Tips in Writing Contract Proposals – 2 Templates


As we all know, contracts are an important part of a business, employment, and any agreement between two parties. It can mean several things in different settings. In employment, it’s the legal agreement between an employer and employee. The former will give benefits that the company has as long as the latter does his job. In business, it’s the agreement of two parties to be partners and do everything to keep the business afloat.

Contract proposals, on the other hand, are written to propose a certain kind of agreement for both parties to sign on. It is when one party gives an offer of the dos and dont’s while the other party accepts it. You may also like sample business proposals.

When submitting a contract proposal, it must contain some of these elements.

1. Status Quo

Explain the current situation in the proposal. It can be an issue of the customer that needs to be addressed. With this, you can build up why there is a need for your proposal to be accepted. This can serve as a short overview as you proceed to the other parts of your word proposal.

2. Goals and Methods

Clearly, state your smart goals in addressing the customer’s need. Describe each goal and how it will affect the whole process. As you get to know the goals you plan to achieve, you can then proceed to the method of doing it. Consider the cost that will be spent and the benefits it will yield. In making your methodology, take into account the resources you will use and the time needed for it to be done.

3. Time and Cost

As the methodology gets to be completed, the time and cost of the project are determined. The cost includes the billing process you give to the customer and when you should expect the payment from them. Develop a certain time frame for the project to be done as well. You may also like proposal samples.

4. Benefits

Explain to the customers all the benefits of working with you in achieving those goals. It is important to inform them of the advantages of the project. This will urge them to sign the contract as long as you give them a clear picture of what they can get. You may also like proposal templates in excel.

5. Qualifications

Tell the customer why your company is the best choice in going for the project. It is your chance of showing the company’s strengths. Put into detail your similar work experience with other clients. This can help convince your client in choosing you for the project.

Check out some of the contract proposal templates that you can use.

Sample Contract


EIT Proposal Template


Why Contract Proposals Matter

Contract proposals may seem tiring to write down and even a bit repetitive, but it has some advantages and benefits that we cannot just shake off. These things come along with having the proposal written properly.

1. Prevents financial disputes.

A contract proposal is a very helpful tool in preventing financial disputes between two parties. A formal contract outlines how much you have to be paid for the project and how quick it should be done. No one likes to wait for a long time in dealing with a project without getting paid. It’s still a form of business. Several issues aside from financial reasons may arise if there is no legal contract in place.

2. More effective in writing.

Contracts are more effective in writing more than anything else. It is legally binding on both parties. It is an assurance of fair treatment between the two parties and to prevent other issues from arising. You may also like business proposals.

3. Putting in many details.

You can put in as many details in your contract proposals as much as you want. You include the cost, time frame, breakdown of payment, legal restrictions, and other matters. This will prevent the other party from turning a blind eye in case of dispute. You have written everything that needs to be in the contract. You may also like work proposal templates.

4. Getting it hand-signed.

Signatures are one of the most important and recognizable seals of trust and confidence. Having your contract signed is of great advantage. This can be a proof in case of future disputes. You may also see proposal templates.

Basic Components of a Contract

A contract has some basic components. These components are greatly sought after in case of a legal dispute. These are also important in building up the contract to its full extent.

1. Offer

The offer is needed in a contract as this serves what the other party can and cannot do. This constitutes to anything that can be done such as selling a product or doing a certain kind of service. This is the start of what the whole contract looks like. You may also see campaign proposal templates.

2. Mutual acceptance

A mutual acceptance has to be present in the contract for both parties. When one party accepts the contract wholly while the other receives only a part of it, this can result in being replaced with a counter offer. The contract becomes valid when it is accepted by both parties. You may also see proposal letter templates.

3. Value

The value is what gets into people in signing a contract. Most of the time, it is about money, but other things could serve as a value too. It can sometimes be a promise for doing something that is needed. You may also like proposal outline templates.

While a proposal only provides a solution to a problem and fill a certain desire, contracts are what people mutually agree on. This is a document that clearly outlines what is beneficial to both parties. We hope this information helps you in coming up with your contract proposal for future purposes. You may also like sample proposal templates.

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