5+ Purchase Agreement Contract Templates – PDF, Google Docs

There will always come a time where one wishes to purchase something in particular from another. However, some sellers might require the buyer to agree to certain conditions, as well as follow up on certain expectations before any kind of transaction can take place or be finalized. You may also see Contract Templates


That means that they would want to come up with some sort of document that is able to outline everything in regards to the terms and conditions of the purchase. And that’s why this article is going to teach you how to create a purchase agreement contract.

Purchase Agreement Contract Template

purchase agreement contract form
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Sample Purchase Agreement Contract

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Property Purchase Agreement Contract

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Asset Purchase Agreement Contract DOC

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How to Create a Purchase Agreement Contract

Remember that the entire purpose of a purchase agreement contract is to outline everything in regards to whatever product or service is to be purchased. This means that all information within the document concerning who is involved in the transaction to how the seller is to be compensated must be provided in full detail. That way, those that are involved will know exactly what’s going on and what expectations have to be met to fulfill the agreements and finalize the purchase.

With that in mind, here are the steps that will allow you to come up with a purchase agreement contract:

1. Provide the Information on the Parties Involved

The first step that you are going to have to take is to write about the parties that are going to be involved in the purchase. This means that you will need to accurately describe who is the “buyer” and who is the “seller” in the situation. There will come a time wherein the information will definitely come in handy. You can also read simple purchase contract templates.

For example, a particular lawsuit might be held against the seller for failing to mention defects in the product that was mentioned, resulting in the buyer being injured. Should something like that happen, then information on who the seller may be will definitely be needed. You may also see real estate contract templates.

So all you have to do is to write down the complete names of both the buyer and the seller and appoint these names with their proper roles. Be sure that you include their first name, last name, and their middle initial so that identifying them will be much easier. You can also see purchase and sale agreement templates.

Also, you’re also going to have to provide their basic information as well. This is anything that can aid them during the transaction process that will ensure that issues are handled and that the purchased is finalized. You can also check out lease-purchase agreements.

  • Communication addresses – There are times wherein either parties involved will want to communicate with one another due to anything which concerns that transaction that’s about to be made or that has already been done. And that’s why it’s important that you list down their communication addresses as this will allow them to know exactly where they can go should either have them have any concerns about the transaction. As you’re writing them down, make sure that you include everything from the street name to the block number to guarantee that both know where the other is located should there be a need for communication. You may also see sample purchase agreements.
  • Contact details – In the event that either party is not present in his or her communication processor is unable to visit that of the other’s, then giving them a means of to contact one another at any given point in time will definitely come in handy. What this means is that the contract must contain their contact information and details that will either the buyer or the seller to get a hold of one another should they have any concerns. It’s best that you include as many means of contact as possible as to guarantee that both are able to communicate with one another. Include contact details such as the buyer and seller’s phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

2. Description of the Product to be Sold

Now that you have managed to provide information on those that are involved in the purchase, then the next step is to provide information on what exactly is going to be purchased. It’s here that you will need to point out the details of the product or the service that the buyer wishes to gain from the seller. This is very important as the buyer will want to make sure that he or she is getting exactly what’s needed, and the seller will want to ensure that he or she only provides what is asked by the client. You can also read sample sales agreement templates.

So first, you will need to provide a description of whatever is being purchased by the buyer. It’s important that you go into detail when writing down this information. For example, let’s say that the buyer is about to purchase a vehicle from the seller. Now, you’ll want to share the legal descriptions of said vehicle. This means everything from who the manufacturer is, the vehicle’s color, its make and much more. You may also see sales agreement templates.

Then you will need to provide the quantity that the buyer wishes to purchase. This is also very important as the buyer will want to make sure that he or she only purchases the amount that is needed. So as you’re placing the amount for each item purchased, guarantee that there are no errors to avoid any problems regarding the quantity bought and sold. You can also read rent to own contract templates.

Be sure to include the total price for whatever was purchased by the buyer. This is very important as the buyer will want to go through the amount to see if he or she is paying the amount that’s expected from what’s to be purchased. So when doing this, all you have to do is to point out the costs of each item that’s purchased. Once you’ve done that, then calculate everything to acquire the total amount that needs to be paid by the buyer. Again, it’s important that there are no errors when it comes to the amount, especially considering that the numbers concern the amount that has to be paid by the buyer. You may also see purchase contract templates.

Vehicle Purchase Agreement Contract

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Standard Purchase Agreement Contract

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3. Provide the Details of the Transfer of Ownership

This won’t be for every purchase, but there will be products (specifically ones that are of a higher cost than most) wherein the seller must state that he or she is relinquishing ownership to the buyer. The purpose of doing this is to specifically point out that the buyer will become the legal owner of whatever is purchased the moment the transaction has been finalized. You can also check out sample land contract forms.

You are going to have to include a statement which protects the seller once ownership has been transferred. You can go so far as to say that the owner will no longer be responsible for whatever the buyer does with the product that he or she now owns. Because you’ll never know if the buyer does something with the item other than the intended purpose, which could then lead to consequences or even legal action. So make sure to provide a full explanation in regards to the matter of ownership. You may also see sample buy-sell agreements.

Also, it’s best to come up with a statement which points out what it means if the buyer were to become the full legal owner of what’s to be purchased. Other than the matters regarding responsibility, the contract must also point out the do’s and don’ts so that the buyer can avoid any consequences or lawsuits. Again, be sure to explain this thoroughly. You may also see printable sales agreement templates.

4. Discuss the Matters of Payment

Once everything is said and done, then the last step is to discuss the matters regarding how the seller is to be compensated for the product or products that have been sold. This is very important as the seller will want to ensure that he or she is compensated fairly for what was bought. You do not want a situation wherein the buyer either pays too little or too much as both could end up in an unfavorable situation. You may also see business agreement templates.

So what you’ll need to point out first is the costs of each individual item bought. Once you’ve listed down all of the prices, then you must proceed to calculate the total amount. When writing it down, be sure that there is no error in the figures. Again, you don’t want a situation where the buyer pays too much or too little to the seller. You can also read reseller agreement templates.

And lastly, you’re going to have to provide information in regards to how the buyer will pay the seller for the items. It’s best that you list down a number of options as more of them can help guarantee that everything is paid on the day itself or on or before the due dates. Take note that the buyer can pay through credit card, check, cash, etc. Just point out the ones that both the buyer and seller are comfortable with.

If you would like to learn about the other types of contracts that you can make, then all you have to do is to go through our site. It has many different articles that should contain the information that can help you. Just be sure that you are able to read the ones you’ve chosen thoroughly so that you can make the most out of what they have to offer. You may also check out sample asset purchase agreements.

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