Car Bill of Sale – 10+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download

A car bill of sale is a legal document made between the buyer and seller, mentioning the date and time of car purchase and sale of the car. This bill certifies the transfer of ownership of the car from one person to another. Buying and Selling of car involves monetary transaction and transfer of ownership hence it is very important to have a well-defined and vehicle clear bill of sale covering all the legal formalities. There are several templates available here for reference and free download.

Car Bill of Sale Template

car bill of sale template | This template is the most basic car sale bill it includes information like vehicle/car description, identification number, year of model, make, license plate no, motorcycle engine number. It also mentions the information of the seller certifying the sale of his vehicle/car to the purchaser along with sellers and purchasers names and contact details. This template legally finalizes the transaction between the buyer and seller.

car bill of sale templates

Used Car Bill of Sale Template

used car bill of sale | This template is used when the deal involves buying and selling of used car it records information like description of the car being sold, year, make, model, body style, vehicle identification number, name & address of the buyer, price of the car, date of purchase, date of transfer of vehicle.

Car Bill of Sale PDF

car bill of sale pdf | This template is available in a pdf format for download and includes entire information about the sale/purchase of car. This template can be an easy bill to print and fill the data manually.

Car Bill of Sale Form

car bill of sale form This template is more of a notary form or a legal document to certify the specification of the buyer, seller and the car; it also carries information about the year, make, model, VIN, mileage of the car and finally signature of both the parties involved for authentication.

Sample Car Bill of Sale

sample car bill of sale | The sale of your car would not be complete unless the transfer formalities are met with. Therefore, a perfectly designed sample car bill of sale is very important for such transactions.

Free Car Bill of Sale

free car bill of sale | If you want all transactions details to be documented in an organized manner while selling your car, the download the free car bill of sale templates to make your job easier.

Car Bill of Sale Example

car bill of sale example

Used Car Bill of Sale Template

used car bill of sale template

Printable Bill of Sale Template

printable bill of sale template

The Car bill of sale template is a useful tool to guide people when it comes to selling and buying a new or used car. The examples will serve as a reference for creating a quick and easy car bill of sale or even utilize the sample for customization. It is accessible to be found in the website therefore; a good Bill of Sale will have the proper format and the content of the agreement conditions and circumstances are well specified.

Importance of Car Bill Sale Template

A car deal is not final without the car bill sale and the templates available online are authentic and cover all the information required to legally certify the deal. A car bill of sale also serves as a legitimate document incase of dispute among the buying and selling party and can be provided as a legal proof.

Content of Car Bill of Sale

Mentioned below are a few important information which are a must to be included in a Car bill of sale-

  • Name and Address of the seller
  • Name and Address of the buyer
  • Declaration that states seller is willingly transferring the ownership to the buyer
  • VIN – Vehicle identification number
  • Make and model of the car
  • Meter reading
  • A guarantee stating that the seller is the legal owner of the car and that the car does not have any illegal claim


Buying a car today is a necessity more than a luxury. Whether you intend to buy a new/second car or sellyour old car legalizing the deal is a very important part of the deal. A clear and detailed Car Bill of Sale template saves us for the hassle of legal formalities involved in transferring the ownership from seller to buyer. Download any free sample template from the large number templets available here, edit it as per your requirement, print the same and enjoy your care ride. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!