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Flowerbeds and neat little ponds near the main entrance, with about half a dozen colorful fishes swimming. Mossy and trimmed grasses of lush green on the lawn, with a little-carved gnome or two. Pebbles and ornamental plants, staying dainty in the corners. It is always good to treat the eyes with a little taste of nature, especially if you are in the workplace. People are highly visual, and the more they are in tune with their surroundings, the better their mood and the more relaxed they become. It is an inherent trait that goes back to the very beginning of humankind. Life is simply unimaginable without the skies, the trees, the breezes, and other creatures we have coexisted with for ages. You may also see landscaping estimate templates.

In planning a landscape, perhaps the most important thing to consider is how well human occupants connect with living spaces and nature. It is considered as an art and science since it deals with the design and use of outdoor spaces, public and private. It has a lot to do with one’s environmental involvement along with social and political concerns. You may also see bid proposal templates.

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Landscaping Proposal Template

landscaping proposal template
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Landscape Proposal Advice Sample

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Although modern times still make it possible for us to see “trees of green and red roses, too” even in big cities, it has not been easy to keep close to the environment and appreciate it as we go about our day-to-day lives, what with buildings sprouting at almost every available space in the urban areas. People cannot make do with artificial plants and flowers, no matter how pretty they are. That is why it isn’t enough to just breathe in fresh air and see flowers in the garden at home, if you are fortunate enough to have a front yard or lawn. This is where landscapes, both at home and in the workplace, rescue the rest of us who live fast-paced lives, that aren’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon, in being able to take in a little part of the green we are missing out on. You may also see design proposal templates.

Request for Landscape Proposal and Maintenance


The value of a landscape, whether in commercial or private property, is not just about aesthetics. People have it in their minds that landscaping exists to only please the eye of those who enter and visit a home or a building. The real value of the existence of plants and other elements added and designed to make a space more pleasing and comfortable to anyone who enters it far exceeds aesthetics. Designing a well-managed landscape isn’t up to the pretty little something you can put in corners alone. There are more substantial benefits that it holds for both people and the environment. That is why a landscaping proposal, before being finalized, takes planning. When you manage a business or maintain a home that constantly buzzes with people and guests, you want to try to always “think green”, and with good reason. You may also see contract proposal templates.

Thinking green oftentimes means focusing on ways to help the environment, no matter how seemingly little or insignificant, like conserving power or energy and properly managing waste. But the obvious choice to “thinking green”, and at the same time ensuring the look of your space still appeals to its occupants, is landscaping. Controlling your need to never be out of touch with the environment is attainable, provided you give your space the attention it deserves. You may also see management proposal templates.

Landscape Design Plan

landscape design cost estimate and management plan2 01 788x1020

In business, it is not exactly a rarity to see a well-designed landscape outside of a building.  The truth is, a well-maintained landscape makes a brand’s image and identity all the more appealing. Appearance always makes for a good lasting impression while poorly designed and lackluster landscapes have a big impact on a company’s reputation. This is why professionals in landscaping and architecture go beyond just making an area beautiful. They make sure that the result of their work would also be good for the environment, thereby protecting not only the workforce, but clients and everyone else who go in and out of the company’s site. You may also like contractor proposals.

Southwest Landscape Contract


With the many benefits people at work can get from a commercial or business landscape, it is important to choose those who have the right approach to designing and maintaining it to make sure all other good things come with the expected result of their hard work. A landscape in business, after all, should work to its advantages; otherwise, there is little point in spending time and money for it. Out of the proposals that are going to be submitted, it is vital that you manage to get the right people. Because commercial landscaping covers the premises, inside and out, the planning should be designed to make a good journey and experience every day for people who go there. We somehow forget the mere sight of a couple of native trees or a few ornamental plants can make a big difference in work attitude and customer or client satisfaction that goes beyond art alone.

The history of landscaping is rich and long enough to make people proud of its continuity in the modern age. A long time ago, outdoor spaces already gave different people a good feeling, even though it meant differently for others who lived in other parts of the world. Many already gave credit to the presence of plants or a little body of water giving off a calm, relaxed feeling and peace of mind after a day’s work. From ancient Asia to present-day America, sophisticated landscaping continues to be a necessity for both home and business owners, though most people tend to invest more in the former for obvious reasons. A garden filled with flowers and climbing vines encircling a gazebo in the case of Victorian homes, or well-trimmed lawns behind white picket fences are always a sight to behold. You may also see sample estimate templates.

Proposal Sample for Landscaping

marvel proposal6 1 788x1020

The idea of hiring contractors or professionals for landscape planning and design is relatively new, but the art behind it is nowhere near being unheard of. Sure, the term “design” and all the legalities that come with achieving a landscape in a commercial site worthy of a good reputation sounds really modern. But the art behind it and the idea have long been practiced in many different cultures in history, although people may have used different methods back then, which have evolved through time, what with challenges in the environment and the growing populations of cities around the world. You may also see business proposal formats.

Landscaping Proposal Letter

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There are also a few business owners who would naturally want the exterior part of their property to give off an untended or effortless and scruffy look, if only for the assurance of having the basic work like trimming and mowing maintained so that it can be as neat as they want it to be. Of course, if you give much more importance in making the building more presentable, then you would leave no place for dirt whatsoever. It would also put people, especially clients, in a better, agreeable mood. The thing in business when it comes to landscaping is that it’s a decision that would make a great difference with extra touch-ups here, regardless of whether good enough will really be just enough. If the business also takes pride in its exterior area as it should, that itself would be a great opportunity to invest a little in landscaping. You may also see sample business proposals.

Landscaping is a very understated business decision that could get a company positive returns in different areas of business, with even just some minor investment. People often ignore the other aspects that make it valuable in business than just being an aesthetic support to its overall design and appearance. If properly maintained, a landscape can be functional by avoiding erosion and drainage issues, thereby contributing massively to an environment’s biodiversity. Professionals actually encourage business owners to make it a part of a building’s architectural design and not as a separate aspect of the site’s planning.

Landscape Project Example

2014 ccid rfp i285 paces ferry int landscape project7 01 788x1020

Landscape Proposal Form

landscape bid proposal form8 01 788x1020

Even though possibilities of a site being overly populated challenges the planning for a good landscaping proposal, it ironically becomes a solution to that challenge itself, since it helps maintain a proper balance in your surroundings. There would be so much pressure in just seeing infrastructures devoid of any sign of life or nature other than the people occupying it day in and day out. You may also like business proposal templates.

Harmony isn’t only peace between coworkers in the workplace. Harmony is the feeling that nature is just right behind you, never far out of reach, presented in different elements, mostly green, even in seemingly hollow man-made structures. Harmony is having the peace of mind you deserve, through a landscape at home and in the workplace, designed for you to still have the freedom to breathe your surroundings in, even when it doesn’t even measure up to a fraction of what nature to you really is. You may also see partnership proposal templates.

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