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7+ Janitorial Services Proposal Templates – PDF, Word

It’s safe to assume and everybody can agree that your overall working environment plays a key role in your productivity as an employee, and the same can be said about your colleagues. Your working space needs to be pleasant enough so that workers can do their jobs properly, knowing that they are safe and that their surroundings are clean and organized enough to stay in. You may also see proposal samples.

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Request for Proposal for Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Request for Proposal

Cleanliness in an office also fosters a feeling of safety and a positive impression among everyone who regularly spends their time in the business premises, including a company’s business connections like partners, clients, and stockholders. You may also see service proposal templates.

A clean and safe workplace is indeed paramount to ensure a professional atmosphere and proper sanitation is maintained, especially for the workforce’s well-being. Any businessman who banks on his employees for the success of his company, wouldn’t want to have them reporting sick for duty or calling in sick because of being contaminated by diseases and because the office isn’t clean enough to be safe in. You may also see service proposal samples.

Office Cleanliness

Any business should invest in adapting sanitation and cleanliness practices that will serve the welfare of both its workforce and the clients. Cleanliness in the workplace means more than just the white walls, freshly painted lobby, dust-free windows and sparkling office doors. A clean office also ensures the health and safety of the people entering it regularly. You may also see service proposal examples.

There were about 3 million illnesses and injuries reported to have happened in the workplace in 2012 alone, and even though none of them were fatal, they surely made a negative impact on the private industry and its employers since injured or unhealthy employees would most likely incur absences and the business would not be able to achieve its anticipated headcount during crucial days of the year when the business most needs all of its employees working and having outputs. Workplace injuries can be avoided by taking necessary action to make sure that the business has a safe and clean working environment. You may also see customer service proposal templates.

When it comes to having clean business premises, companies can take advantage of two options. One of them is to hire the services of a janitorial team or build their own. It’s probably the best way to also having better health and safety procedures since employing janitors to work on the office cleanliness and maintenance takes charge of cleaning tasks and ensuring that the whole building is free of lurking elements not visible to the naked eye. You may also see HR proposal templates.

Naturally, it would take money to hire a contractor or employees licensed to do janitorial tasks, but in a way, it makes for a good business investment. While there are some advantages, a few issues can also occur if you’re not careful enough in choosing the people who will work for the janitorial tasks needed. You may also see consulting service proposal templates.

Importance of Hiring Janitorial Services

Imagine an office with filthy restrooms. Windows that are collecting dust, and walls with paint left to peel badly. Imagine tables that are dirty, trash bins that aren’t emptied regularly near the office canteen. Now imagine the diseases that would eventually come with all of those, not to mention airborne dust causing allergies, making employees sick. The number of workers calling in or asking to file for a sick or emergency leave would be unprecedented and that’s going to have a sore impact on your business, especially if you are in the goods and services industry where service level and worker’s productivity are detrimental to sales. You may also see cleaning service proposal templates..

1. Sanitation and Cleanliness

There are many reasons in keeping the sanitation and cleanliness in an office but it all boils down to the workers deserving and needing a clean environment while they work because a filthy workplace would say a lot about how a company does business. And cleanliness also means safety. Businessmen have multiple responsibilities and they aren’t limited to managing the everyday operations and most of them probably don’t understand all the things that go beyond what’s seen on the front lines so that the company can go about its operations smoothly. You may also see consulting service proposal templates.

One way for them to keep their focus in the most important aspects of their business is to look for professional cleaning services and open bids for proposals for interested janitorial contractors who would offer the service. You may also see cleaning service proposal templates.

2. Employee Morale

Good janitorial service companies are skilled in covering many areas in cleaning, sanitizing, and dusting. There’s more to maintaining the cleanliness in an office than simply getting everything organized and in their right place. Professionals would know what to do in order to ensure a clean and safe working environment. When business owners have to delegate cleaning tasks to their own workers, employee morale sinks. Employees don’t like the idea of having to clean office space, restrooms and empty the trash, dust the table and other tasks that they feel aren’t on their job description and not what they are being paid for. Allow your employees to do their jobs properly and leave the cleaning to those who are skilled enough and willing to do it for a fee. You may also see consulting proposal template samples.

3. Avoiding Diseases

As dust builds up, buildings and the office space within are susceptible to respiratory hazards, thus, you are unknowingly subjecting the workforce to respiratory diseases and when they become serious, you and the company can get in trouble because of lawsuits filed against employers who can’t maintain a safe and healthy working environment, when worse comes to worst. Thorough dusting from the experts’ hands can help make sure that the office space is free or that the existence of allergens is kept at a minimum. You may also see a request for proposal templates.

Janitorial Proposal Agreement

Tips in Hiring Janitorial Services

2. Determining Services Needed

One of the first things you need to do before deciding on a list of contractors offering the service is to check and verify what specific services you need. Come up with a list of the places that needs to be prioritized and how often you require them to be cleaned. Before everything else however, you need to check if the services you are asking for, would fit your budget. In other words, you need to develop a detailed list of different cleaning tasks that needs to be completed. You also have to come up with the price range you’re willing to pay for these tasks. Once everything is noted down and that you have all the things that needs to be done covered, you will realize that it would be so much easier to look for companies who can satisfy all your needs at a price you can work with. You may also see design proposal templates.

2. Look for Flexibility

There’s just one thing. Remember that your cleaning needs can and will change over time. Therefore, it is better to work with a janitorial service that offers flexibility with their services and not something that is fixed. If needed, you can also ask for additional services. You may also see contractor proposal templates.

The challenge is in finding the right companies to work with. Hiring the services of a contractor that’s capable of giving quality service is tough and you would want to end up with the one that would match your needs and give you a good service. When you go looking for a commercial cleaning contractor, you have to know what to look for so that you can ensure that you’re getting the kind of service you are paying for. You may also see management proposal templates.

3. Check Schedule and Availability

Once you’ve come up with a shortlist of companies that responded to your request for proposals, you will have to schedule meeting with them in person so that you can discuss the terms properly. Are they available on the schedule you want to set? Are they able to work around a schedule without interrupting employees who are working? If you think it’s not a good idea to have janitors in the premises, cleaning during the day, when the employees are there, you have to check if they are agreeable with coming in the evenings to do their job. You may also see consulting proposal templates.

These are the questions that you need to lay down with a potential cleaning service, and if they aren’t able to meet your schedule, you would still have the option of hiring the next one on your list who would be able to accommodate you better. You may also see maintenance proposal templates.

4. Budget

Budget is a major factor to consider when choosing your janitorial services. Would the contractor be willing to negotiate a budget based on what you need? There are companies that will work with you and try to determine the kind of services you will need and certain tasks you can decide not to include to also cut down the service cost. Quality of course shouldn’t be sacrificed to make way for negotiating better terms but it is also important to come up with wise financial decisions in the end, to your business’ advantage. You may also see contract proposal templates.

Janitorial Contract for Services Proposal

Janitorial Cleaning Products Bid Excerpt

ABM Janitorial Proposal

Janitorial RFP

Janitorial services are often littered with misconceptions. One of them is that their job is limited to cleaning toilets and ridding the floor of dirt before waxing them, meaning they just do the dirty work. Wrong. They play a crucial role in improving the workplace productivity and in enhancing the working environment. They aren’t just your local guy who serves on call and charges for whatever you feel is the right price. They are professionals who contribute in the efficiency of the manner by which the business is being run. You may also see write a catering proposals.

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