Guide for Writing an Effective Test Summary Report

A test summary report is a formal document that allows you to summarize all of the testing efforts for a particular testing cycle, module, or sub-module. It’s usually the test managers that prepare this document at the end of the testing cycle, and there are some that even prepare it at the end of the project.

It’s best that these are made after the completion of every test cycle as it will allow you to better prepare the correct summary of the testing effort that can be presented to stakeholders. So this article will focus on how you can write a proper test summary that you can be proud of.

Sections that should be included in a test summary report

Advantages of test summary reports

Things to note while preparing the test summary report

You’re going to have to remember that a test summary report is a very important document as you’re going to be sharing this with various stakeholders such as clients or even senior managers. That means that you’re going to have to make sure that you’ve made one that was able to include all of the information above. So be sure to take note of what you need in a test summary report so that you’ll be able to write one that stakeholders will be happy with.

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