How to Write a Social Media Proposal [10+ Templates to Download]

As the number of worldwide smartphone users reaches one billion in the next five years, the ease in digital access presents newer marketing avenue for entrepreneurs. And at the forefront of that is social media marketing. If you are a marketer, this article is for you as it focuses on how to create compelling social media proposals that you can use to persuade and convince clients and business owners. Also, check out the multitude of free proposal templates included below.

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7 Steps To Make a Social Media Proposal

Read and study the guide shared below as it provides an in-depth look into the proposal-making process. More specifically, this step-by-step guide will allow you to create a social media proposal that you can use to market your firm’s digital marketing services to any business entity or organization.

Step 1: Study the proposal request.

The first step is to study the proposal request or RFP (Request for Proposal) that an institution, business entity, or organization has posted. In the RFP, you will find what the client’s criteria for a social media marketing firm are and what their specific marketing goals are. Incorporate all these into your own proposal.

Step 2: Select a proposal format.

Next, choose a proposal format. You may create a standard letter of proposal combined with a business action plan. The simplest proposals tend to follow the standard IMRAD format (Introduction, Methodology (Action Plan), Results (Objectives), and Discussion).

Step 3: Create a detailed list of your recommended action plan.

After that, it’s time to create a plan of action. This also refers to the specific social media strategies that you want to implement for the client. Tailor-fit your business strategy plan according to the company or organization you are creating it for.

Step 4: Create a timeline and a budget plan.

Then, include a proposed project timeline and budget plan for the specific social media strategies you have recommended. This is needed because clients want to see when they are most likely able to see the results of your recommended strategies. Also, they need to know how much the entire social media marketing package will cost them.

Step 5: Include your service agreement or contract terms.

Another thing to include in the marketing proposal is the service agreement or contract terms. This should be as specific to the client as possible. It should also list down all the things that your marketing firm can/will do and can/will not do. As an agreement, it should also be reviewed by your lawyer or legal adviser first.

Step 6: Use a pre-made social media proposal template.

Once you have completed brainstorming all the steps above, download a printable social media proposal template. A pre-made template will help you save time writing and formatting the proposal later on. Check out the sample social media proposal templates we have included in the article below.

Step 7: Print out on high-quality paper.

After editing and proofreading your downloaded proposal template, it’s time to print out the document. You may then submit this printed proposal to your client. Or, you may also send out a digital copy of the template if your client prefers to receive them this way.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Take note of all of these steps as they will help you create the best social media proposals for your marketing and digital services firm.

10+ Social Media Proposal Templates

Embedded below are multiple examples of premium and free social media templates in MS Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs file formats. Check out which template design and proposal format you like best.

1. Formal Social Media Strategy Proposal

formal social media strategy proposal template

Check out the Formal Social Media Strategy Proposal Template shown above if you prefer to send a proposal letter along with a comprehensive background about the digital services that your company offers. This template is fully editable so you can easily incorporate your own branding design and company achievements into the template itself.

2. Social Media Management Proposal Template

social media management proposal template

What sets the Social Media Management Proposal Template (shown above) apart is its emphasis on the different social media strategy plans and management solutions it offers. When you use this template, you will get a customizable proposal that summarizes your company products and services.

3. Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

social media marketing proposal template

As its name implies, the Social Media Marketing Proposal Template (featured above) allows you to create a marketing-focused social media proposal. It contains sections where you can write about your marketing company’s recommended plan of action towards achieving business success. It is fully customizable so you are free to add or change the proposal’s format.

4. Social Media Proposal Sample Template

social media proposal template

The Social Media Proposal Template (embedded above) is another iteration of a marketing proposal geared towards producing positive leads and sales from social media. The template starts with a business proposal letter followed by comprehensive company information presented in concise paragraphs and readable tables and charts.

5. Digital Marketing Proposal Template

digital marketing proposal templateDownload

Use the Digital Marketing Proposal Template (embedded above) if you prefer a simple proposal design while not sacrificing the content of your recommended social media marketing strategy plan. This is an 8-page proposal composed of an editable letter of proposal, tables, comparison charts, and list of actual actions plans that will be used to address your social media concerns.

6. Marketing Campaign Proposal Template

marketing campaign proposal templateDownload

The Marketing Campaign Proposal Template (shown above) is a 9-page proposal template that contains almost everything an entrepreneur when crafting a reliable business project proposal. Use this proposal template if you want to wow your clients with an impressive and professional plan or idea for their business or brand.

7. Restaurant Social Media Marketing Proposal

restaurant social media marketing proposal templateDownload

The Restaurant Social Media Marketing Proposal Template (embedded above) is perfect for marketers who want to address the digital marketing woes of restaurants and other kinds of dining establishments. This template is made up of 27 pages of in-depth restaurant business proposal wording, data visualization, and template design. Use this template and you will surely bag that restaurant client.

8. Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

simple social media marketing proposal templateDownload

Try the Simple Social Media Marketing Proposal Template (featured above) if you prefer to create a concise and direct-to-the-point business proposal. As an editable template, it is filled with text placeholders that you need to replace with your company’s business details and with your recommended sales and marketing action plan.

9. Sample Social Media Proposal

sample social media proposal

The Sample Social Media Proposal (shown above) is an actual social media proposal used by a legitimate digital media company. Use this as a base template if you are creating a formal bid proposal for a government entity.

10. Social Media Research Proposal

social media research proposal template

The Social Media Research Proposal Template (featured above) is perfect for researchers and students who intend to study the effects of social media in various fields, industries, and demographics. Study the template above so that you will have an idea on how to proceed with your own social media research or case studies.

11. Social Media Strategy Proposal Template

social media strategy proposal template

Check out the Social Media Strategy Proposal Template (shown above) if you want to base your own proposal on a tried-and-tested strategy plan developed by an industry leader. Study the template above and then combine this knowledge when customizing any of the marketing proposal templates included in this article.

Proposal-writing is easier thanks to the availability of ready-made proposal templates. So if you are looking to attract and gain more clients for your digital marketing firm, download and use any of the free and premium templates we’ve embedded above. Also, do not forget to study and apply the template-making tips we have shared.

And if you wish to learn more about creating different kinds of business proposals and templates, check out the rest of our website.

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