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There will come a time wherein people will want to purchase real estate. Although they all have their own reasons for doing so, it does not stop real estate agents from addressing these people in the hopes that they are able to provide them with the property that they need.

However, before any kind of transaction can take place, the agent will need to come up with a document which shows the terms and conditions that need to be met before the purchase can take place. And that’s why this article is going to teach you how to come up with a real estate purchase contract.

Sample Real Estate Purchase Contract

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Real Estate Purchase Contract Template

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Real Estate Purchase Contract Agreement

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How to Make a Real Estate Purchase Contract

Know that the purpose of making and using this type of contract is to ensure that the client knows all the details before pushing through with the purchase of real estate property. The contract must be able to outline everything from the type of real estate property that’s to be sold, all the way to how the agency will be compensated for the purchase. So long as the document is able to provide all of the information that one needs, then there should be no worries in regards to knowing what should and should not be done to finalize the transaction. You can also read simple purchase contract templates.

With that in mind, here are the steps that will allow you to come up with a proper real estate purchase contract:

1. Point Out Who Is Involved in the Purchase

The first and arguably one of the most important steps when making this type of contract is to point out those that are going to be involved in the real estate purchase. What this means is that you are going to have to share which of the party members is the “buyer” and which one of them is the “seller”.  You may also see real estate contract templates.

The reason as to why this needs to be done as there might come a situation wherein one needs to prove the identity of either the buyer or the seller. For example, there could be a lawsuit against the seller for withholding information. If that were to happen, then having the means to identify the seller would come in very handy. You can also read rent to own contract templates.

So all that you have to do is to write down the complete names of both the buyer and the seller. Just make sure that you include the first name, last name, and the middle initials of those involved so that readers of the contract can easily identify them. You can also check out sample land contract forms.

2. Write Down the Details of the Real Estate Property to be Sold

The next step is for the maker of the contract to provide an accurate description of the real estate property that is to be sold to the buyer. This is essential as the buyer is going to want to know exactly what he or she is purchasing from the real estate agent or agency, guaranteeing that he or she gets exactly what will be paid for. This information will also come in handy in the event the buyer or the seller has to prove as to what type of real estate property was being handed over during the entire transaction process. You may also see payment contract templates.

Now, what you’re going to have to do here is to provide the full legal description of the property that is to be sold to the buyer. That means that you are going to have to provide details about everything from the type of real estate property, the number of floors of the establishment, its color and much more. You may also see software development outsourcing contracts.

Once that’s done, you must then provide the address as to where the real estate property is located. All you have to do here is to make sure that all the details concerning the area wherein the property is located are present within the contract. So just be sure that you write down the complete address. You can also read out land contract templates.

Just make sure to write down all of what was mentioned above to avoid any sort of problems that could occur should neither be of them be present in the document. If you don’t know about the legal description of the property, then you can always go to your government offices to obtain the information or hire someone to do it for you. You may also check out sample asset purchase agreements.

Simple Real Estate Purchase Contract

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3. Identify the Amount of Earnest and the Total Purchase Price

The buyer of the property will most likely give the seller a certain amount of money to show he or she means to push through with the transaction. The money being given is what you would call as the “earnest money” and sometimes real estate agencies require that their clients provide them before any kind of transaction can take place.

So what you will need to do is to identify the amount of earnest money that’s to be provided by the buyer, and then proceed to a state where all of the earnest money is going to be stored. You can also read event contract templates.

As you’re writing the amount, make sure that there are no errors when doing so. You want the figures to be exact, as even a simple mistake could end up in an unfavorable situation for either the buyer or the seller. Then you must also consider the location of where the earnest money is going to be held. You need to be very specific when pointing this out in the contract. That way, the buyer can feel secure knowing where the money is and can potentially check if he or she has any worries. You can also read interior designer contract templates.

Once that’s done, you may then proceed to provide the total purchase price of the real estate property. It’s important that you state the purchase price, and then proceed to state that the amount of earnest money will be applied to the purchase price. You may also see HR contract templates.

4. Explain Any Items That Will be Included

Let’s say that the property contains items such as furniture or kitchen equipment. Should the real estate agent decide that the items will be included in the property, then all of these items must be specifically stated in the contract. If there are some that should not be a part of the purchase, then those should not be included in the contract. You may also see sample sale contract.

5. Discuss the Matters of Ownership

There has to be a statement which says that the real estate agents will no longer be held responsible for whatever the buyer does once the title of ownership is transferred. This is mostly a means to protect the agency from any charges or lawsuits that could potentially occur should the buyer do anything with the property other than its intended purpose. You may also see artist contract templates.

Also, there should be a statement that ownership will directly be transferred to the buyer the moment the purchase has been finalized and the contract has been signed. You can also like consultant contract templates.

6. Write About Matters Regarding Payment

Lastly, the agency must provide the details on how the buyer will pay for the real estate property. Point out as to whether the buyer is paying the full price directly, or if he or she is required to pay the total amount of installments within the span of the next few months/years. If it’s the latter, then you’ll have to provide specific due dates. Also, discuss the means by which the buyer will make the payments. These can be electronically, through credit cards, checks, etc. You may also like freelance contract templates.

If you would like to learn about the other types of contracts that you can make, then all you have to do is to go through our site. It has many different articles, all of which should have the information you need. Just be sure that you read the ones that you’ve chosen thoroughly so that you can make the most out of what they have to offer. You can also read photography contract templates.

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