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How to Create a Sponsorship Proposal [10+ Templates to Download]

Have you ever had to ask someone for a favor that involved money? It’s not easy, isn’t it? That’s because nobody in their right sense of mind would just hand over money from their pockets regardless of whether it will make the slightest difference with their bank accounts or not. So if you’re looking for the right people or organization to fund your research, project, event, business venture or any worthy cause, you would have to write a convincing sponsorship proposal.

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5 Steps to Write a Sponsorship Proposal

Step 1: Do Your Homework

Look for funding sources with causes or goals that are in line with yours. You can’t just pick any available sponsor. There are a lot of funding corporations, personalities in music, sports, and show businesses that have foundations in their names. Well-known brands are also partnering with fundraisers and causes that can help their marketing campaign.

Step 2: Define Your Goals

You need to be specific about what you want, in writing your proposal to the business or organization you’re submitting it to. Give them a good explanation of why their sponsorship will be important to you. If your proposal lacks focus and fails to be specific, it’s not going to get any attention.

Step 3: Identify The Decision-Maker

When seeking out sponsors, identify the person or people who have the power to agree with your sponsorship deal. As you reach out to organizations in the government, community and business sphere through emails and phone calls, always make sure that the person responding has the authority to say yes to you.

Step 4: Include Your Objectives

Sponsorship deals don’t happen if you one party doesn’t have a promise of bringing value to another. Talk about the value that your sponsors can get if they decide to support you. This shows that you’re also thinking of your sponsor’s interests and it prepares them for your pitch. After reinforcing the sponsor’s priorities, you can state your offer.

Step 5: Encourage Feedback

The final parts of your proposal should motivate feedback. Make this an opportunity to ask what they like or dislike about the proposal you wrote or about what you’re offering. Welcoming feedback makes a lot of difference in convincing the sponsor to continue with the discussion of the proposal terms instead of flat out rejecting it.

10+ Sponsorship Proposal Templates

1. Club Sponsorship Proposal Template


Sponsorship deals are tricky, so if you’re hoping to close one, use this sponsorship proposal template which is easy to access online and download in all versions of MS Word, Pages, and Google Docs. Make sure your sponsorship proposal will get you the desired results.

2. Event Sponsorship Proposal Template


Getting ready to organize an event but worried about the funds? With the help of our event sponsorship proposal template, you’ll learn who the right audience is. Not only that. The document comes in printable file formats which guides you to organize your proposal well.

3. Program Sponsorship Proposal Template


Looking to get more sponsors to support your program? It’s going to be challenging but you can make the task easier by getting this sample sponsorship proposal in Google Docs, Pages, and MS Word, then edit and customize the content to suit the objectives of your target sponsors.

4. Sponsor Proposal Template


The key to a winning sponsor proposal is knowing who you’re writing them for. Luckily, this sponsor proposal sample is standardized to suit many sponsoring organizations’ proposal submission requirements. You can also just customize what’s written and fill in your organization’s details.

5. Sports Team Sponsorship Proposal Sample


So you have a sports team to carry to a local or national competition and you need support. The proposal templates attached here would help you structure your proposal so that it persuades sponsors who want to market their brand with sports teams or the community in general. Get this easy-to-access template now!

6. Event Sponsorship Proposal Template


With our pre-designed sponsorship proposal templates, it’s easier to avoid errors in standard provisions and corrects outlining of sponsor benefits to fully fill in any other limitation and return on investment as needed. Waste no time and download this MS Word and Apple Pages sponsorship proposal template now!

7. Sponsorship Proposal Template


Having trouble securing sponsorship deals? Worry no more because our available template allows any user to put together a well-written and properly-structured sponsorship proposal which would get any potential sponsor reading the document in full. Click on the download button for easy access and print anytime!

8. Free Sponsorship Proposal Template


Want a corporate file in flexible formats for your proposal to win sponsors over? Then go ahead and download our sample of a sponsorship proposal editable and easy to print in any and all versions of MS Word, Photoshop, InDesign, Publisher, and Pages.

9. Sample Sponsorship Proposal


Prepared to lead a worthy cause? In that case, you’ll know this proposal sample is very helpful in securing the right sponsors to get enough funding and support. Get all the help you need and download this sponsorship proposal template and just modify the content as you see fit.

10. Sponsorship Proposal Template


A sponsoring proposal template is a sample that will guide you in putting together your own. Rather than starting one from scratch, take advantage of this document and modify or add in any changes you find necessary. You can also print this file anytime, anywhere for added convenience!

11. Sample Sponsorship Proposal

Ensure you have the attention of your target sponsors by using this professional template of a sponsorship proposal. Download the document and edit according to the goals and needs of your organization and potential sponsors. It’s a challenge to win sponsors. But it helps when you’ve got a great pitch to back you up.

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32+ FREE & Premium Sponsorship Proposal - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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