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10 Blank Bill of Lading Templates

When making any kind of transaction involving the transfer of goods, you might need tools like free receipt templates that can make the job easier for you. Using such tools could make your work more convenient since you can use the templates to save yourself some degree of time. Of course, this also applies to other kinds of transaction documents such as a bill of lading.

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If you need to know what a bill of lading is, then it is basically a receipt that lists a number of items being transported which needs to be signed by the sender and recipient. While you can use these documents to tell you what items are being transported at any given time, these documents can also serve other goals. You would be wise to be aware of the different potential functions of bills of lading so that you can make the most of them in your own line of work.

University Bill of Lading Example

Sample Government Bill of Lading

Sample Requisition and Invoice Bill of Lading

Transport Delivery Bill of Lading Template

Significance of a Blank Bill of Lading

Part of understanding how to best utilize any blank bill of lading is knowing how it can be important to your work. These blank documents are akin to generic bill of sale templates in that they can provide you with records of important details of any transaction such as prices, quantities, and so on. Of course, being that bills of lading are meant to confirm the transfer of goods, it is also true that such bills can also address other concerns that might come up in the course of your business.

Can be edited to suit different items

Like any other kind of template, it would be a fairly simple matter to modify any of your simple bill of lading templates so that it can list different items. This should make blank bills of lading all the more useful since you should be able to apply them to different items and businesses. Whether your business has to do with retail, delivery, or something else, this means that there should be a place in your business for tools like bills of lading. Since bills of lading are so flexible, this also makes it possible for them to reflect the qualities of different items you might be moving, which can make it easier for authorities to understand the nature of the items at a glance.

Allows you to mark specific transactions

When you consider that the bills would be kept even after the transaction has been concluded, you can see that it matters if the bills are properly marked and distinguished from other documents. After all, any sample receipt template can be kept as a record of a particular transaction if it should be necessary to refer to that transaction in the future. Bills of lading have different ways of marking so that you can find the ones associated with specific transactions. These distinguishing features take the form of the dates of the transaction and the specific bill of lading number. These are features unique to that transaction and bill, which should make the task of narrowing them down easier so that you need not worry about becoming lost amidst your records.

Enable coordination between all parties

It would also be possible for you to use the bills of lading as a way of facilitating communication between yourself and any other parties involved in the transaction. This can be done by the inclusion of contact information and addresses which can make it easier to get in touch with other parties. Since the delivery and transportation of items are involved, it makes sense to be able to use sample transport receipt templates as an indirect means of keeping in touch. After all, the argument can be made that it would be impossible to accomplish the delivery if you had no means of checking in with other parties.

Allow for the regulation of dangerous substances

In the case of transporting dangerous substances, your bills of lading would need to include more controls in order to be sure that they are being stored safely. It is possible to transport such items, but your bills can and do have the means to make authorities aware of exactly what substances you are moving. Including this information on your bills not only serves to provide fair warning to the authorities but also provides assurances that you have taken all precautions to keep those substances contained so as not to cause any damage.

Contain important supplementary information

Aside from listing exactly what items you have, your Excel bill templates may also contain other necessary information regarding what you are transporting. This can include item numbers, weight, quantities, and so on. These are always important details to include since they can specify exactly how much space they take up, or ensure that you are indeed carrying the correct items. After all, this information can serve to inform consignees if there has been some mistake in transportation well ahead of time.

Lists costs for each item

It is also possible for you to use your blank bills of lading as bill receipts. If you included the prices of each item on the bill of lading, then you can provide some information as to the total cost of everything. This is not to say that clients may have to pay you right away, but it can serve to give them an idea of the cost of all the items, as well as the cost of transportation. You can also elect to combine the bill of sale with your bill of lading just to have all the details together in one document.

Goods Transport Bill of Lading

Blank Bill of Lading Sample

Bill of Lading Template

Straight Bill of Lading Example

Blank Bill of Lading Example

Blank Short Form Bill of Lading

Tips for Making and Using Blank Bills of Lading

Another thing that may help you with using your bills of lading is keeping in mind that there are certain tips that can make your job much easier. Since your bill of lading templates may function as transport receipt templates, it is possible for you to find and use different tips that can modify how you can use them.

Never forget to include space for parties’ signatures.

This is a particularly important thing to remember for bills of lading. When using them, both the sender and recipient need to look at and sign the bill in order to properly authenticate both sides of the transaction. This can be likened to a bill of sale in Word in that such official documents always need to be signed in order to finalize the transaction. For your bills to be effective, this is something you cannot afford to overlook.

Always specify all the details of the items.

A blank bill of lading needs to include all the useful details of the items you are moving, not just the names of the items. This includes such things as quantity, weight, and price if necessary. This is another element of a bill of lading that you cannot ignore as you need to state these details in order to assure the recipient that their order has been received in full. This also makes it easier for you to keep track of everything you are carrying, and make easier arrangements for transportation.

Always include a specific bill of lading number for each bill.

In any record of a transaction, it is vital that you include a specific number for each bill. This is important because this can help you to find each order more easily. If there has been some kind of mistake, or if customers are following up on an order, it can be easier to find out the status of the order simply by using the number to find it. This is also true of similar documents like business bills of sale since this makes it easier for companies to keep an eye on the transaction at every stage.

Make sure to include the addresses.

This is an important thing to remember for two reasons. The first is that it becomes easier for you to find the recipient’s location if you happen to be transporting the items directly to them. This can make your delivery more streamlined since you should have an idea of where to go as soon as you reach the destination. You may also use the address to make it easier for you to find the recipient as this is contact information. If there is some need for you to visit another party, then this information would give you a definite address.

Always include totals for the items being carried.

One last tip is to remember to place totals for all the items as a whole. This applies to the prices of items but is equally applicable to elements like quantities and weight. After all, this information makes it much easier for you to keep complete records of an order template as a whole, while also making it easier to plan out how much space the order will take up. This is precisely the kind of tip that can make it easier for you to make plans for executing an order while also keeping a complete record that you may refer to in order to make sure that the delivery corresponds to the original order.

These insights should be able to help give you a much better idea of how to use these tools. This can be especially useful since there is at least some measure of overlap between blank bills of lading and transport receipt templates; hence, the need to keep so many things in mind when using such tools yourself.

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