing consulting services to those in Human Resources. In the event that you are such a person, then you should be able to make the most out of this template. With it, you can create a proposal that outlines everything from the job you want to take on, to showing how you’re the best person to do it.

4. Free Consulting Proposal Template

free consulting proposal template 440x570 12 Download

If you need to show why a client should hire you for a consulting job, then this is the template for you. You can make use of programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Word or even Apple Pages to gain access to the template. Once you’ve done so, then simply make whatever changes you want until you are satisfied.

5. Free Consulting Business Proposal

free consulting business proposal template 440x570 12 Download

Those who are in the consulting business have to take on jobs regularly. So once they’ve picked up on a client that they want to work for, then sending a proposal is one of the first things they immediately do. In the event that you wish to make such a proposal, then you will want to download and make use of this template.

6. Proposal Construction Consultant Request

proposal construction consultant request 1 Download

Construction project proposals will require the right type of consultant. So if you have managed to find that consultant and request that he/she take on the job, then this is the template for you. With it, you can properly explain the job that you need to have done and other details such as those concerning compensation and the scope of the work.

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